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Pearblossom, California Map

Awesome views!! Path is clear and mostly easy to follow, but still feels adventurous. Hiked it with my 1 year old on my back and saw a good bit of smaller kids out there, so it's for sure family friendly.

no shade
19 days ago

Cool short loop with cool views. Trail is pretty clearly marked and you can easily go off trail to check out the creek and hop back on.

Nice walk. Many trails. Lost our way once. Hard to figure which way to go sometimes.

23 days ago

Hiked this trail today. Slightly washed out in areas from water run off and lots of fallen trees to negotiate but otherwise a lovely hike. We made it out 4 miles to the river in the canyon. Very beautiful. Coming back in a few weeks to negotiate the climb on the other side!!

Did the trail on a weekend afternoon. it was kind of crowded and can get a bit busy when looking for parking. No parking pass needed!

1 month ago

Haibiba finally made it!!!

1 month ago

2 months ago

Fantastic snowshoeing trail. 1-2 feet of snow on 1/19/2019. Followed the fire road and then trail up to the summit (for the most part) and then found our own way back. Excellent views, not too difficult intensity or distance wise.

live less then 10mins. from devils punch bowl. have hiked this

Tried the clockwise route today. There's no established trail at all. It's a creek walk and you have to pick your way through the boulder/debris field. It's slow going (only half my usual pace) but does not require any bouldering. About 1.5mi in you come to a slot canyon with a waterfall and bowl. Didn't try bouldering up the rock (was raining) but it was possible to hike up the slope on the Eastward side and walk around the rock wall and falls. No other people or foot prints in evidence.

Looked at the return trail into the western canyon from the Devil's chair area. Looked to be an erosion path and not a maintained trail. Fallen trees were immediately visible.

2 months ago

Note, this trail not a doable loop. Around 1.5mi going counterclock wise, there is a waterfall area with no apparent path up. This after bouldering up a spot with log to help you, and going up a second slope and fall spot. The second slope was not too bad to go up, but coming down was much dicier. It wasn't until my way back from the waterfall area that I realized my foot prints were the only set on the trail for some time.

Otherwise, it's a nice secluded creek walk (not really a trail). Was just small amount of water and some of it was frozen providing some nice scenery.

Haven't tried clockwise yet.

Nice morning hike

Did this hike with my kids, ages 14 and 2, both loved it and it was pretty easy for them. There are a few precarious spots so gotta keep an eye on the toddlers. Nothing too crazy and plenty of room on the trail to hold hands and let other pass. Others have mentioned it and it’s true, there are a LOT of side trails and shortcuts, but the main trail was pretty easy to follow. Overall a great hike. Don’t forget to check out the nature center with some live snakes. When we were there they also had two owls, a great horned owl and a barn owl, outside the nature center.

Great geological formations to view and the tiny visitors center was nice as well. I felt the trail was marked satisfactorily, however, one in our party felt we needed to go in a different direction at one point. You do have to be careful as many people appear to go off trail in order to reach the bottom of the Punchbowl. The actual trail gets near the bottom of the Punchbowl but not all the way down.

The trail starts out well marked but soon many trails lead off in all directions. They should have more signs to keep you on track. Other than that it’s a beautiful area and a lot of fun. I’m glad I had this app to keep us on the right trail

Short, easy-ish loop through Devil's Punchbowl, when you don't have time to go 7 miles to Devil's Chair. This short loop woild be gre as t for kids.

on Devil's Punchbowl Loop Trail

4 months ago

I did this hike first thing in the morning with my two dogs. I like to go counterclockwise and end my hike at the ranger station. Saw deer at the beginning of the hike.

Loved it! We say a deer family! Very close too!

Short and fun. 1 blowdown and not well marked by the creek bed. Pretty simple though.

5 months ago

Great short hike, offered a little bit of challenge with some incline coming back out of the punch bowl but that only added to the value of the hike for me. Interesting views and and rock formations. The loop took about an hour to hike.

first trail...it was neat...did it with my son impromptu! (and made it!)

8 months ago

A short but steep hike with spectacular views, some of the best in the range. Also lightly trafficked -- you'll likely have it to yourself. Highly recommended, but do another hike in the area to make the drive worthwhile. Nearby Mount Waterman, Winston Peak, and Mount Akawie are good options.

Amazing i went hiking here as a kid and just went back today still amazing great hike

9 months ago

We hiked down to the bottom where there was a small stream then it started to go up ... We could not go further but I'm wondering nowhere was this water fall ?!? Is the waterfall at the end of the trail? Pls lmk every one who knows

Amazing geological formations and a clear little stream at the bottom. Would like to explore this place more on a cooler day. Don’t forget to visit the visitors center! They have a bunch of snakes on display found within the park as well as a honeypot ant nest!

love this place ... beautiful

This place was better than expected! There are three hikes in the park - Devil's Chair is a 7-miler, this hike is a 1-miler, and there is a very short nature trail that is only 1/3 of a mile.

I got here early to avoid the heat. Luckily for me, the flannel bush (Fremontia) was in full bloom with their bright yellow flowers. I went straight onto this hike after doing the Devil's Chair hike. I wouldn't call this hike "Easy" as some people have said because "easy" to me is asking -Would most elderly or overweight folks be able to do it without much trouble? If so, then it's easy. As you can see, it is very short but beautiful.

I recommend doing all the hikes if you have the time.

We had out of state friends come and they loved it! We stayed on the trail for the most part. The very first time (last year 2017 on the 4th of July) we came we went down into the bowl not on the trail and we were hiking for 4 hours we loved it but didn’t take any bars or energy food.

It is nice trail but when I did it was too hot.

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