Nice and shady hike with lots of inclines and leveled off portions. Great views.

Good long hike. First part is shade, loop is all sun. Start with some elevation, but not too hard. Good for some cardio. View of the city, no lake view. Loop doesn’t have much view, pretty bald. Paved road but rocky, so hiking shoes helped. No need hiking pants as road is wide enough, no grass blocked on the way.

Awesome! Very invigorating! Loved every minute.

Saw a cat of some sort, stared at each other for a good 5 minutes

Nice shady trail for most part. Would definitely recommend.

well-marked trails, mostly dry flat mud, not much loose gravel. good gradients for trail running

Intermittant shade and sunny areas, but beautiful views of Dublin/Pleasanton with hills in the background. I would say this was a Hard hike but most of the trails rated Moderate usually are for me! I had to stop many times to catch my breath, it was tough getting to the top but I was able to take lots of very pretty photos along the way. Well traveled trail.

Hike with a good workout. Good shade too. Making it favorite.

Nice shady trail, uphill for the first 2 miles to the ridge, rolling uphill with some steep inclines. Wildflowers along trail.

private property
16 days ago

Must carry a ID with Pleasanton address else be ready to turn away.

great family hike. we just hiked most of the trail with our kids, 7, 3, and 1. it has quite a steep incline at the beginning, and the continues throughout the rest of the trail but not as much. there is a good mix of vegetation which provides moderate coverage from the sun for some of the trail. watch out for rattle snakes, we came across one in the middle of the trail. we slowly backed away and then it went on it's way off the trail after a few minutes. fun hike, I'd definitely do it again.

Quick hike with steep inclines to the top with some breaks in the climb. Good view of Plesanton area.

Lots of horses and cyclists. Maps got a little confusing. Overall great hike

mountain biking
27 days ago

Arrived there around 10am. Few spots left in the parking lot. Half of it is shaded, the other on isn't. The ridge top was cool. The valley was a little boring.

Great trail, shaded for hot days

Remind myself not to take this trail on the weekends. Too many bike riders having to side step for.

About two miles up the trail is closed as it has been awaited by EBRPD.

The first mile or so consists of a steady incline. There were many sections both on the out and back and throughout the loop with shady areas. It was perfect for an overcast day. The trail was easy to navigate using this app’s map. The non-loop portion of the trail was heavily trafficked. I started after 930 am and I’d do this trail again but definitely a bit earlier.

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Great elevation gain in the beginning and a beautiful trail with nice views. I would rate it moderate overall rather than hard. Great time and a must try. I will definitely be doing it again and exploring some of the other trails.

over grown
1 month ago

The first 2 miles are all uphill but easy going from there on out. Trail map is a little off on the backside of Bay Leaf where you actually switchback down a bit but the trail map wants you to go straight (not possible). Lots of poison oak in the shady spots. Beautiful views and nice trails though!

Liked it a lot. Would it again

It was a nice long hike! Arrived by 8:10, got a parking spot. The hike started out with a long incline, flattened out, had ups and downs until the end. Not too much exposed area, generally shady. An incredible number of flies by the shady creek trail. Watch out for ticks! My boyfriend found one on his pant leg as we got in the car to leave.

My Regular spot to hike near my home and can’t stop going back again and again

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