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Amazing views of the pacific. A bit close to the highway but a great way to unwind after work.

Some of the trails are not marked will read it if you times to find the right one but the views are very nice hike today

Beautiful trail and views! Very steep in some sections. There’s a sign just up the trail a bit which has a map showing a simple trail system, but it seemed there was only one “official” trail. Maybe that’s part of the trail restoration happening. I went later in the day and was the only person out there.

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8 days ago

loved this trail. It's moderately hard, although I didn't end up going all the way up. it's shaded most of the places which makes it more enjoyable and easier to hike uphill..

Great family hike. Very beautiful views.

Great for hiking with kids and grandparents

Only negative is the limited parking, but it’s a great hike!

Poison oak and very exposed trail, no shade. Not very pretty.

11 days ago

A favorite loop hike especially from Spring to June when wildflowers are still in bloom. For a moderate ascent this trail has it all: dramatic terrain adjacent to Montara Mountain, sweeping views of the San Pedro Valley, Pacific Ocean & Sweeney Ridge. The NATIVE flora is diverse and interesting - Check out the "FriendsofSanPedroValley.org" website for species lists. Some of the single track switchbacks have thick vegetation so get narrow by mid-spring but Park Maintenance has been through and widened recently.

Beautiful view.

my boyfriend and I did this trail today...very scenic, but when we got to the top I was expecting an awww moment...just a bushel of rocks, however we did hike over to the right and sat in a little rock cave that fit two people ate lunch, not what I thought when you get to the top, i would go back around 1pm or so. The hike up was definitely good exercise glad I had my hiking poles for on the way down. You have to go experience it yourself.

Pretty tough trail, we did a modified version with an extra excursion onto the Crack trail which has some nice rock scrambling; the descents can be tough so wear good shoes

Very nice view, not so difficult even for casual hiker, but prepare a good hiking shoes for small rocks along the trail, and don’t go in a windy day.

this loop is not an easy one- I would rate this as medium difficulty because the trail leads near the cliffs where it's very steep and unstable. once you get past the cliff area and pass Mori Point, it gets easier from there. overall great views and very windy!!

nice view but be prepared for the super strong wind

Such a beautiful hike. It’s has some good hills so be ready for that. But it is worth it!

Moderate hike up to great vista point. A little busy in parts, lots of mountain bikes around. Partly shaded.

1 month ago

Cute, simple hike. Beautiful views! Dog-friendly. I saw a lot of dogs without leashes, but I ALSO saw a garden snake, soooo... I think leashes would be smart if your dog isn't that trained or obedient lol. There was a bunch of ladybugs and dragonflies too! Overall, a fun small hike.

Really beautiful trail. Lots of wild flowers but LOTS of poison oak at bottom of trail. Very sunny.

Best to run in the morning as there is no shade on the trail.

1 month ago

You can park at the bottom in the park for $6 (cash only).

Hike up is a pretty continuous 11% grade. You start in a small forest of trees with lots of birds and flowers. It’s somewhat humid inside the tree forest.

About 1/2 way up you reach the edge of the park and enter another wilderness area (forgot the name). There’s a sign that warns you to be back to your car by 5pm but in the summer time you actually have until 8pm.

About 2/3 of the way up there is an overlook with great views. A little beyond that you reach an access road to the summit. I often turn around here if it’s too windy or cold or too warm. The weather can vary greatly day to day. So this is a good place to turn around.

The summit walk isn’t too bad and maybe slightly less steep than the rest of the trail.

Views are great almost all the way up the trail.

My new all-time favorite Bay Area trail. Good ascent. Good elevation. Marine cool. Worth the drive.

The first one. Nice view.

1 month ago

Really nice! I'd actually recommend hiking this one on a cloudier day instead of a sunny day so that the sun isn't beating down on you. Luckily for this hike, that's most days over here. It starts at a convenient parking lot ($6 entry fee to the park, but you can find parking on the street outside as well. Please support our parks if you can though.) with restrooms just by the trailhead, to the right of the entrance.

From here, you'll wind up through a nice Eucalyptus grove then onto some rockier terrain with some scrub brush and beautiful flowers in the Spring. The bulk of the hike is through this type of flora. As far as fauna goes, there are deer sometimes and it looked like there was some Bobcat scat (I saw a Bobcat on a nearby trail so that'd make sense). The first half of the trail is more single track or slightly wider, and the top half is wider.

On a foggy day near about 2/3 of the way up, you can begin to feel like you're in the Andes, or at least that's how it seemed to me. Really gorgeous scenery on this hike, and at some points you can see both the bay and the ocean at once.

Difficulty-wise, I'd say that this is an 8/10 for the Bay Area. The views are completely worth it.

Also, if you hike this on a hotter and/or sunny day, I highly recommend bringing lots of water.

Most picturesque trail I've ever been in the Bay Area!

1 month ago

Great trail with a nice forest setting at the bottom and rock exposure near the top; great views unless the fog rolls in, can get windy and chilly near the summit

2 months ago

Très jolie balade à 30 min de San Francisco. Dommage d’avoir à longer la route en fin de promenade.

2 months ago

Great hike with wonderful views and some incredible Bay Area history. Not difficult but not flat by any means. A perfect hike for a sunny day in the Bay. This would be a good hike to go on and bring a small picnic with you.

2 months ago

My favorite evening/sunset trail. There's a lot of steep, rocky areas to scramble up so I wouldn't recommend this trail if it rained recently. Beautiful views and not too heavily trafficked (although it's usually empty around sunset).

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