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Paso Robles, California Map
3 days ago

Way to many homeless people on the trail

on Salinas River Walk

3 days ago

I found this trail acceptable although not well maintained. It is paved and next to the “river” (there is no water in it so it’s not a river to me ). I saw one homeless person but didn’t feel unsafe. I hiked it midday on the southern part of the trail. There was some nice nature along the way.

washed out
7 days ago

This is not a very easy trail. It’s very hilly and many spots have washouts. There are several off shoots that you can’t tell where they go. I meandered around till I could get back into the neighborhood and found my car from there. I probably wouldn’t use this trail again.

if you feel like "hiking" basically through the Nacimiento Camp grounds then this hike is for you. no clear trail head makers. busy roads with big trucks towing boats. not safe.

5 months ago

This trail did not feel safe. Homeless and tents under most bridges. Trail goes behind a Walmart store part of the way. I don’t recommend this walk.

6 months ago

A bunch of homeless people and trash not the best hike

no shade
over grown
7 months ago

trail is a bit hard to find at first but just follow the all trails map. bring a hat and sunglasses!

9 months ago

A bit of trash and grocery carts, but safe enough and a great walk. The river was flowing which the dogs appreciated. Other walkers, joggers and bikers all very friendly.

I was scared to go here, but I had an hour to kill, so I tried this trail. Very flat. I stayed near Larry Moore park and never saw a homeless person. I would have been too scared to go closer to Niblick. The trail was very clean. No shade, nut a few places to stop and relax.

Needs significant cleaning.

Nice easy trail, and pretty, small park with playground.

Quiet, paved trail. Great for young children.

11 months ago

I thoroughly enjoyed this wide, paved trail. There were a few people on the trail walking with their leashed, well behaved smaller dogs. Weather was perfect and the scenery was truly lovely. It was a perfect hike for this 50+ year old, not in perfect shape ladybug to get out and stretch my legs and fortify my heart and soul. So glad I found it.

Thu Nov 22 2018

Very pretty at some parts but also sketchy sections where the homeless encampments are. I turned back when I noticed the apartments that had barbed wire and security warning signs posted. Also an underside of a bridge that feels like someone is lurking in the shadows in wait. If they cleaned this up it would be a lovely trail.

Wed Sep 26 2018

I only ran as far as Niblick, then turned around. There were too many shopping carts, and much hobo garbage on the trail.

Sat Jun 30 2018

Great downtown Paso!

Sat May 26 2018

Three times a week. Great way to start your Day. Plus Pandora and your ear buds.

Mon Apr 02 2018

A nice flat trail that is a combination of dirt and bike path. Straight forward and easy. Would be a great place to take kids.

Mon Feb 26 2018

Easy walk, quality trail

Was gorgeous and thanks to remarks on this site we found it!!

Thu Aug 03 2017

Nice for an early morning run.

It's more of a recreational area than a hike there's a 15 dollar parking fee you must pay but nice lake

Wed Jun 28 2017

Good hike! Easy for all.

Sun Jun 25 2017

Centennial Trail is a paved multi-use trail that runs through Centennial Park and adjacent open space on the east side of Paso Robles, California. The trail begins from the end of Lana Street, where a vehicle barrier bars access to the trail. The path is wide and paved the entire way, making it ideal for bicycles. From the trailhead, the trail descends through an open forest of coast live oak trees along an intermittent stream that usually only has water in it during the wet winter months. You soon reach Centennial Park, which has restrooms, picnic tables, and a popular swimming pool. Just past a wooden bridge, turn left at a junction to stay on the main path. The trail passes below the facilities of Centennial Park, then briefly rises up to a crossing of Nickerson Drive. A crosswalk is available and traffic is usually light in this area. On the other side of the street, continue down through the open oak forest, eventually reaching the end of the trail at Mohawk Court. The return trip is all uphill, but the gradient is so slight as to hardly be noticeable. This is a pleasant walk any time of year, although in the hot summer months you will want to visit early in the morning before it gets too hot. There is some shade along the route, but for the most part you will be out in the open. For an extended trip, turn left on Mohawk Court at the end of the trail and walk down to a crossing of busy South River Road. On the opposite side, continue on Navajo Avenue for two blocks to pick up the Salinas River Parkway, which runs along the road at this point.

Sat Feb 11 2017

One star for hiking FIVE Stars for fun. Pizza restaurant just across 12th Street along with upscale restaurants and wine tasting facilities. This is the city park in downtown Paso Robles. Best hike is during the Wine Festival with admission tickets you get unlimited tastings. Just stay sober.

Mon Oct 24 2016

Great walking path. The street crossings are underpasses; no traffic concerns. The north section was only recently completed and is very nice.

Thu Sep 01 2016

Easy trail with lots of activity

Sat May 07 2016

great walking path

Shoreline trail has morphed into the 5K trail at Lake Nacimiento, according to the Park Ranger I spoke to today. The trail follows the ridge line and threads through the campgrounds. Since I did it on a weekday, I had the trail to myself, but come the weekend it could be crowded. Downside-there is a fee to enter the recreation area.

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