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Great super easy hike. I like to take visitors from out of town here. Awesome when the waterfall is flowing huge..went yesterday with my dad and still some decent water flow..nothing raging and water levels around pool area super low..best to go in late spring when all snow has melted off San Jacinto Peak. Still beautiful though. I’ve run into rattle snakes here in summer time. Disappointed to see people leaving their trash along trail...people are just so disrespectful.
Pack it in and out folks!! The sign even says so!!

Hardest day hike I have ever done! I was not in the best of shape so it took 14.5 hours for me to summit. I was cramping out towards the end of the first 8000 ft. I stretched out at the ranger station and gutted the rest of the hike out. I want to improve my time and do it again in October which is when we went in 2017. I do not recommend doing it in the summer months. No water until the tram and I used every drop of the 4 liters I carried with me by the time I got there.

Tough hike for the beginner. Made it to Wellman’s Divide but had to turn back cause I was spent and couldn’t make it up the peak before the sun went down but still great views and a great trail. Snow was great too!

What a great surprise with the waterfall! The rain a few nights ago really was wonderful!!

Awesome hike for the serious, well prepared only. Super steep, long, and treacherous at upper elevations with snow. Very challenging, very rewarding. Cold beers at the tram station are on me! Enjoy

One of my favorites. If you are in peak shape and have an extra 4 hours to blow then take this trail. Or take it easy and explore. It’s so fun! It can get busy but too bad past Welmans.

One the hardest yet beautiful hikes I’ve ever done. This ones a challenge. I don’t regret anything, view at the end is just amazing.

We did this hike yesterday! it was beautiful and good Hike! There was $12.50 admission fee per person. A little pricey in my opinon. But I'm glad to say we did it.

Great hike, go early even in January it gets hot.

Great hike w/ a steady climb. Friendly people, while not too crowded. Will definitely do it again.

I liked how gradual the climb was. Lots of rocks maybe boots would have been better. I lost the trail at the end

Beautiful hike. Very easy. There's a 12.50 fee to go through it. Overall great experience.

scenic hike great with kids

Good trail for a bit of exercise. Good views of the surrounding area. We did the hike counter-clockwise and found a lot of loose shale on the trail coming down. If I did it again I’d probably do it cw.

Beautiful hike and a beautiful summit! This is a popular trail so be prepared to pass people or move out of the way as people pass you. You'll also have to wait your turn for a picture with the sign at the summit. One other caution, we had to wait in line for about 45 minutes before it was our turn to take the tram back down, so I suggest getting your hike done as early as possible.

Challenging and rewarding hike. Took us 3 hours to get to the peak from the tram, and 2 hours to get back down. We experienced wide variations in the temperature, layers and gloves were needed. All around gorgeous hike.

Beautiful hike, great sites and clean environment.
Definitely recommend!

It costs $9 for adult and $5 for kid, but worth it to go!

16 days ago

A special place. Not difficult but rewarding.

This hike is brutally tough. The worst of it is all prior to Long Valley, but it doesn't get easy after that since your legs will feel like sludge from the Skyline Trail section. By starting early in the morning, like 2 or 3 AM early, you'll have the opportunity to view an incredible sun rise. Bring a head lamp and follow the white dots painted on the rocks, especially at the beginning of the hike. This is one hike I highly suggest using a GPS for. Download someone's confirmed gpx file for this and use that for a guide. There are several cutoff "trails" off the main drag of the Skyline Trail that will cause some confusion as to which trail to follow; stick to the white dots and follow the footprints while often checking your gps to confirm your path. Since most people start in pitch black, a map and compass doesn't offer much assistance.

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