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Absolutely amazing views! The hike is strenuous to get to the peak but worth doing. There is a lot of downed trees and snow still up there but the trail is pretty straightforward.

Did this hike today. Great hike with fabulous views at the summit. I agree with some of the other reviewers in that we also clocked the trip at 12 miles. A little snow on the trail but otherwise mostly clear.

Did this hike today. 5/21/17
Read some of the other comments.
There was no mud on trails
Yes there was snow
Great hike
I agree with Bret, It clocks out just under 12 miles

Had a great hike from the tram to the top of San Jacinto. All trails has this hike as just under 10 miles. We clocked in 12 miles. Still quite a bit of snow above the 9,500 level on the north face of the mountain. The trail disappears quite a bit due to all the snow. Never got lost but had to trail blaze quite a bit due to the trail virtually disappearing.

It was a bit crowded up top but the trail itself had a moderate amount of hikers.

Enjoyed a great dinner at the restaurant up top of the tram before we headed home.

I completed this hike on 5/14/17! It's a long hike but it's so beautiful! It's not easy since there's still snow along the way and right before the summit! It'd help if you bring along trekking poles! I would not recommend to do this trail in the dark either so time yourself correctly to be safe! I would hike this again!

Wet snow near the summit coupled with rocky terrain and elevation made it a bit challenging.

12 days ago

5/13/17 little snow great weather day permits required from ranger station but they are free.

Steep decent down in the sun. Of course younhave to climb it on the way back. The oasis however is maintained beautifully. Tree droppings are removed, the sand had been raked recently to get up the animal dropping (although watch step because the animals were busy adding waste), picnic tables in the shade and porta potties and trash cans. Nice place to sit and enjoy the scenery and the relaxing feeling. The trail goes following the creek so there's a lot more palms. We walked it until it started another steep assent to what I believe would have taken us to the stone pool but then turned around. I have some back troubles and it was just too much for me. Couple that with it was later in the afternoon and that part was all sun-it was just too hot. We walked back the way we came in the shade! The trail did connect with several other trails if you wanted to explore further.
The top of the trail starts at the Trading Post which sells cold water and cans of Coke for $1. They also had various snacks and items like hot dogs. There's a short film playing on a loop at goes over the park history that you can watch while you eat your snack. A couple of humming bird feeders that had frequent visitors. A ranger sits at the head of the trail to answer questions. Friendly and willing to chat about the history of answer questions. No bathrooms with running water but porta potties at the top as well. They had hand sanitizer and outside there is a small station with soap and a foot pump gets enough water to rinse. $9 a person to get in. Past the potties there's a very short hike to a waterfall. I could see small portions of it but couldn't get a good luck because it was hidden by rocks and trees. Must be back at car by 4:30 and gone by 5.

Well maintained and well marked. There is a ranger at the trail head for questions. They are friendly and very willing to chat about its history, what you'll see etc. Trail walks along a small creek with cascades (I didn't see anything I would classify as a waterfall) and babbles along in areas. Amazing to be in the desert with that much water and the sounds. The creek is lined with palms and small bushes. Goes through areas with shade and some areas with none and its hot with little breeze until you go up so remember water, hats etc. A short steep area to go up but wonderful breeze at the top and great view. Disappointed that there's a fence that is out of place. Some club bought the property years ago and its private property. Would like to see the fence perhaps made to blend in or be hidden by plants. Porta potties only (stinky at the end of the season) but they keep hand sanitizer in them and there's a small station outside with soap that you use a foot pump to get enough water to rinse. Same at visitor center.

Went on Saturday, May 6th. Took the first tram up at 8 am (showed up at 7:30 to purchase tickets) then started the hike about 8:30 am and were back down at 4 pm. We lost the trail a few times because of the snow so probably spent an hour or so lost (didn't get hurt and saw some beautiful views!) so all ok in the end.

My husband and I are relatively active people but not experienced hikers. We went in tennis shoes but had crampons (a MUST because of the sheer amount of snow; ~$20-30 on amazon) and a walking stick each. Elevation gain is what makes it exhausting but the views along the hike and at the summit are breathtaking!

Each one of us had a a 2L camelbak water pack and an additional 40 oz bottle. We finished the camelbaks and had some from the bottle as well.

Highly recommended but wear hiking shoes or tennis shoes+ crampons and consider taking walking sticks!