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Great hike for novice hikers or people who want to get outdoors as the terrain is relatively flat.

I did a variation of this hike and made it a loop at the end by taking the coastal trail to the glen trail back to the center of bear valley trail. Gorgeous views and some points on the trail were quite picturesque, I recall an opening on the coastal trail towards the glen trail between thick overgrown sections that was beautiful. It had a small tree offering just enough shade for a break but surrounded by perfectly yellow tall dry grass. Recommend pants for these overgrown areas if you take the loop I'm describing. I wore shorts and regret it, no clear poison oak rashes yet but who knows. Enjoy!

Loved everything about this trail towards the beach!

Very enjoyable walk. Nice mix if Sun and shade. Plenty of parking in the main parking area, even on Memorial Day. A lot of hikes to choose from in this area, so there should be something for everyone. Of course picking one that has a goal of getting you to the shoreline such as this is definitely a nice goal to set!

Relatively flat trail that is largely in the shade and follows a creek for most of the way. Eventually opens up at the ocean to great views of the cliffs along the coast and rocks in the water. Headed out during Memorial Day weekend and was hiking by 8:30. Hardly anyone on the trail until we made our way back towards the trailhead and the trail was filled with people. Best to arrive early.

2 months ago

beautiful and totally doable in half a day!

Very scenic, views ranging from rain forest, to Northern forests. Also pretty easy, great to do it early in the morning. We saw deer as we got there early.

nice spot to head to the coast. I'd love to camp here!

perfect length for a morning hike. We took the coast trail way, and at the beach went down to the water to hike that
.5 Mile portion with the rich sound of waves. brought our lunch to eat at the camp picnic table, and use the outhouse conveniently located before the last 2 miles back up fire trail to Laguna trail parking lot.

It’s really nice hike with all combine. Bear valley trail is almost flat with no elevation gain along with stream and forest. Arch rock is already collapsed, so avoid it. Sky trail has smoothly elevation gain with good view of pacific.

Stayed at Coastal Camp for the first night then went on to Wildcat Camp for night 2! Also along Coast Trail! Awesome 3 days .

Beautiful green trail with lots of shade. It's fairly flat and the elevation gain isn't very noticeable. There are many side trails and options for loops, etc. Last trip was a 17 mile hike out to the coastal trail and up to sculpture beach and back. I will be back for many more hikes to come!

Nice trail with a walk-in campground two miles from the parking lot. That’s close enough to pack in all the eats and drinks, set up camp, consume all the heavy stuff (beer, bbq, etc.), then be back to a normal load by morning, ready to hike on.

6 months ago

Very quick hike with a fault line where a big earthquake occurred.

6 months ago

Great little easy hike right by the visitors center. Decided to do it to get a bit of a stretch after driving from Reno before going on to explore more of Pt. Reyes. Has some nice interpretive signs and feels quite deep in the woods for being so close to the visitor center. It was a great short hike that my 2 year old son easily did all by himself.

6 months ago

Stopped by there today but the sign posted says no dogs. Really disappointing. Immediately across the road is McCurdy Trail which is dog friendly.

6 months ago

I love Point Reyes been backpacking it since the late 60's, the food storgae boxes will not keep out rats or mice store your food in a bear canister or Rat Sack inside the food storage boxes ..... trust me on this.

Beautiful countryside... I agree - should not be classified as hard. It is 11 miles, but its rolling hills. The arch is no longer there, as I believe it collapsed during the historic winter of 2016-2017. Still well worth it. Completed this today with my three young boys and their grandfather!

Gorgeous hike, but it appears the trail to see Arch Rock is shut down. It was piled high with sticks and brush to close off the trail.

NOT HARD. A beautiful hike through forest and ridge tops with stunning views of the ocean, but not difficult by any stretch. It is a long hike but we found it to be moderate at best.

The trail starts out running through a heavily forested area of redwoods and douglas fir trees.. Very scenic with beautiful, towering trees. First 80% of the trail is easy with very moderate to level elevation. The remaining 20% of the trail travels beyond the Kent Lake dam with steep terrain both out and back. Somewhat disappointing that this part of the hike has only minor views of Kent Lake despite running along side of it. Access to the lake is limited due to very steep terrain. The latter 20% of the trail could be eliminated and would result in an easy 6 mile, scenic, out-back hike.

Awesome trail I did with a complete stranger...

This trail was everything we wanted!! It had lush forest, waterfalls, beaches, hills, and veiws that's can not be captured in one picture. We will definitely be back to do other the other trails.

The trail had a lot of shade which was nice because it was about 80 degrees. The trail was well maintained.

Gorgeous, well maintained trail with lots of shade. I'm not sure why it's rated moderate other than it's a long hike for anyone who is not accustomed to walking miles at a time. It does have elevation changes, but they are gradual. We took our five year old with us and she managed it well, but she is accustomed to walking several miles at a time. It was a bit tough for us on the return because we were all tired, but it's not worth doing if you don't go all the way - it's not until the very end that you see the ocean, and sitting on those cliffs listening to the waves crash is worth the price of admission. There are quite a few water features, including some small (very small) waterfalls and a creek, and it is very green. It was a nice reprieve from the heat of Sacramento.

The trail had a lot of shade which was nice because it was about 80 degrees. The trail was well maintained.


Completed this trail on 7/21 with my 5 y/o daughter. We completed approximately 10 miles round trip. Very easy. Bathrooms are about at the 2 mile out mark. Make sure to pack water and snacks. The "most difficult" part of the trail is the return near the restrooms on that hill coming back up:only because of being tired at this point. :-) Beautiful scenery.

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