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Awesome trail.


18 hours ago

Walked from the Hutton trailhead (easy to find parking) to meet up with the Hiouchi hoping to get to the Stout Grove. We couldn’t cross the river “land bridge” because of the spring melt, but it’s just as well because the end of the trail before the river is beautiful. We saw minimal people and went in the early afternoon to catch the glowing stain glass effect the sun makes around 3:30-4:00pm.

Connect with Snyder to get great views back down to the campground!!

19 hours ago

Good moderate hike. Some sun exposure so depending on your comfort pick an early time!

Beautiful views but it’s not a hike

Hiked trail this past Sunday. The fire and subsequent mudslide have devastated the trail. It will need our help to restore it.

Amazing views. You get to experience lots of variety. You go through three oasis. Not a difficult hike, only ascent is at the beginning of the hike. Difficulty is in the distance. If you plan to do the whole 21km one-way you have to start really early since it gets really hot.

trail running
20 hours ago

To be fair, I wasn’t able to actually run the trail, so the score is for the views alone. And minus points for not being able to actually run it. The guard posted near the parking said there was filming going on ahead, and that SWAT was doing drills as well. But the views were amazing...There’s a lot of new construction going on just north of the 118. I didn’t see anywhere to pull off on the side of the road and park either, like the reviews state.
And parking is $5.
Would like to return and explore the area. Just have to remember my 5 bucks.

This is not a hiking trail. It really is all a beach. Also, there is a sign for no dogs. wtf?

horseback riding
20 hours ago

Dogs off leash on every visit to this park. My horse and i were attacked by a Pitbull off leash, and many friends with horses have also been attacked, as have their own dogs. The dog park fence is too low, dogs jump out and attack. If this wasn't bad enough.... the water in the lake is toxic, full of bacterial. Just a puncture wound inn this water can have deadly consequence, and has. The frisbee golf course is a terrifying thing, but the model planes, drones, and parasailers with fans strapped to their backs takes the prize as for what unglues the best of horses. Oh, and don't ride on the bridges, they're old, narrow, and unkempt.

21 hours ago

Beautiful and great as an intro to Joshua Tree hike.

21 hours ago

Great short but challenging hike with a spectacular view at the end!

Hiked this on April 20. Didn’t start until 12:50 but that’s because I flew into town in the morning. As others indicate, you will need protection from the sun. I had long sleeves and a wide brim hat. Nothing on the calves though so they got a little toasty. The hike took me 2:35 to the top and 2:20 down. I saved the “mine shafts” for the way down. There are some great views to be had throughout the entire hike and lots of wildflowers this time of year. I didn’t really think the water requirements were that exceptional - I think I had 3 liters overall. Granted had I done this in July or August it would be more. I personally thought the uphill on the second peak was the toughest - that’s where I had to stop the most to rest. While not the most physically difficult trail around, the technical (sure footing) difficulty is enough that you need some experience to expect to do this trail in a reasonable amount of time. It is a good idea to go early though it was nice seeing my last other hiker by mile 4 as a result of starting so late.

Excellent Hike. Got a relatively early start in the morning from Icehouse Canyon parking lot. Went up to Icehouse Saddle, over to the Telegraph and Thunder Mtn, turned around and tagged Timber mtn on the return. Car to car in about 6 hours, right before it started to sprinkle. Great views and not too many people on this Saturday morn.

21 hours ago


mountain biking
21 hours ago

I go here every Sunday for Mountain biking and I gotta say this is one of the best trails ever in the SoCal, nice challenging uphill with a technical downhill you can’t go wrong with this trail, in summer go early cause it gets hot real quick up there.

One of my favorite hikes

Nice and smooth loop

Hope they re open it
Great hike!

Went on a Saturday, started around 8:30am and finished just before 11am. Great trail, some really beautiful scenery. Trails are well kept and only a couple rocky spots, mostly on the Los Santos loop. For a Saturday there wasn't very many people. Not counting the Vernal Pool area (which was completely dried up) I saw only about 6 or 7 people the whole time on the trail. Even though it is rated moderate, it's a great beginners trail.

Super easy but fun. Plus you're by the beach so bonus! Make a day of it to make it worth your while. Also don't expect a waterfall if you go in July. Because if you do, you're an asshole and I hate you.

straight good point too hike

Went with the wife on 4/23/18 it was a amazon hike but the steps where super slippery! My wife fall on the steps and cut the hike short of making it to the top of vernal falls bruise tail bone was thankfully all to come of it but the fact it was so heavily trafficked and with her hurt made it even more difficult to come down will try again probably in early summer months when the falls aren’t as heavy the steps themselves almost became little waterfalls very sketchy seeing people and children run up them

Long, beautiful hike! Bring friends you'll want to share this with them. The view is amazing! You can see Catalina, baldy, Witney....

Bring gear. Don't under estimate da mountain! Really pretty, really dangerous...

I'd give it 5 stars if it wasn't always so fucking crowded

this trailhead is beautiful! cuts into the backside of glendora mtn road. kinda gives you a different view of the mountains. Takes a while like 6 hrs. on a fireroad, never too crowded. Don't go alone on this one though. It's moderate and slightly remote.

Love the Pudd! Go here religiously. So beautiful and peaceful. One time I saw a dude taking pics of some hot slut on a sports car. It was my favorite random thing that ever happened there! Lol

it's just ok. I mean if you just want to putz around. it's pretty and you can always go down to the swing at the creek.

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