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Palm Springs, California Map

This trail is amazing, but do be careful. I did the trek Thursday 8/17/17. I brought 4 proteins bars, 3 bananas, 70 ounces of water in camel back and 60 ounces of Gatorade in bottle (Colleague of my wife did the hike a few years ago and encountered solo hiker at mile 7 whose camel back had leaked out and group had to spare water) so I was spooked. I left, despite everyone's warning, at 6am. Several people said that I needed to get to 3,000ft as quick as possible to avoid the desert heat, so ran/hike the first two miles.

The trail markings after mile 1 at times were nonexistent. I got lost at mile 2.3 about 20 minutes but luckily the ALLTRAILS app saved my butt. MapMyRun couldn't triangulate my gps coordinates and I was going to have to turn around, but low and behold AllTrails app maps was able to load and showed me right where I was; I had made a left instead of a right!!! Once back on course I began to jog/ brisk walk the next mile. At that point I had climbed enough elevation and the weather from there on out was very pleasant.

After mile 7 the nature of the hike begins to change. It's steep and the air is thinner.

I thought the trail was 10 miles, so I saved up a ton of energy and was going to jog the last mile. At mile 9 I began to jog and at 9.22 both legs cramped on the inner thigh from knee to groin.
That stopped me dead in my tracks, but it was weirdest thing because I had saved all this energy and then had to awkwardly limp hike the rest of the way. My dreams of a sub five hour trek were over. The last two miles were magical, but challenging. They ended up taking 2.5 hours, but it was so much fun. 7.5 hour finish.

*** I did this trek solo under perfect weather conditions and it was challenging. I'm a pretty avid trail runner and had been seriously training for this for two months. I spoke with rangers after I finished and they were quite vocal about how dangerous that trail was, especially solo. This trail is majestic and pretty, but it's no joke. If your planning to do this take the warnings to heart! ***

Cramps stink, I still have them a day and half later, but it was so WORTH IT!

Ive done this trail once with my boyfriend!!! It wil kick you ass!!! Bring a lot of water!

Hiked this mountain yesterday 8/13 and it was amazing! It was so clear at the top that the Pacific Ocean was visible. This is the most similar to an alpine Colorado mountain that I've seen in SoCal.

6 days ago

Pretty short hike, but still worth it. Great for kids due to the distance, wild mountain goat sightings, and refreshing waterfall.

Me and my 6 year old son hiked up to the peak from the tram station on August 10th, 2017. It was absolutely a wonderful hike! Some part of trail wasn't marked well so I was glad I had downloaded All trails map. (There was zero cell phone signal) The last part of hike was included some bouldering and we loved it. Some people mentioned this is 12miles hike so I was prepared for that but it was actually just about 10miles for us.

10 days ago

Beautiful! It's actually 12 miles round trip but it's beautiful and while definitely a workout it's nothing crazy. The trail pamphlet says it's "expert level" but as long as you're in decent shape and don't mind some sunshine and a bit of a scramble towards the end it's a blast!

Did this on Aug 5 2017. Started at 1:30 am. Did it as a C2C2C that is from museum to San Jacinto peak and back to museum. It was hot when I started (90F) and hot when I returned (105F). Note that at the start once you are up 3 miles or about 3000 ft the temperatures are nice. I consumed about 6L water (electrolyte enhanced with Mg/Ca/K/Na + lime juice) the whole R/T. While coming down the last 5 miles are hot but bearable as there was some breeze and the mountain offers some shade. I did buy a perfume bottle for a dollar from the dollar store, filled it with water and used it as a mister - worked great for the last 5 miles on the way back.

Great trail, with views and forest. Last 3 miles are tough

Amazing , tough but worth it. Prepare for it