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Pescadero, California Map

One of my favorites in the area!

bridge out
20 days ago

We went post social-distancing restrictions but prior to the state parks lots closing. We saw a total of 4 other humans while we were there, and all from a distance so it was an awesome way to get out without too much contact. It also felt like we were way out in the remote wilderness when we were just a half mile from the road which I thought made this park really special. I had never been to Butano before but will definitely go back. Due to the bridge out for construction, we couldn’t access the trail heads directly from the road so we did a fairly steep half mile on the 6 bridges trail to get around the bridge to access the trail head for Little Butano Creek Trail. Once you’re on that trail, the first .5 to .75 miles are quite mellow and like a nice stroll along the creek. When the bridge is back up and you can park closer to the trailhead I would call this pretty family friendly and accessible. After that, the trail makes a turn and starts climbing up away from the creek and turns into a pretty decent workout. Once you come back down to the creek and arrive at the utility shack/PG&E meter which is your furthest out point, it’s a fairly steep, steady climb back up on the other side. Overall, we really enjoyed this. Muddy in a few spots along the creek, so wear good shoes. Oh, and we saw 272 banana slugs! (Yes, we counted.) I’ve never seen so many in my life, it was pretty amazing. Also lots of adorable newts, though they blend in a lot better!

Nice trail, connects to franklin point trail. There are seals in the tidepools!

It had been awhile since I had been on this trail, but today I especially enjoyed the trail. We started across the highway from the north parking lot and ended up walking up the beach back to there. The trails had been cut back, so it was an easy hike with great trails, views, lagoons, birds, woodrat nests and ending up on the beach was a bonus.

The trial is gueded and reservation is required. It's unique and very interesting to watch these amazing animals just less then 20 feed range. Kids loved it. Suggesting to be there when it's chilly, the elephants are very active in cold conditions and watching them is spectacular.

While the views that you gen on the marsh side (North Pond Trail) are nice the trail as a whole is way too close to Hwy 1, which is very busy. Crossing it with smaller kids is not really an option and also you have the road and the cars in front of your eyes all the time. The beach is nice though.

This was stunning. I was hoping for some more tree shade, but I thoroughly enjoyed the gorgeous views of the mountains and ocean. I saw 16 banana slugs and very few humans.

Beautiful views of the rocky coast, secluded coves and a surprise at the end —Franklin Point’s long white sand beach, with the lighthouse in the distance. An easy hour walk with time to relax at the beach. Enjoy! Beware: This trail is well maintained but filled with poison oak (which is just red tipped sticks in the winter). Stay on the trail.

no shade
2 months ago

private property
2 months ago

Dog friendly. Amazing wildlife.

2 months ago

Six bridges trail beautiful and it was nice to scope out the campgrounds!0 Goat hill trail not so great, lots of the trees are dying or dead And ano nuevo has some nice views but is pretty steep and slippery when muddy Id take six bridges and stay in redwoods next time i explore this park more

was a beautiful trail would have been nice if the lady at the gate would have told me that all the trails were closed pastacertain point. she told me you had to pay to go on a tour of the elephant seals which I did not care about but you did not mention that all the other trails were closed so only got about a quarter of it done.

over grown
2 months ago

Amazing views on the beach! Dog-friendly, on leash, and children 5 and up had no problem on trail. I wouldn’t recommend toddlers to be walking along the trail. Some parts of the trail weren’t worn in and quite thin in some spots. Rocky and overgrown in spots and difficult to climb up and down to the beaches, but as long as you stay on the main trail you should be good to go! We went in January and saw some harbor seals on the rocks, but it was a tad chilly, bring a good coat! Tide pooling was great and saw starfish, anemones, and crabs. All in all, it’s a quiet and not very trafficked trail, which is a big bonus for myself, but definitely single file size and not very smooth, so no strollers and the like. Beautiful views and plenty of wildlife for entertainment!

Beautiful secluded trail. Plenty of banana slugs, gorgeous creek and sequoias! The first part is a bit steep then it evens out for the rest.

Honestly one of my favorite hikes, a good strenuous start on the quick incline and then a wonderfully lush and leisurely descent down through the rest of the loop. Counted 173 banana slugs during December. Fair amount of newts as well.

So far this is the best trail I’m hiked in California. Hiked it on a very rainy day, all drizzle and missed – no showers. Beautiful forest when wet, and the sun came out around noon. Got to see tons of foggy mountainsides beautiful vistas, waterfalls, wildlife. Exquisite! BooYa-Sucka!

11.24.19. We paid the $10, got a permit and headed out to see the seals. We could hear them long before we could see them. it was great to watch a couple on the surf, and about 40-50 on the beach. It's almost time for the whole colony to arrive, but we still enjoyed the few that were there. the sand dunes did make the walk a little more tiring than I thought

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