19 hours ago

I had only hiked here in summer, so I decided to try this trail during the winter for my first snowshoeing adventure. Rentals are available at the Winter Adventure Center, located not far from the bottom of the tram path. Many people were attempting to hike without snowshoes and were postholing down to their knees and thighs. As a result, most didn't make it very far and I had the trail nearly all to myself. Obviously, the "trail" was a little harder to follow but you get the general idea, and in most places there were previous tracks to follow. It was so beautiful to see such a familiar place blanketed in snow! So if you're looking for something new and different, this is highly recommended for snowshoeing. As always, be aware of the weather forecast, be prepared for quickly changing conditions, and dress in layers. Conditions were beautiful along the lower portion of the trail but the wind was gusting pretty hard at the notches and it was significantly colder.