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Done this several times though usually do car or bike shuttle. With shuttle the length is 4.5 mi. December and especially January look for bighorn sheep. I’ve seen them 3 times (out of 9 hikes) at the 2 mi. mark hiking from the south. Have also seen white tailed antelope ground squirrels, a Palm Springs pocket mouse, and lots of birds and reptiles.

Great hike, small free parking lot. Very steep climb at first, and little to no shade most of the hike.

2 months ago

We start at the cathedral city cove and hike up, the views are breathtaking and pictures don't do it justice, it feels like the Wild West up there on cool and cloudy days is when I'd recommend taking this trail as it will be amazing experience. Starting from the cove is honestly hard as rain has washed out half the trail and your walking mostly on bare rock of the mountain so it's not really a beginner trail, very steep parts on the way up but getting to the top is 100% worth it. Many beautiful views really capture the beauty of the Coachella valley desert and about 3-4 miles up you'll find the earth moving vehicles Mike Dunn abandoned while trying to make the road. Highly recommend and please take a lot of water as 1.5 liters wasn't enough for me and we only hike it on cloudy days.

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7 months ago

I would like to help get more people up to the top of this and others like it so they too can enjoy the fun down hill ride, maybe even a few times in one day. please help me. go to my link below thank you


Great views. Full exposure so bring plenty of water. I agree with previous post as to direction. It's nice to end at the oasis.

Great views with a variety of terrain including washes, switch-backs, cacti, palm trees and very easy water crossing. The 5.7 mile can be done easily in 3.5 hours but very little shade and water is a must.

Beautiful views, make sure to check weather conditions before you go, after you leave the water and shade of the palms its all dessert to the pools and it gets hot with no shade at all!

Great hike! Took time for photos and to enjoy view at the top. Great exercise!!

10 months ago

Few people, great views, very peaceful!

Can be done in 3 hours. Nice to do it this way: fern canyon - vandeventer - palm canyon. At the end, to to the palm canyon, you should follow the lower trail and not the upper one (victor trail).
Beautiful hike, not too strenuous, and a lot of landscapes/nature variation.

11 months ago

This hike is quite steep and very little shade so keep that in mind when getting ready. We stopped when we saw big horn sheep close to the road and didn't want to disturb them. Parking on the street is available with no restrictions. Very quiet only saw two other people.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Excellent trail. We saw Big Horn sheep. It was amazing.

Friday, January 06, 2017

steep, great views and Windy ridges

Thursday, December 29, 2016

One of my new favorite trails. Pass by beautiful homes in way to trailhead. Starts out steep but great view and can picnic at top before proceeding. Meanders through valley and rock formations. Slow ascent towards end overlooking Old Las Palmas. Not sure where waterfall is. Instead of turning back or continuing along Museum trail, we took the climb down to street and walked through the mid century neighborhoods back to our bikes at trailhead. It was a wonderful terrain and urban hike.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Hiked on Black Friday and started from the dirt lot behind Von's on HWY 111. The description mentions that the trailhead near Vons is private property, but that memo is lost on the tons of people who park and launch here.

Lot of walkers and mountain bikers for the first two miles. There are a ton of mountain biking trails that break off of the main trails and I made the mistake of following one which took me way off course. Fortunately, the trail was close enough to civilization that I was able to easily navigate back to the main trail.

Once I got beyond that first 2 miles, the traffic died way down and it was a super peaceful walk. There are two significant ascents. The first is near the sign for Garstin which connects with the Wild Horse trail where you hike straight up the ridge a few hundred feet before reaching a summit. Then you drop down to the Clara Burgess trail which marks the beginning of the final ascent to Murray Peak. Along the way, from Wild Horse to Murray Peak, there are plenty of gorgeous views both of Palm Springs and of the San Jacinto mountains. The view from Murray Peak is great and at this point you've definitely earned whatever snacks, beverages or break you want to give yourself.

- Stay hydrated; there's no shade on this trail and it's just you under that big ball of fire.
- Use sunscreen and a hat.
- Stick to the main trails.

Saturday, April 09, 2016

Beautiful views.

Great trail, lots of wild flowers, fantastic views!

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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Murray Peak is a destination, not a trail.

Many people access the peak starting on Araby Trail (it goes past Bob Hope's house) or starting at Von's and using the Goat Trails.

I have done it 4 times in past 18 months, always parking on Bogert Trail and climbing up the steep Garstin Trail, then Wildhorse and Clara Burgess.

Views are wonderful, footing is varied but always good.

Bonus is that this peak is visible and recognizable from much of Northern Coachella Valley so you can point it out to your friends and family as one of your accomplishments!!!

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Monday, December 28, 2015

Dunn road trail starts like most trails here in and around Cathedral City, with a mile hike up a 17 percent incline. After your spent from the climb whatever energy you have left is used for the awesome trails in poster card scenery. after the ascent and a quarter mile past that we found (Palm Canyon Trail?) a trail running across Dunn road and decided to ride it towards west, IT WAS FREAKN AWESOME!!! I really hated the climb on foot but totally worth it!

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