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2 days ago

Hiked this off Los Liones Drive in May 18th. Mid day. Temps were cool so it was an awesome hike. Did 7 miles out and back. Tons of wildflowers. Great views. Not too busy. One dog on leash.

This trail is great for exercise and endurance, and accurately right around 11 miles if you do the out and back part plus the loop. Some of these reviews point out not being able to find the loop, and that is because the counter-clockwise loop back (left side if you're looking on the map) is AWFUL. Even my AllTrails map - which saved me from getting lost many times - wasn't much help. Once you find the tiny entrance to the downhill path from the two overlook benches, the trail is immediately 2 miles of under-maintained, steep, rocky descent. I crawled or slid down the whole way aside from the few moments of flat walking. Highly recommend just turning back and going the way you came. It'll still be 11 miles total if you do the out and back part.

This is a strenuous hike that starts out pretty narrow, so if a lot of people are out and about, it can get impacted. Great views at several points. Beginning is shaded, then exposed. We haven't found the "loop" yet, if it's there, it's a pretty steep downhill path...

13 days ago

The trailhead can be a little tricky to find (it’s in the back of a neighborhood), but once you do you’re in for treat. The trail is well defined, the scenery is lush, and the sense of scale is incredible.

I have done this hike on three separate occasions and have enjoyed every single one. The first two times every building was left intact and we got to explore them fully, while the third time one of them was torn out (I believe in was the machine shed).

Based on my experience it gets a five, however, if the buildings have truly been torn out (I haven’t found current article claiming one way or the other), it would drop down to a three.

Did the loop counterclockwise...I suggest going the other way, if at all. The main trail is wide and smooth, so pretty easy going, but the super steep section that connects the benches at the overlook back down to the trailhead is unmaintained, slippery, washed out and over grown. Be prepared to use all fours. I found a hiking stick that saved my hide. Also, warning, lots of bees this time of year. Several times I was forced to plow through a buzzing bush and just hope for no stings. That section would’ve been better going up than down, but I will probably skip entirely if I come back.

I enjoyed this hike so much. it's sad that they tore it down.

Amazing views and great workout route. Its less crowded if you start the hike early morning, like 6am. I have been on this trail several times in the past 5 years.

It has beautiful views. It is heavily trafficked though.

Very crowded. Felt like Runyon Canyon West with the crowd.

It’s a good hike none the less. I went counter-clock wise and the incline did become a little relentless as previously posted. Great cardio if your running and looking for that sort of thing. The descent was pretty steep - be careful! If I did this hike again I would try it clock-wise and go up the steep ascent (shadier as well) and down the less steep Route.

This hike IS a loop. (Not sure why so many people have trouble finding the descent.) Just bring your phone the first time and follow the AllTrais map with GPS.

loved this hike! Don't stop at the waterfall, crawl up on the side and go explore :) it is a pretty short hike but fun for people who don't like to hike straight on a nice path as it is full of stones to climb on.

This was a pretty enjoyable hike with a beautiful view at the end. The path is very wide and well maintained. I would say it’s somewhere on the upper end of “easy”/low end of “moderate” as far as difficulty goes. It’s a gradual incline most of the way to the overlook. Bring lots of water and sunscreen because there is very little shade and it can get hot. Parking in the neighborhood is limited, so if it’s a busy day it might be hard to find a spot near the trail head.

28 days ago

Make sure you go LEFT at the forkbat 1.25 miles in. you can either go left and go DOWN or go right and go UP. To the right looks more offcial because its the Sullivan Fire Road but it will not take you to Murphy Ranch. It will actually take you to a boy scount camp (dead-end) and mountain biking trails, NOT Murphy Ranch. I will be going back to try this again :-)

28 days ago

Great hike

great workout, great views, close to the city

1 month ago

One of my favorite hikes I’ve ever been on! Of course I love graffiti and abandoned places full of mystery so... with a nice mix of beautiful nature that’s not too overcrowded when you go off the main paths! Can’t wait to come back

1 month ago

We went on this trail around 11am .. nice and wide but not enough shade for furry friends. Lots of bugs and dog poop that irresponsible owners didn’t pick up after their dogs. Lots of gravel and speeding cyclists speeding down the hill. We
did see a rattlesnake crossing the path ..
Would I go back, prob not.

Nice flat trail (until the very end), good for trail running. Mostly gravel and very even. Lovely shade trees and some pretty wildflowers in April. Saw a small rattlesnake slither off sunny spot on path as I approached, so I’d keep dogs on leash. Entrance is pretty obvious, around wood gate (there is a path on left) and down the hill.

This is a 4.75 mile hike, not a 3.45 mile hike. When getting there you need to park up the street DO NOT continue down the narrow road to to left. The map on this hike is different. We followed to road until we saw spray paint on the road that said “Murphy’s Ranch” pointing to the left. Followed that half a mile to a “Y” in the road, we went to the right, which loops around to the left path we didn’t take. Great hike! Will be back now that we know where to go!

Beautiful, relatively chill trail for an afternoon walk! It was completely foggy so the views weren’t as expansive as we hoped, but being up in the clouds was a magical experience in its own right. Completed in about 2.5 hours with some time spent up top.

Nice time out doors, lots of greenery. Don’t expect a waterfall, there was only murky dirty water. I would assume it’d be beautiful after it rains. Had lots of fun stepping over stones and climbing a few.

Best Ever. Really. Best Hike Ever!

1 month ago

One of my favorite hikes to do in the Santa Monica mountains. The waterfall was trickling on April 1st but still a great loop for a casually long hike

FINALLY had a chance to visit this place! Conveniently located by Santa Monica, this trail is definitely very popular. No mountain driving required either! I arrived around 8:30 AM on a Sunday and the parking lot was pretty full already. However, there are a few small parking areas and street parking is available as well so finding parking shouldn't be too bad. It also seems like there are several trailheads that take you to the lookout: the Los Liones Canyon Trailhead; from Paseo Miramar; and lastly from Trippet Ranch. This review is specifically from the Los Liones Canyon trailhead. Parking is free and no pass/permit is required. Restrooms (Yes, non-pit, flowing water toilets!) are available by the parking lots. There was also another structure that kind of looked like a restroom around mile 3.5. Didn't go into it so not quite sure about that one.

Although I am a dog writing reviews (haha this account is under my dog's name), DOGS are NOT ALLOWED. It does mention near the parking lot that dogs must be kept on leash so they MAY be allowed in that area only. There is a sign at the trailhead that says dogs are NOT allowed. I have run across a few dogs and I'm not sure if they are service dogs but technically you can't hike with them here (don't know the restrictions for service dogs). Most state & national parks do not allow dogs and there are usually various reasons on why they're not allowed. It is a bummer for people who like to hike/run with their dogs, but at the same time there are PLENTY of trails nearby that welcome dogs. So no real reason to break the rules and bring fido to this one. Last thing you want is a ticket to ruin your hike/run!

Now on to the details of the trail. It is approximately 4 miles to the lookout and there is somewhat of a "mini" lookout at around mile 1.5. The first 1.5 miles is a nice single track with some shade and a gradual climb. Past that point, the trail is pretty much a wide fire road that overlooks the mountains. The climb also becomes steeper. Unfortunately, it was pretty cloudy today when I got to the lookout and the views were somewhat limited so this review probably needs to be updated when I get a chance to revisit on a clear day! After visiting the lookout, I did a quick detour towards Trippet Ranch. I only went around 1.5 miles down this trail but it was a lot more peaceful and definitely had way less people!!

Today was a trail run and with some detours and wrong turns, it ended up being a 11 mile run with 2,444 ft of elevation gain. Took about 2 hours roundtrip. The total hike/run should be around 8 miles or so if you go to the lookout and come back.

The amount of people was a bit too much for me but this could vary depending on the time and day of the week. I'd also love to revisit on a clear day to experience the wonderful views everyone is talking about!!

I also was not able to figure out how to do that loop as seen on the alltrails map.

Kind of a boring hike until the ravine at the end, and some trickling water if you're lucky! Might be a better hike after some heavy rains.
I'd recommend just staying on the path to Eagle rock though, and not detouring to this waterfall.

1 month ago

The skull rock was awesome!!! I love this trail, city view and ocean view both were gorgeous! I would like to do it every week!

It was a good trail with some elevation. Make sure you take plenty of water. We ended up doing 14.7 miles. Had problems with the recorder do this trail early gets pretty packed

Amazing hike.. make sure to stretch, this bad boy gets steep lol

This is really a local hike. I wouldn't drive out of the way to see it. There hasn't been very much water in many years. When there was, there was a running creek, and it was much harder to get there. The trail has zero bathroom/water facilities and I often find hikers allover the area (sometimes miles away) who either can't find their way to the nonexistent waterfall or can't find their way back from it! There's also a lot of poison oak, so good to have pants and sleeves if you go anyway. Rangers have been known to write tickets to people with dogs.

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