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Intense! But worth it all the way.

holy crap that was brutal! but so very beautiful! yes snow and ice. I used yaktrax and a pole and was fine. tough at altitude.

Just enough challenge to get your heart beating. Beautiful vistas Trails are single file.

Easy Hike. Saw 4 rattlesnakes. The waterfall is absolutely gorgeous!!! Beautiful views and scenery. Need to do this hike early as it was in the mid-90's by 11:30am.

Great view from the top and hike past Bob Hope’s house.

I love this trail. Usually I come across no other people, especially in the evening. Best time to hike it is when the sun is going down behind the mountain. You must make it up to the junction of the other trails. Amazing view of the low lands back there in the hills at that point. Gorgeous!

Great day hike on a beautiful day.

Very good hiking trail for me, a beginner at 77 years.

on Araby Trail

14 days ago

Views are fantastic. I would say All Trails has it rated appropriately as moderate. A recent reviewer said it was easy, but as a reasonably fit man, I would not rate it that way. There was never a need to use my hands to climb or steady myself, but it was still tiring on the way up.

Overall an excellent experience today!

Short ,but sweet some stair climbing and worth the waterfall!

I’m new to hiking and looking forward to many more adventures like this trail.

17 days ago

Did the trail today, very scenic and wild flowers in
Full bloom. 6 mile round trip to the mine, 2/12 mile ascend to the peak and 1/2 decent to the mine. I was the only hiker during entire 6 mile round trip, the trail is very rough, make sure to take plenty of water.

17 days ago

Notes on North trailhead: the trailhead on W Cielo Drive is accurately described, but the map shows the trail ending at a completely different place, on W Crescent Dr between N Patencio Rd and N Via Monte Vista.
From Cielo Drive trailhead, trail climbs very steeply in short switchbacks up the side of the ridge between Chino Canyon and Tachevah Canyon. At the crest are two picnic tables and extensive views. From the ridge the trail descends sharply then traverses the headwall above Old Las Palmas.,

Just finished. Started at 3 am. Hit the tram at 8 and the round trip back to the tram by 1pm. Some brief rest breaks included. It was adrenaline inducing to walk through the desert at night alone, quietly climbing. Around 3 miles in, I noticed a pair of big red eyes staring at me when I was scanning near the trail with my head lamp. It was a bear.about 15 feet off the trail just sitting and staring. I kept moving and it did not follow. No need for micro spikes or crampons. I did the entire push wearing only shorts but I carried full winter clothing just in case. Full moon. Great adventure best shared with a like minded acquaintance

Gorgeous waterfall. Easy and short hike. Take water. Apply sunscreen.

Wonderful Easter morning hike. We just hiked to the peak and back about 2.2 miles.

I appreciate all of the information from the members on this site.
Any advice on traveling down the trail from the tram to the museum? Any dangerously steep areas?

Great hike! Great view at the summit!

Great trail for all levels of hikers. Terrific view at the summit

Easy and short hike. Really cool waterfall at the end of the hike. We arrived around 10:30 and there was a good amount of parking. Took about an hour from start to finish.

trail running
20 days ago

Great climb. Get up early and watch the sunrise over Palm Springs. Met a rattler 90 seconds.

21 days ago

Though rated “moderate,” trail certainly has its climbing moments. Sweeping views of the valley and, in the spring, beautiful wild flowers. Like most desert hikes, best to start early in the day as it can get HOT as there is no shade whatsoever. Also this was about the limit for my 12yr old — though admittedly he’s been going thru his tween phase.

on Maynard Mine Trail

21 days ago

Beautiful but strenuous hike. Fantastic views and lots of blooms. However, almost had a run-in with a rattlesnake on the way down in a narrow rocky part of the trail. Fortunately I had my poles in front of me and the snake issued a very loud rattle and hiss and I backed up quickly. He kept it up for over a minute while I figured out how to get around. I didn’t see it but it was right next to me in the rock and I’m sure I was within striking range. Be alert!

Great cardio workout for the first mile then it levels down to enjoy the beautiful view of Palm Springs and is golf course. Surely will do it again.

great trail, plan for a long hike. pack snacks and water. great views at top.

Absolutely beautiful hike! My husband and I took the tram up yesterday, camped at Round Valley for the night, and summited San Jacinto this morning. The camping was cold , apparently it got down to 22 degrees but we had the gear for it and stayed pretty warm. For the hike, we brought microspikes but didn't use them- we had grippy hiking boots and for us it was doable without the spikes. However I would definitely recommend bringing spikes because the trail was quite icy coming down -especially the part from round valley to the ranger station. It was okay without the spikes for us, but it might not be for other folks. All in all, the entire experience of staying the night and being the only ones on the mountain in the morning was just amazing. This trail is beautiful, the views are stunning, the quiet is rejuvinating. The tram ride was pretty cool too. Highly recommend.

Two friends and I decided to give the Cactus to Clouds a go during our time in Palm Springs. Before we made the trip down we did a lot of research on the hike as we really wanted to be sure we knew what we were getting into and that we were prepared for the trail conditions (reviewing blogs www.sanjocjan.com, trail reviews, weather forecasts / conditions, local outdoor stores, correspondence with the ranger station). We downloaded "The Hiking Guys" GPX file as reference and the route / map were fairly consistent (with a few minor discrepancies).

We started at 4:00 on the Saturday morning and made our way up to the Tram by around 9:45. Highlights for this section are definitely the views, rock formations and passing through 3 distinct climate zones. We were rather surprised once we got to around mile 8.5-9 as we had expected the climb around Coffman's Crag to be this vertical wall (based on some reviews) but in general the pitch was a lot easier than we were anticipating.

Once we reached the tram we made sure to touch base with the Rangers with regards to trail conditions as well as any groups we had come across (some better prepared than others). After filling our the park permit we proceeded on to the summit. The trail from approx. 1 mile away from the Tram to the summit is a combination of ice (in the lower elevation) and soft snow at the summit. Navigating the trail proved a little hard than earlier but the GPX file kept us pretty true to the general trail location. The upper 2500' in elevation is a good challenge (both mentally and physically) as the elevation effects everyone different. For me at around 9500' I was feeling the effects (little nauseous and light headed) but we continued on and reached the summit around 1-1:30pm (what a spectacular view from the top...you truly feel like you are on top of the world).

After hanging out on the summit for a few minutes (grabbing a few needed photos) we started the journey back to the tram (which is where the micro spikes and poles really came in handy). We reached the ranger station / tram at around 3:40pm and handed out permits back in to the rangers...and then made our way to the bar to grab a well deserved pint (and Pepsi as I was LOW on sugar).

The views, different climate zones, local flora, fauna and everything else along the way was spectacular but what truly makes this hike so amazing is the journey with the friends.

Sidebar comment (and a very frustrating observation) is how many people we saw on the trail between the Tram and the Summit with no water, no protection for the elements (sweatshirt and tights), improper foot ware (gym shoes). The weather was nice but up there it can change in an instant. I would say probably 70% of the people we saw on the trail were under prepared which puts the Rangers at risk everyday (on our way down we saw 3 Rangers heading up for a rescue as people couldn't descend in their shoes).

The number one reason for rescues (as quoted by one of the Rangers) is "People with their heads up their Ass". If you are going to try this hike (or any other hike) please respect the Mountain and the conditions. We were lucky enough to have solid weather but were prepared for much worse.

Cactus to Clouds is a great trail and worth the adventure (but definitely not as physically challenging as we thought).

23 days ago

Picnic tables midway make for a nice rest with a beautiful view of Palm Springs and beyond.

$12.50 to hike, at least one water bottle per person or you’re not allowed on the trail. Really easy hike, and the waterfall was beautiful. So much water! Got there early around 8:30 and there was plenty of parking but when we left around 10:30 there was not as much parking and larger crowds. Takes about one hour to hike but we took two hours to hike because we took our time and stopped at the fall for a while. The trail guide also has some interesting markers along the trail to stop at and learn a little bit about the history

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