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We took this trail down towards the golf course after climbing up on the Museum Trail. It was a much less used trail and the trail was not much more than a dry stream bed in many locations. There are some spots where a trail marking would have helped out. the hike down was easy, but if we had gone up it would have been more of a scramble.

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I really appreciated everyone's reviews before I took on this hike. They are accurate when saying this is tough and you have to start early. I know a few people that have done the complete trail in 6-9hrs, but if you're like me, and you like to stop for pictures, and food, expect to take anywhere from 10-12hrs. The first 4000ft. are tough, but the last 3000+ ft before you get to long valley are sooo much more tough. This is not for the faint of heart, or people that are not willing to climb a few boulders haha. I stopped at the tram station because it was cold and rainy, and I left my rain poncho at home that day, but I still feel victorious. I've done the hike to the summit a few times from the tram so I can say this... The last 2000ft to the summit are bearable and most enjoyable, especially if you take a little pause at Wellman's Divide for pictures and a little snack.
There's nothing like that feeling of accomplishment when you've reached your destination, no matter how hard the journey is.

Can't wait to do this again!

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If anyone was there between the hours of 3:30-4:30 on 9/10 I want to know if you made it out alive? The flash flooding washed out the trail for my 16 y/o nephew, baby brother, and I. We barely made it out, one of the scariest most intense things I've done thus far!!! The legend of Tahquitz is real, and he did not want us there!!!

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I have read many reviews that describe this as a hike to do for the challenge, but not for the beauty. Many call it ugly with a lack a scenery. I completely disagree. This was the most beautiful hike I have taken yet because it goes through every aspect of southern California. It was an absolutely amazing day for me from the first step in Palm Springs where nothing can grow, to a few small cacti about a mile in, to larger cacti, to small shrubs, to large shrubs. Then around 5000 feet, a few 10ft desert trees, then a couple of tunnels through the trees. At about 7000 feet, I crossed the first pine, then surrounded by pines, then into that glorious meadow of grass and pines, up the mountain to the boulders and chilly air at the peak. It was incredible to walk through it all in one day. Here is the standard warning - DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS YOU ARE EXPERIENCED!!

For preparation, I hiked all minor peaks in San Diego (Woodson, Iron Mtn, El Cajon, Cowles man - plus the other 4 in the park, etc...), then I hit the LA and San Bernardino mountains (Gorgonio, Baldy, Cucamonga, Ontario, San Jacinto from Idyllwild). The best prep for this was Mt Baldy on the Bear Creek Trail. If you don't know what it's like to hike 6000ft in 6 miles, then don't try this. After that, I did a 20 mile hike in temps ranging from 100 down to 80, back up to 100 on the decent. If you don't know what it's like to hike in heat, don't try this!!

Supplies - I brought 6.3 liters of water (including 1 small bottle of gatorade to celebrate at Longs Valley) and drank all of it in the first 10 miles. I then refilled 4 liters of h20 at the ranger station and drank 3. I consumed 2 bananas, 3 cliff bars, 2 pb&js, 1 bag trail mix, 1 bag beef jerky. I had zero cramps and zero altitude issues which I credit to advil and salt tabs. I eat 1 salt capsule every hour during the strenuous times, then 2 advil every hour over 5000 feet to combat the swelling brain. ?Doesn't salt dehydrate you? - You sweat out salt and need to replace it to keep your body in balance (electrolytes).

Highlights - Saw a herd a bighorn sheep about 2 miles up. They were only 100 feet from me and scared the hell out of me originally. It was still dark and I saw only their green glowing eyes. I first thought it was a couple mountain lions and pulled my spray out (and released the safety for the first time). Then I saw many more eyes and heard hooves. It was really amazing. Sunrise was breathtaking. Miles 8-10 are torture. standard hiking uphill is 600ft/mile gain. Very difficult is 1000ft/mile. The last 2 miles before the valley are 1250ft/mile. Reaching Long Valley is the real accomplishment here. Oddly, I was greeted by 4 elderly women who appeared to be dressed for a polo match. When I cleared the top, I saw a hundred non-exhausted casual strollers wandering around the valley and felt like I was in the twilight zone. After a short celebration, I realized 11 miles still awaited me.

From the valley to the top is a cakewalk though, compared to the original beast played. It's like an 11 mile victory lap. Plenty of deer around, so keep your eyes open and camera ready. Beware of the killer attack squirrels. One guy actually did have to kick a squirrel off of him. Views from the top are amazing.

Timeline - 4:15am start. 83 degrees. 6:45 sunrise. I was at 3000 feet. 80 degrees 9:45 - I was at 6000 feet preparing for the brutal 2 miles ahead. 12:15 - at the valley 4:15 - summit. 60 degrees 7:00 - tram for beers/burger.

Note - I brought 2 shirts and kept changing them out every 2 hours. Soaked through them very quickly. Also brought 2 socks to swap out along the way. Keep your feet dry!!

another note - Alltrails seems to be about 20% off on their distance calculations. I have used multiple apps on various hikes/rides as well as gauged this against know distances. It's just off. This is a 21 mile hike, not 16.7.

It's a great hike with great views! What a workout! This is good training for Whitney or The Mt. Whitney climb will prepare you for this!

Who's done Whitney in a day and how does this compare?

I want to put this on here so that you can plan your trip accordingly. The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway will be closed for annual maintenance Sept. 11 - Sept. 30, 2017 with a tentative reopening date of Oct. 1, 2017. During this time, you will not have a tram car to take you to the valley floor, so you will have to hike back down on your own. I recommend that you do not do this hike during this time period.

Loved this trail !! Def do it again !! Make sure you take enough water and your swimsuit if going into the waterfall !!

This trail is amazing, but do be careful. I did the trek Thursday 8/17/17. I brought 4 proteins bars, 3 bananas, 70 ounces of water in camel back and 60 ounces of Gatorade in bottle (Colleague of my wife did the hike a few years ago and encountered solo hiker at mile 7 whose camel back had leaked out and group had to spare water) so I was spooked. I left, despite everyone's warning, at 6am. Several people said that I needed to get to 3,000ft as quick as possible to avoid the desert heat, so ran/hike the first two miles.

The trail markings after mile 1 at times were nonexistent. I got lost at mile 2.3 about 20 minutes but luckily the ALLTRAILS app saved my butt. MapMyRun couldn't triangulate my gps coordinates and I was going to have to turn around, but low and behold AllTrails app maps was able to load and showed me right where I was; I had made a left instead of a right!!! Once back on course I began to jog/ brisk walk the next mile. At that point I had climbed enough elevation and the weather from there on out was very pleasant.

After mile 7 the nature of the hike begins to change. It's steep and the air is thinner.

I thought the trail was 10 miles, so I saved up a ton of energy and was going to jog the last mile. At mile 9 I began to jog and at 9.22 both legs cramped on the inner thigh from knee to groin.
That stopped me dead in my tracks, but it was weirdest thing because I had saved all this energy and then had to awkwardly limp hike the rest of the way. My dreams of a sub five hour trek were over. The last two miles were magical, but challenging. They ended up taking 2.5 hours, but it was so much fun. 7.5 hour finish.

*** I did this trek solo under perfect weather conditions and it was challenging. I'm a pretty avid trail runner and had been seriously training for this for two months. I spoke with rangers after I finished and they were quite vocal about how dangerous that trail was, especially solo. This trail is majestic and pretty, but it's no joke. If your planning to do this take the warnings to heart! ***

Cramps stink, I still have them a day and half later, but it was so WORTH IT!

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