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Point Arena, California Map

This is one of the all-time best hikes we have experienced in California. Much of it is just a few feet from the cliff edge, so not suitable for children or pets. The highlights are the views of rock formations and beaches. It's not difficult but knowing where to go is a bit tricky in a couple spots - that is where downloading the Alltrails map in advance pays off. We hiked it in reverse, which can be done only if you stay at the inn just just below it - you have to ask them for the access.

go at s low tide. Awesome geology. great walking beach. gets dlipery on the rocks. watch out!

The trail to Bowling Beach Beach starts in the northern part of the parking area. The trail to the gulch has a side trail to Bowling Ball Beach that is overgrown and difficult. The thistles are especially fun

waves break right on shores so watch the 4 legged friends. easy sandy walk short beach due to water breaks. good view of the light house.

Beautiful views! only issue was that because of the recent rains, it was impossible to cross the creek about 0.8 miles in. This was on February 17, 2019. The dogs had a great time.

The trail is a little tricky, but worth it for the beautiful beach and unique rock formations that are visible only at low tide.

The coastline here is absolutely spectacular! The trail is easy.

8 months ago

This is a lovely, scenic trail. I recommend the slightly longer loop (from the parking lot head north). There are wide panoramic views of the bluffs and the sea beyond. The trail is mostly flat and easy to walk, but there is a short section that is somewhat steep and therefore a little rigorous briefly.

Interesting rock formations and an easy trail to the beach.

No trail along coast — trail map shows a continuous trail north to lighthouse from middle section (we came from cafe) but barbed wire with “no trespassing” signs. ? Beautiful location but middle section of trail lightly marked and confusing along coast.

Love this Beach! Best during a minus ride, but beautiful any time. Not steep, but scrambling is required.

Thursday, July 05, 2018

1. Go on a Low tide 2. There are two Trails take the right one. This will take you down using stairs. Walk for 0.5 miles and you can see bowling balls. 3. It is an easy trail, the key is to take the correct trail i.e. right one This is the picture of the trail entrance (don't take the one in the left) https://www.google.com/maps/@38.8691882,-123.6535277,3a,75y,241.46h,82.97t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1slDf_3taOrRxLiNHlJPWEDw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192 P.S. If you are coming from North google maps will point you a place where it has sign parking 0.3 miles to the south. Park your car after going 0.3 miles and take the right trail.

An easy walking trail that goes through BLM land with a few different sections. There's off-road parking right at the start of the trail - the parking probably fits about a dozen cars and there usually aren't that many people here. Right at the start of the trail, the path is clearly worn. After about the first 100 yards or so, there will be sign posts along the trail; they don't provide any information regarding distance to the trail end, they only function to let you know you're still on the trail and provide arrows if the trail curves. The trail eventually crosses a little stream and it changes a bit. The trail becomes a little less worn - flattened grass instead of worn dirt. The trail also begins to head inland, away from the coast. It will cross through a brief grouping of trees and come to a roughly paved road where it leads further inland. A little ways later, there will be a sign post for the trail that points into an off-shoot of the road, beyond a gate. The gate section of the trail is brief but could trip people up. The gate is closed, rusted and tied shut. Just unhook and untie the rope, open the gate, and head in - you'll be walking back towards the coast. The path that follows goes through a bit of a wooded area that is overgrown. When I went, there was a dead tree that crosses the path at about chest height that you'll need to duck under. Eventually you end up back on another roughly paved road. Just before you come to another gate, the path leaves the road and heads further south along the coast. Here, the path is only as wide as a single person and cuts through tall grass and other shrubbery. The sign posts continue for a while, but they eventually stop even through the trail goes on. Just continue walking along the (at this point) lightly worn trail along the coast. If you ever lose the trail, really just walk along the coast and you'll be fine. When I went in November, the sky was completely gray and there was a fog/mist along the coast. There were a few people at the start of the trail, but by the time I got into the second section of the trail, I didn't see anyone after that. Overall, it's a nice walk if you want it to be just you and nature.

This hike is very tricky. When you park on 1 you see a sign that shows the bowling ball beach info and you go down that trail which is pretty wild. Lots of driftwood, bushes etc. if you go down this trail it is actually the wrong one and you will end up on a secluded beach with a stream, it's pretty but no bowling balls. The trail to the bowling balls is actually back to the very beginning of the parking area and it goes through a meadow first then into the steep parts. There are stairs and rope to go down but it was a bit intimidating. Fun adventure!

Easy cliff-top dirt path with amazing coastal views.

We drove to the light house and paid 7.50/person for going up. From Oct. to Dec, it is good time for great whale watching but we did not have a luck. The view is amazing, and it was scary up there with strong wind! Worth the money!

Spectacular view with so much wind. Be careful with cows and their poops. Nobody but we were there, which made us feel we were on another planet. It is not just 180 but 270 degree ocean view! You can tell our planet, Earth, is spherical by looking at the ocean horizon.

Beautiful walk along the coast. Great for all skill levels. Mostly flat path- a slight incline above the falls. Stunning views and it takes you to Stornetta Falls which falls over the bluff into the ocean- at least during the Winter and Spring. Since it is mid August it is just a small waterfall on top of the bluff. Also have a view of Sea Lion Rocks. Saw about 10 seals in the water during our hike. Also saw many Pelicans flying overhead:) Parking at the trailhead is free and there is a porta potty. This hike was a great addition to our visit to the Point Arena Lighthouse:)

Easy walk, but amazing views. Birds, Harbor seals and whale watching.

Got there just a bit before sunset so I didn't get a chance to walk around much, but the view is well worth the visit. Bring you camera and just wait for the sun to go down. Amazing.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

if i remember this is the most western part of the coast sweet, the lighthouse has great historical value and is a easy walk over

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