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Palm Springs, California Map
14 hours ago

Great incline!! Stunning views!!

Want to start off by stating we were unable to hike to the peak, as the winds were blowing so hard it made it difficult to stand let alone hike, with that being said the skyline trail is all that it is advertised as, tough, strenuous, tiring and demanding.
We started around 3ish with our headlamps blazing the path. We kept a sharp eye out for the painted circles on the rocks to help guid our path, even still we made a couple wrong turns, and we were watching for any snakes which have been reported in the past couple weeks. We stopped a couple times to takes in the views of Palm Springs at full darkness, pretty cool. We made it to the series of pick nick tables with out any problems, hacking was moderately difficult.
Reached the rocks with the spray painted written mileage and no water for the remainder of the hick, continued up switchbacking up the side of a hill finding a great spot to watch the sunrise, awesome views, came across the first of two emergency boxes, then two our surprise, stumbled upon 3 dear, they kept their distance, but they did not run and hide also. Once you reach the picnic benches no more painted dots to guid your path.
The next few mils was going up and over ridge lines, not bad hiking, saw our first view of the tram, the desert landscape is amazing, with bushes blooming flowers of all different colors, cactus blooming, lots of Cholla cactus close to trail head, be aware, lots of manzanita bushes and lots of yucca plants. Trail is moderate.
Then the trail changes drastically, the major up hill accents starts, winding back and forth, definitely leg burner accents. We were in a manzanita Grove which felt like it would never end. The trail became more rocky for sure, pasted the second emergency box and what was called flat rock, not to impressed. The clouds started to come in and the wind began to pickup. By 7000ft, small snow flakes began to fall with the sun shining. I knew it was going to be a cold hike so, took a lot of warm clothing, and I used every bit of it, but I stayed warm.
The trail was becoming more rocky, and the snow falling made the rocks a bit slipper at times. The incline seemed to have increased, my legs were feeling tired and I was having to stopped periodically to catch my breath, the higher we rose wind seemed to be hitting stronger and the snow flakes were increasing at times. We stopped for a quick and her comes the 64 yr old lady, just the happiest person, I asked when she started, 2 hrs after us and she looked she could run up the trail, haha. I asked her how much further, she said about 20 min, yeah for it was, me it was more like 35 min.
By this point my legs felt like jelly, with the wind blowing and snowing I could not wait for the end, The trail at times became hard to read, lots of down limbs, scrambling over rocks, lots of switch backs and fairly steep at times. We finally crested the top, the snow had stopped but the wind was howling, put on the rest big my cold gear and headed to the tram, the worst part is climbing the concrete path to the tram. Went straight to the bar ordered a beer to celebrate our first cactus to clouds hike. After nearly 8 hrs I was tired, my legs acked, my feet were tired, but I would do it again in heart beat.
Gear I took, 4.5 liters of fluid, one of those liters was Gatorade, a variety of snacks, emergency kit- matches, lighter, compus, knief, whistle, backup maps, first aid kit, small rope, clothing- gloves, Beanie, hat, Balaclava, windbreaker, plus the layers I had on, extra head lamp, hiking poles, charger for my phone. If you have any questions feel free to ask, thanks for reading, happy trails.

Intense! But worth it all the way.

holy crap that was brutal! but so very beautiful! yes snow and ice. I used yaktrax and a pole and was fine. tough at altitude.

5 days ago

This is a moderate hike. The trail is marked by signs and white dots sprayed on rocks. Lots of lizards and various plants and shrubs. Make sure you get there early before it gets too hot. There is no shade!! Overall, a good trail.

I have been up to Mt. San Jacinto summit via different trails, including the C2C, half a dozen times. I enjoyed each and every hike there. The loop hike offers a different perspective for hiking the mountain. You get more views of the Palm Desert along the Willow Creek Trail, in addition to the 36- degree view at the summit.

Just enough challenge to get your heart beating. Beautiful vistas Trails are single file.

Easy Hike. Saw 4 rattlesnakes. The waterfall is absolutely gorgeous!!! Beautiful views and scenery. Need to do this hike early as it was in the mid-90's by 11:30am.

on Round Valley Loop

7 days ago

Apparently one must take the tram to get to the trailhead. I’m not sure why the All Trails review failed to mention that. Would’ve been good to know. I had no interest in a tram ride so did not end up hiking this trail. Pretty disappointing.

Great view from the top and hike past Bob Hope’s house.

I love this trail. Usually I come across no other people, especially in the evening. Best time to hike it is when the sun is going down behind the mountain. You must make it up to the junction of the other trails. Amazing view of the low lands back there in the hills at that point. Gorgeous!

Great day hike on a beautiful day.

Very good hiking trail for me, a beginner at 77 years.

on Araby Trail

14 days ago

Views are fantastic. I would say All Trails has it rated appropriately as moderate. A recent reviewer said it was easy, but as a reasonably fit man, I would not rate it that way. There was never a need to use my hands to climb or steady myself, but it was still tiring on the way up.

Overall an excellent experience today!

14 days ago

It was a great refreshing hike that got us out of the sun and heat. We didn’t buy a map and took a picture of the trail map at the bottom of the tram path as our guide. That worked well. Still some snow and ice in patches on the trail.

Short ,but sweet some stair climbing and worth the waterfall!

15 days ago

This was a great hike for all ages. We took our 6 yr old, 11 yr old and 17 yr. old and they all enjoyed it. It did not have very many long stretches of uphills that frustrate our youngest. The trail had a few slushy/icy patches but they weren’t big nor were they muddy. The trail was mostly clear walking over sandy dirt but it also had a few short areas that you walk over some boulders that are mostly underground. In terms of length, it was a bit long for our youngest so we gave him piggy back rides on and off throughout. The terrain is varied enough though that we could make believe we were American Ninja Warriors to keep him going.

The scenery is amazing! Huge trees, giant boulders of granite. Plenty of open areas plus areas where you’re weaving through the boulders. On this hike, there isn’t a place where you overlook all of Palm Desert/Springs but there are other trails in the same area that you can.

The time of day we hiked (11:30-1:30) wasn’t very busy on this particular hike. We saw 4 other groups of two people the whole time we were hiking. The ranger was very helpful in selecting a trail based on our skill levels and gear. He had a great knowledge base of the history, flora and fauna.

BE AWARE!!! you HAVE TO sign up for a FREE hiking permit to hike anywhere outside the two short hikes (Desert View Trail and Discovery Nature Trail) that are right behind the aerial tramway (see next paragraph). If you don’t, the ticket is $450. You stop at the white and red Ranger station that is west and downhill from the tram.

This hike is at the top of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway and I’m unsure if there is another easy rout right to this trail. The tram ride costs $25/adult and $17/child. You can get a discount on tickets365.com. The ride is amazing as is the history of the tram.

A beautiful hike through varying climate zones with lots of birds and flowers. Very steep up but the footing is ok and trail is marked well. Going down would be harder. I bought a one way ticket on the tram for $12. Start early in the cool temps and enjoy sunrise. Have fun at the top enjoying the wonderful views.

I’m new to hiking and looking forward to many more adventures like this trail.

17 days ago

Did the trail today, very scenic and wild flowers in
Full bloom. 6 mile round trip to the mine, 2/12 mile ascend to the peak and 1/2 decent to the mine. I was the only hiker during entire 6 mile round trip, the trail is very rough, make sure to take plenty of water.

17 days ago

Notes on North trailhead: the trailhead on W Cielo Drive is accurately described, but the map shows the trail ending at a completely different place, on W Crescent Dr between N Patencio Rd and N Via Monte Vista.
From Cielo Drive trailhead, trail climbs very steeply in short switchbacks up the side of the ridge between Chino Canyon and Tachevah Canyon. At the crest are two picnic tables and extensive views. From the ridge the trail descends sharply then traverses the headwall above Old Las Palmas.,

Just finished. Started at 3 am. Hit the tram at 8 and the round trip back to the tram by 1pm. Some brief rest breaks included. It was adrenaline inducing to walk through the desert at night alone, quietly climbing. Around 3 miles in, I noticed a pair of big red eyes staring at me when I was scanning near the trail with my head lamp. It was a bear.about 15 feet off the trail just sitting and staring. I kept moving and it did not follow. No need for micro spikes or crampons. I did the entire push wearing only shorts but I carried full winter clothing just in case. Full moon. Great adventure best shared with a like minded acquaintance

Gorgeous waterfall. Easy and short hike. Take water. Apply sunscreen.

18 days ago

The weather was perfect in Palm Springs. Not too hot and cloudy, so off we went for a 3.1 mile hike to Palm Canyon and Victor Canyon. It was amazing. Palm Canyon is a beautiful easy hike through a mile of Palm Trees that follow a small creek which at times I am sure is a river. We hiked on Easter Sunday and saw beautiful spring flower blooms. Once we reached a mile, we read the signs and decided to take the 2 mile hike back to the Trading Post via Victor Trail. It gave us beautiful views of rock and cactus formations, mountains and city views of Palm Springs. I highly recommend hiking the addition 2 miles instead of back tracking on the same trail you hiked in on. Bring at least 2 liters of water, good hiking shoes, sun block and snacks. Keep an eye out for rattle snakes. We saw one snake on the trail. Lastly, when you complete your hike, stop at the trading post and have something cool to drink or a popsicle. Enjoy!

Wonderful Easter morning hike. We just hiked to the peak and back about 2.2 miles.

Hard but fun trail. 7 hours from museum to tram with plenty of breaks. Great overcast day for the start. Chilly at the top but we were prepared. Easy to get an Uber back to town.

I appreciate all of the information from the members on this site.
Any advice on traveling down the trail from the tram to the museum? Any dangerously steep areas?

What a great trail for experienced climbers.

Great hike! Great view at the summit!

Great trail for all levels of hikers. Terrific view at the summit

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