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1 day ago

Nice and simple trail, crater was a cool lime green color surrounded by some trees.

10 days ago

Hi. We thinking of hiking to buck lake from crabtree trailhead around June 8, 2018... Is this too early? Is the road open to the trailhead? Is there still a lot of snow? Thanks for your time*

Perfect day hike with dogs. Enough people on trail in early May for guidance (as needed), else terrific solitude. Good uphill ascent to get your blood flowing. Will try to stay at the cabins at the trailhead or pack in next time to hike deeper into Emigrant.

It is a beautiful hike with lots of breathtaking views. There is still quite a bit of snow which makes the trail a little hard to find but one can still find their way with the maps and gps. The rivers are at peak capacity since the snow has started to melt so crossing them (mainly 2, along with several small rivulets) can be a little hazardous. So if it has been a snowy winter then I would recommend waiting till May end or June end to do this hike.

Also there is no way to drive to the trailhead (or we were just lousy at finding the way) so we had to hike an additional > 5 miles to get to the trailhead but those additional miles don't come with a whole lot of elevation change so no big deal.

Pretty nice, we did it in the snow so it took a bit longer. 1 question why do people pick up their dog poop, but then leave the damn plastic bag? Retards.

22 days ago

It's an ok hike through a nice pine forrest, but the craters aren't that great. Nothing much else to see.

2 months ago

Packed this hike, plus the extra loop out to Buck Lake into 3 days/2 nights. Bit off way more then was necessary. The hike is beautiful and a ton of fun, but plan extra days if you want to make it all the way to Buck. We did the north trail on the way out, and the south trail on the way back which ends up finishing with a brutal 1.5 mile trek straight up so beware. Fantastic hike overall though.

3 months ago

Was a really gorgeous, but we missed the trail and went straight at the end of the parking lot and had a hard time finding the trail to the Craters. Go left at the end of the parking lot and follow the blue markers all the way up! The Craters are frozen right now so no bright blue water but still really pretty.

Emigrant is my favorite place to hike for all around scenery and terrain changes.
This loop is stunning at every turn. And the lakes...come on!! Wow!!
Starts out at the always busy Crabtree parking lot/trailhead. But, as is the norm, you get more than 1.5miles out, and it the herds thin drastically.
Not sure I’d qualify this as a “hard” trail. Three, maybe four good steep climbs. But nothing horrible. Just depends on your fitness level...and/or your pack weight.

Hardest aspect...getting to this trailhead!! It’s more of a dear trail. Yo will NOT make it in a normal car. I have AWD and was able to get within 2miles. Had to add that to the hike and it was all steep climbing to get to head.
Gorgeous views as you get up to the rocks. The expanse and depth of the gorge is stunning. Great spot for a break.
The altitude got to me on the high points. But I think the deeper snow aided in that cardio burn.
A massive storm with a winter weather advisory hit wile I was out there and man did it hit. The skies turned black and ominous. I could not make it to Granite Dome...I will be back. Lol.
You can see, it’s a scenery rich backpacking experience. Just be ready for extra miles and some Altitude issues...but I’m old...
I recommend parking at the easy to get to trailhead of Crabtree. It may be a steeper climb, but at least your car will be safe (safer) and not damaged from the “road”.

6 months ago

Not really sure why this says 10 miles, the map that I have marks it a little over 6 miles to the lake.
This was definitely a beautiful adventure! My friend and I chose this trail for our first backpacking trip and besides us not being correctly prepared, this was the perfect choice!
We started at 1030 and didn't make camp till 1700! Those backpacks really slow you down! The last mile, we walked through ankle deep mud and thought it was never going to end! Luckily, we made it, made camp, froze, and ended up having to share a tent. Thank goodness we brought emergency blankets haha.
Because of a miserable night of sleep/freezing, we cut our trip short and headed back at 0900 and made it to the car at 1500. We found a much easier way back through the marsh, just hike higher up, farther away from the water. ALSO, the ground was pretty frozen, so that definitely helped.
It was an amazing experience and am currently on the hunt for a better, warmer sleeping bag, so I can do it again soon!
Oh, the trail was pretty dead, but make sure to wear bright colors, there were lots of hunters for deer season.

We went out for backpacking and fishing for 2 nights, 3 days. Fun trail, seen some wildlife. Beautiful views and lakes. Not too successful with the fish tho. lol

Got up early on the 4th of July and did the reservoir hike from Kennedy meadows. plus about 3 miles and back. Gorgeous and enjoyed the views of the reservoir in solitude. And hey the trail
Ends with a saloon.

Nice trail. Craters aren't anything special. Big holes in the ground with some brown water. The smaller one is ringed with trees. Makes for a nice photo or two.

7 months ago

Great hike, just backpacked it Sept. 29 - october 1st, fun hike for all levels of hiking experience

8 months ago

Short hike with fairly steep incline, but once at the top the crater is breathtaking, don't forget there are 2 craters up there, one does not have a barrier so be careful.

8 months ago

south trail has larger and more creek crossings than north trail

KM to relief reservoir is a great destination hike. Can be a day hike for an intermediate hiker. Beautiful waterfalls and canyons make you forget the aggressive ascents. Beautiful lake view campsites. Waters cold and the fishing is good

8 months ago

prepared to get muddy in the last mile to the lake. everything else was amazing.

We were originally going to do the full loop with an end destination of Gem Lake. The ranger told us that she had written a ton of permits for Gem Lake and made a different suggestion. We look the loop trail and went right (south) at the fork. Our first night we camped at Grouse Lake. Insider tip: only 2 non-marshy access points on this lake so we suggest not camping near one of them unless you want a lot of foot traffic through your campsite.

Day 2, we hiked south towards chain lakes. There is no trail to get here so you have to forge your way over a pretty high ridge. But we traversed and got over it with ease. Chain lakes were beautiful. Only one is a swimming lake (the largest one). The other two are mostly marsh.

This was a fun, easy 3 day/2 night trip with shorter hikes. We had our little puppy so the 18 mile loop would have been too much for the little guy.

Follow the sign at camp lake carefully else you'll end up at bear lake like we did - but it was a gorgeous huge lake and a worthy detour.
Very well marked trail with plenty of water (carry a filter). Thunderstorms are unpredictable and we encountered one at Pieut lake.

Lost my camera between Wood lake and Pine Valley trail head message me if you found it jennmurphy@sbcglobal.net

Great hike. Lost my camera if you find it message me at jennmurphy@sbcglobal.net

8 months ago

Beautiful hike. Took our first family backpacking trip here from a Sunday-Tuesday. The kids (15, 13, and almost 7 years) and my husband did great- although 6 y/o didn't carry his pack the whole way. :) A nice mix of uphill/downhill both ways, although a little more uphill on way in. Moderate seems about the right rating. FYI- There is a 1-night camping restriction at Camp Lake and Bear Lake... and not really good water sources to camp anywhere between the two lakes. Lots of great campsites at Bear Lake with fire pits. We only saw 2 other parties camping- felt like we had the place to ourselves. We had a great time jumping off rocks into Bear Lake on Monday. A little weather- rain, thunder and lightning on the hike in, thunder and lightning on Monday afternoon but the storm blew over us. A friend told me the mosquitos would be bad but we had no problems at all (a few- no need for bug spray even!). Also, the Mi-Wuk ranger station is closed except for Fridays now, so you have to get your wilderness pass at the Summit Ranger station. Large parking lot with pit toilets at the Crabtree trailhead.

9 months ago

I've hiked the relief reservoir a few times, this is definitely a step up. Hike took about 4 hours each way. Was hoping to do some afternoon scrambling but was hit with 5 hours of thunderstorms this weekend! Bring a book, deck of cards, and a waterproof tent just in case the sierras decide to give you a light show!

No mosquitos! Dropped down to mid 40's at night.

9 months ago

One of the most beautiful and picturesque hikes of my life. Highly recommend. But if you want any semblance of solitude, do not go on a weekend. Once Sunday night hit, it was quiet again...minus the horses.

Great hiking.

Strenuous but incredible terrain. Good opportunities to scramble throughout and excellent swimming holes along the return trail. Recommend staying at Gem Lake.

Nice little hike. No signage off main road so I was glad to have this app to navigate us to the trail head.

Awesome hike. My son Andrew and I hiked to Grouse Creek 5 miles from Kennedy Meadows south east side of the reservoir. Pretty much all up hill, but bright side is all down hill back

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