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Piru, California Map

Lake Piru is a popular campground, so you would expect there to be plenty of trails nearby. Alas, the focus on the lake and its attendant water sports have most of the patrons focused on the water, and the two larger trails that branch off of the lake's northern inlet tend to be challenging for the less-hardy trekker. We discovered this easy alternative on our last trip to the lake. A short hike up the lightly-trafficked Piru Road passes a playground on the right, and as you are about to cross a creek the trail opens to your left. The hike is up a canyon shaded with oaks and dotted by the pies left by the cattle who roam the area. Nonetheless, the hike offers a beautiful introduction to the joys of Southern California trails, and the beautiful park and playground at the foot of Reasoner Canyon offer a place to rest before heading home or back to the campground. A wonderful way to spend a morning.

no shade
7 months ago

We were only able to get about 10 miles into the hike before needing to turn around. The trail is flooded and not crossable at the bottom of the canyon. Beautiful views and relatively easy to follow trail for the 1/2 we did (although there were some confusing parts that having the map helped for).

Physically Hard! Has bubbling brook scene near Agua Blanca ranch, sand bed for tent just before Devils Gate. Rock hopped up the creek thru awesome rock walls until finding the god saving colored tape!! (Trust the tape, it will be there for you!) at end of Sespe wilderness there is an abandoned tin cabin with grand rock fire pit. Great views of “potholes” grove as ascend the steep slope... OMG the pain begins, one forgives the poison oak haunting the trail as this dry section with incredible views sweeps you away, until it goes on and on to its descend that is a crime in hiking language! Once back on the Piru blacktop pray the local land owners come along in their truck and drive you in air con to your car at the resort ($26) parking lot by the dog run! Great views great experience, we are both thoroughly spent !

the first three miles on the trail are a bit steep but it's definitely worth it!

After walking on a closed road for almost 4 miles the trail is covered with high grass. Tried to keep going but was too worried about stepping on a snake that would be impossible to see. The rains have done wonders but the trail is just way too covered right now. It's a nice walk though and would love to do it again when I can see where I'm stepping

Trail follows a paved road for miles. Lots of deer. Very little shade, so bring lots of water if it is a hot day. You can descend into the creek after about 6 miles into the hike. Lake has receded quite a bit, and the creek is shallow but has some water. Very few people on the trail and there is plenty of parking. Day pass is $10 and there are some picnic areas at the front.

on Pothole Spring

Mon Jan 16 2017

As of 1/15/2017, the road is closed at the Day Use Area, necessitating a 3.5+ mile hike in just to get to the trailhead. Check at the gatehouse before you spend $10.

Great place for hiking, fishing ans relaxing, unfortunately the lake lost lots of water and its beauty because of the draught !!!! Very sad. We still had a good time and were fortunate to see couple of dears !!

I had a great time today, beautiful Lake and beautiful view.

Great time! Sorry to see how much the lake has receded because of the drought.

great river fishing awesome at night the fish glow in the dark. not to mention the night ski!!!

4 months ago

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