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Perfect trail for mountain biking.

Enjoyable trail with a little shade especially down off the levee. Met some nice people along the trail. Had one join me for a mile or so and had a good conversation. This was the 1st of the day. I managed to cover most of the possible trails here.

Enjoyed this one a few times. It wasn't crowded any time I was in this trail system.

1 month ago

Mostly fire roads. Very quiet with a few bikers, but not very many. I saw some horse evidence, but the trails weren't covered with poop, so they must not do this area very much - thankfully! I didn't do the route as written. I turned right a bit too quickly onto Sulphur Springs Trail from Old Finley Rd not far from the old house. The trail identifier was missing so I thought it was Walnut. I followed this trail to Black Hills Trail where I took a left. I took another left at Crestview Rd and followed that to Highland Ridge where I made a left there. Took a right at Morgan Creek Rd and a left on Jeremiah Trail - which is very overgrown and single track. I hung a left at Finley Rd and followed it out to the trail head. My GPS said I went 6.7 miles from the beginning of the trail head and back. This did not include the small .75 hike back and forth to where I parked. I really enjoyed the quietness of the hike, so much that when a bike came upon me, they startled me!

Next time I will probably throw Grizzly Trail to Highland to Morgan Ridge and around to Finley, but that will be done when it cools down a bit. There are many ways to make a nice hike from this area.

I saw one juvenile rattlesnake on Jeremiah Trail, no surprise there. A few turkeys, and raptor feathers. Not much wildlife to be seen today.

An enduring, well worth hike. Lots of fresh air and scenic. A moderate walk and rewarding at the end.

5 months ago

Beautiful Spring Day in February!

mountain biking
5 months ago

I ventured up Pleasanton Ridge via Augustin Bernal Park for the second time. But instead of parking and climbing up Longview Drive, I got a tip that you can start at the top of Golden Eagle Way instead. You need to enter a gated community to access this staging area, which will require showing your ID and having the guard write down your license plate. But this will save you some of the initial ascent up to the ridge and the staging area is very safe and secluded.

I tried some new trails this time. I followed Sinbad Creek south until it ended at Kilkare Road. Apparently the locals don't want you to go any further. So I doubled back and headed north for a while. I reached a gate and could have continued further, but decided to head back up the ridge as the sun was soon going down. Next time I think I'll venture further out. It looks like further north it's possible to go west and connect with Sunol Ridge, but I think that is still off-limits waiting to be developed by the park district.

I came down the front nine on my way back. It gets pretty hairy going down that trail on a bike and I was a little out of my comfort zone. I would be very careful hiking on the front nine as it intended for extreme mountain bikers.


First, there’s parking along Longview Dr where you can walk up to the trailhead. At the private drive that goes back to the trail I was greeted by a few dozen wild turkeys. They were very vocal on the early Saturday morning.

As I followed the track north on Toyon, I came across a sign that said “private property, no public traffic.” So I thought that was the wrong way to go. And there was another single track path leading up the ridge, so I went that way instead. Well that was a little regrettable. It was like trying to hike up a steep, muddy slip n slide as there was a heavy rain just two days prior. I got up eventually, passing a few deer along the way. But as I was heading back down the ridge and past that same area with the sign, I saw a bunch of MTB’ers coming out of that trail. So it seems as though the “front nine” trail is fair game after all.

Oh I and I saw a coyote at the northern end of the ridge trail where you make a left toward shady creek. Took a picture of it before it scampered off into the brush.

And you can mostly MTB this entire trail. There are a couple of short hiker-only sections (Toyon, Chaparral trails) in Augustin Bernal Park, but there are MTB friendly trails that bypass them.

The views can’t be beat. On the way up the “front 9” section of the trail passes through a gate that says “keep off” but it appears to be a nongovernmental sign. This section all the way up to the ridge is quite steep, unimproved, and is often used by mountain bikers coming down rapidly. One must be very careful.

7 months ago

Loop from Morgan Territory Road trailhead. Incredible December hike with our recent dry weather. Excellent views, some fun single track, beautiful rock outcroppings, and only saw one other person for my 8.7 mile hike. Highly recommend this hike for this time of year.

8 months ago

We started at the end of Finley Road, went up to the Old Finley Road, continued on the Oyster Point Trail and finally reached the peak of Oyster Point (Elv. 2,106 ft). This was an out-and-back hike with spectacular views. Total distance was 8.9 mile with elevation gain of 1,568 ft.

Good trip. Fair amount of bikes on the weekend

9 months ago

Almost forgot this one 5 years ago...

11 months ago

Trail from Finley Road trailhead is now accessible! Bob's pond approach on Tassajara Creek Trail from north has a washout, but is passable. The trail from the picnic table to Riggs Canyon Road has a few downed trees, but again is passable. Watch out for poison oak!!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Trail is washed out about 1 mile in and completely impassable right now. Will need extensive repairs.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

We parked at the end of the Finley Road and hiked up to the Old Finley Road Trail. We supposed to turn right onto the Sulphur Springs trail but we missed it. So we turned and went down to the Walnut Trail. We followed the Walnut Trail and hiked up to the Highland Ridge Trail. From the Highland Ridge Trail we hiked back to the he Old Finley Road Trail. In this loop we had some shades and some very nice views. The hike was a moderate workout. My AllTrails record showed total 6.8 miles with 1214 feet elevation. We completed the hike in two and half hours with couple short breaks. I totally enjoyed.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

One of our favorites, especially the Tassajara Creek section. A picnic table at Bob's Pond for a mid hike break.

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