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Did this hike for the first time this week and went counter clock wise. It started out steep and leveled out before declining. The trail seems well maintained and beautiful, sweeping, desert views. Will for sure be returning :)

This is a fun hike but in my experience the trail is not maintained very well. Be prepared and pay attention to your surroundings. It’s a very enjoyable and challenging hike!

2 days ago

Easy hike, nice view

Trespassing is very, very common. I went from Goat Trails to Murry Peak this morning. I was first at 7am but many seen on return.

No sheer drop offs which allows for a safe adventure. I also like that you can walk to your ability and turn back. We did 5 miles and felt right. Look forward to returning and going further. The climb was steep and kept us breathing to a liking.

Great hike which is not too over run with other hikers. Offers great views of Palm Springs and Tahquitz Falls.

Lovely walk. I had perfect weather but no shade on a hot day. No really difficult.

Very tough but very rewarding. The last quarter is quite steep and challenges your mental toughness. Aside from needing 2-3 litres of water, it is only worth the weight of bringing energy dense foods to minimize what you're lugging up the 8,000 plus vertical feet. For example: Carrots. Are. A. Bad. Idea.

9 days ago

Great hike...do it every time I visit the valley. Great views!

Great hike with great views with a loop back to the start.

Loved it but if you call climbing steps is easy? Then easy it is. Me not so much

One of the best trails in Palm Springs, with a good chance of encountering big horn sheep.

Heart pounding climb, but the views are worth it. Make sure you go to Jane's Hofbrau oasis and Eagle Canyon.

Amazing hike and experience. The ranger told us it takes the average person 6 hours to complete the trail. We were racing the sun as we got a late start so we managed to complete it under that time. The trail is somewhat well marked. I did the trail in hiking shoes, nothing extra and I was fine. Hiking poles definitely would have been nice at some points. Also make sure to wear layers as the sun sets the mountain gets pretty chilly! I actually thought the view at Wellman’s Divide was better than the view at the summit.

I did this hike with Seth and John in November and while it was a wonderful day spent hiking in the sunshine I realized at about 5500 feet that I had completely underestimated the physical and mental requirements that this trek required. Let me advise potential hikers to do a few things before doing this trail: 1. do get more than 3 hours of sleep 2. instead of drinking beer until bedtime the night prior, drink water 3. do eat a hearty breakfast; do not only drink a large mug of black coffee with an excessive amount of coconut oil. 4.do bring snacks that are appetizing and delicious; do not bring a whole summer sausage and a block of sharp cheddar cheese that will inevitably become as warm as the desert you are hiking in. That being said, we started our quest in the early morning (2:30). If I remember correctly we started off at around 400 feet, only 10,000+ more to go guys! The early morning part of it was really cool and as we got higher in elevation we noticed to the lights of Palm springs dotting the desert floor and the grandeur of the mountain revealed itself as the sun slowly rose. San Jacinto is huge so appreciate its beauty but don't let it intimidate you. I remember at about 5500 feet the trail goes from very strenuous to "what the f***" as the grade takes a sharp turn upwards and it does not let up until you reach the ranger station. Hydration is key to this hike. Kudos to those who have done this hike in the summer. I brought 3 liters of water and was sucking air from my pack by the time we made it to the ranger station. Once we made it there we used about 30 minutes to refill water, and eat some grub. The families with young children, the elderly tourists, the teenagers in jeans and tennis shoes that may have taken the tram up to the ranger station did not seem to understand the pure exhaustion that was painted all over my face and in such a beautiful environment, I understood but I didn't let their bright, smiling faces get me down so we pressed onward toward the summit which at that point is still 5 or so miles away. The ranger station is really the only easy part of this hike and the remaining five miles are still very strenuous but the views along the entire route are awesome and a well-earned reward each step you make towards the top. Eventually we did it make it to the top, where Seth valiantly fought off some altitude sickness to have our picture taken by one of the many visitors that shared the peak with us that day. We spent about 30 minutes at the top before we began the 5 mile journey back to the visitor center where we reveled in our accomplishment over some cold grog that we found at the bar in the restaurant that is located inside of the visitor center. I don't remember exactly how long the entire hike took us but we estimated that we hiked from 2:30/3 a.m. to about 5 p.m. I highly recommend this hike but just prepare for it better than I did and you will be fine!

I love this hike... At the end the waterfall is beautiful... so worth it

A lovely, easy hike with a satisfying (little) waterfall at the end. Overpriced, unfortunately, hence 4 stars instead of 5.

This is "EASY"? No, but it's a lovely MODERATE hike. No shade. You will not find any "to Murray Peak" signs on the trail, so it's up to you to figure out which way to go when you reach the junction with Garstin Trail. Unfortunately, I chose a wrong way out of the 3 options. (The other 2 ways had other signs, so figured they weren't the way to go, and I chose the unsigned trail.) i ended up with a longer but less satisfying hike, as I did not get to anything that I could imagine would be Murray Peak (hence 4 stars instead of 5). Sigh.

A must when you are in Palm Springs.

Buenisimo!!! Gracias. Prime service.

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