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Palm Springs, California Map

Beautiful views from the top

Perfect trail to escape the summer heat.

Beautiful day for a hike. Quiet. The Hidden Lake almost kept true to its name. Full of water today.

The lake is off limits Tuesday through Thursday. In addition to the day hiking permit, this area requires a special permit and only 30 are available. there are no trails indicated to the spot because of the endangered wildflower that grows here. please have respect for the rules and acquire a permit at the ranger station. Happy trails everyone

Beautiful hike, amazing views. I parked at the museum and started at 1am. I did it solo because I was visiting from out of country with a friend who doesn't hike, so I spent lots of time the few days before reading all the reviews and all the details on the hiking guy.com website (well worth reading ahead of time). All the write-ups had me so paranoid about water that I ended out overdoing it -- carried 2 x 2L bladders plus a gatorade and it was way too much ... I was just barely finishing my first bladder (and drank none of the gatorade) when I got to the ranger station (7:45am). I guess better safe than sorry (especially solo) but it was definitely a slower climb and therefore out on the trail longer because of hauling the additional weight. But solo and first time out there, I would probably still recommend bringing way more water than you think you are going to need. As someone mentions below, it is well worth having the AllTrails Pro and downloading the map before you go. It is very easy to get off course, especially if you are starting in the dark. I was constantly watching for the white blaze markings and yet still probably pulled out my phone and checked my GPS location compared to the map route at least 8 times on the way up. Approximately another 2 hours from the ranger station to the summit. It was actually beautiful starting in the dark and rising up over the city lights and then watching the sun gradually light up the mountains all around you. By the time the sun comes up, you're high enough up that heat really isn't a factor and by then you are getting plenty of intermittent shade from trees. The views from the summit are amazing - you feel like you are on top of the world. I was very thankful I had my poles, especially during all the hours in the dark where it's a bit easier to mis-step or lose your balance. And of course for the steeper sections. I took the tram back down but would have liked to refill all my fluids and hike/run back down to my car. However a few people strongly recommended against it ('feels like you are entering a furnace as you descend', too dangerous, etc.), so maybe I'll save that for another time if I am ever able to do it on a shoulder season and not on my own.

Bring a lot of water, between my wife and I we had 5L of water and ran out of water with about 3 miles left. It's a steady hike which is difficult as much because of the length as the incline and elevation. We really started to feel the elevation the final half mile. I recommend bringing at least 3L per person and try to be hydrated when you start. Also definitely bring snacks, this is probably obvious but snacks with higher carb ratio's make sense particularly with the elevation. Having a map and using the app to track where you are is really helpful as the beginning portion after you enter the wilderness area is not super well marked in terms of like "San Jacinto Peak trail". Once you get to the camp ground the markings get a bit better.

Warm day. Take plenty of water. No snow. A little shakey on the mountain with aftershocks.Great tram ride down free military entrance. 8 dollar parking fee.

It was a smooth hike from beginning to end. There were two small snow bank still, which was surprising. Once you hit the false peak around the 3.0 marker then things can get challenging if you are not an experienced hiker. The elevation can be game changer as well. The sign is not there so it a little disappointing.

10 days ago

Did it this morning, started at about 0930 from the tram. First 3 miles were fairly easy if youre a intermidiate hiker. The rest of the way was a scramble, barely any shade but then again still doable if you have some experience. Got to the top at about 1230 and sadly the peak sign was not there. Had some lunch then headed back down at 1325, heading back down was hard! We made it to the tram at 1640. I took 3L of water and drank all of it by the end of it. Make sure you use the Alltrails app map to make sure you are going the right way. You will not see any San Jacinto Peak signs until you get to the round valley! Awesome trail overall!

capital show!

Incredible hike! Not too hard up but spectacular views the second half of ascent!

This was a really nice hike! It’s pretty easy but would recommend going early morning because it can get super super hot in the summer! We paid $5 bucks per adult because of the summer season.

13 days ago

Best hike in so cal. Be sure to bring lots of water & start suuuper early in the morning, because it’s gunna get hot!

Beautiful weather! Great views. Absolutely love this area. Thank you, California Conservation Corps, for working so hard keeping our trails nice!

I took a backpacking trip with my boys from the tram to Round valley camp ground. It felt like around 2 miles with great weather at the time and lots of water in the creek and at the camp ground. The boys handled the hike well at ages 11 and 9 they were carrying around 18 pounds each. The weather was perfect for the whole trip and I would say an over all great experience.

Toughest trail I've completed to date. It was an amazing experience. Start early. It gets dangerously hot. Take extra water. Take extra water. The last two miles to the tram are straight incline. This was a great training for the JMT for me. San Jacinto Peak was amazing.

no shade
off trail
18 days ago

This trail is HARD!! I started Sunday morning 6/23/19 at 12:30am. I had 5 liters of water - wasn’t. near enough. My hiking partner had 12. I took some from him and also another hiker on the trail had extra. I thought I was fit. I’m exercise vigorously regularly. Ive day hiked a couple other high altitude mountains. Cerro Chirripó in Costa Rica and Pikes Peak in Colorado. This made these seem like a cake walk. We made it to the ranger/tram station (they’re about in the same place) in 11 hours. The top 2.5 miles really sent a trail. A lot of downed trees and rocked make this a near vertical scramble in places. Not for the faint of heart. I was passed by a number of hikers... all of whom were the Uber fit type or were young (I’m 44). I made it the ten miles and 8200 feet of elevation gain to the tram and called it a day. Had a friend waiting there (who was originally supposed to hike but got injured) it would have taken me several more hours to get to the peak and back. I’ll be back next spring when it’s cooler and I am more fit. Need to be fit enough to be fast carrying 40lbs of water. The views are definitely worth the effort though!!

18 days ago

Great endurance trail, esp when you get a late start!! Beautiful foothills!!

20 days ago

Loved this trail: perfect combination with f the canyon and the foothills and their vistas of the mountains.

20 days ago

I loved this trail and esp when it switches to the Victor Trail at the end of the Palm Canyon Trail. The Victor Trail winds up into the hills with the most amazing vistas of the canyons. This hike is not to be missed!!

Amazing hike! Parked at Museum. The security guy stopped by and told us to park under the light so our car would be seen by the cameras. Slept couple of hours in the car before starting at 1:30am, definitely recommend to start as early as possible to go through the non shaded, hot area. Walking in the dark is fun and awesome views of the city by night. Sunrise midway to the tram to finish with daylight the steepest part. Take your time and with cadence it works. It took us 7h to reach the tram. Break and power nap, water refill and got our permits (free and mandatory). Started the second section, was hard at the beginning to warm up our tired legs again, trail was easy though, gradual and super busy (not so fun.....). It took us about 2.5h to reach the top, light snow there, no need for any gears, just a big patch on top. Views are amazing, only downside is the crowd, very busy.... Took another powernap before going down, took the tram and a Lyft back to our car before. All in all, 15h out there, truly great hike, amazing views and so green! I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Loved this trail. A little hard to follow the right path sometimes but just keep your phone handy. Currently patches of snow near the top but definitely doable without crampons. Poles were useful. You can climb up rocks to the summit or can walk up or slide down a long patch of snow.

Nice view. Start early so you are in the shade going up! Saw a few people but not too crowded.

on North Lykken Trail

23 days ago

A bit more climbing than expected but a great little trail with wonderful views. Can’t wait to go back!

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