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14 hours ago

I really like this trail. I have done the full loop once in the summer and the last time we hiked the eastern 4.5 mile both ways to add some extra mileage. The waterfall is beautiful albeit a little touristy for my taste. A mostly shaded hike with some great views and wildlife. We have seen orange salamanders both times on the trail summer and winter. Dog friendly!

Got to the trailhead around 8am on a Sunday and didn’t see anyone else on the trail until we were about halfway back to the parking lot. Even though it was a very foggy day, the trail was beautiful and clear. Falls were strong despite lack of rain and snow so far this season. We took the lower trail in and the upper trail out and went to the lookout but not the top of the falls and it was almost 10 miles (not 7.2 as Alltrails shows). Free parking. Be aware that the top trail (to the right at the split as you are headed in) although longer, isn’t as steep as the the lower. So if you’d like to hit both, I recommend taking lower in and upper out, unless you are looking for more of a challenge. I’ve done it both ways and there is a significant difference. Although the hike was gorgeous in January, our summertime hike here (June) included additional wildlife features we did not encounter in January. The ladybugs were still migrating and were amazing. Also we came across lots of banana slugs and many orange salamanders, which we were able to hold. Great hike for a photographer!

Nice hike. Several ticks were trying to attach to do and and one attached to my leg. Be prepared and check yourself and animals well.

one of my all time favorite hikes. easy terrain, no steep grades, but still an engaging hike to a gorgeous view. we often camp 1 or 2 nights at the trail head.

Such an amazing and beautiful hike.

Hiked here 2 weekends ago with the pup and it was great! Picked up 2 ticks early on but didn’t see anymore for the rest of the trail. Great views, peaceful walk. Only busy part was the overlook to the waterfall other than that we barely saw anyone else.

Parking is easy at the trailhead but the bathrooms are GROSS.

29 days ago

My first time hiking. This is a moderate incline/decline. I was able to complete it in a little over an hour and that included stopping to sightsee and catch my breath. the trail is dog horse and bike-friendly, however I was the only person here today. it was nice having the wilderness all to myself. The view of the water at the end of the trail is breathtaking. You should go see it for yourself.

I didn’t complain at all after I got to the end

Awesome trail! Sun was out with blue sky and temps in the upper 50’s. Started out a little chill but soon the jacket was off and sweating. Took the upper trail to the falls and returned on the lower. I would probably do the opposite next time because you’re going uphill the whole way back when returning on the lower trail. Stay to the left when the trail forks near the beginning & then follow the loop trail GPS. Ended up being 8 miles. Went during the week and it was so peaceful and tranquil.

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1 month ago

Nice scenic trail. Forks off in the beggining and I chose the high road. On the trail by 7am had it all to myself! So peaceful

Beautiful in the spring when the wild flowers are in bloom!

Did not take the loop everyone talked about went out to the outlook and back. Started from the main parking area. The directions link on all trails will take you right into the parking area. (Sometimes I find the not all the direct links are good but this one was spot on)

I’m in good shape and it took me 80 minutes each way. Really pretty views. A decent moderate as others said. On a scale of 1-10 in difficultly I️ would give it a 4.

Saw individuals of all ages and abilities.

Trail is dog friendly:) enough traffic that I️ wasn’t isolated but also isolated enough to be with nature I️ solitude.

Great hike, my wife's first over nighter. We loved it. Not quite a day hike for us but we jade a great time.

Erosion has plagued most of the trail as there are deep cuts and downed trees. Some of the sections can get pretty narrow. There are multiple water crossings (3 bridges/4 small streams) and plenty of sights. Look for Bald Cap Dome (similar to Half Dome in Yosemite) on the upper trail and watch out for ticks in the lower loop’s vegetation. There is also an optional route to the actual top off the falls instead of the viewing platform. You can eat lunch in the shade next to the river for a great afternoon of adventure.

2 months ago

This is one of a amazing hike, I have enjoyed thoroughly as it is in the Riparian Habitat. After nearly 0.5 mile the trail bifurcates into 2 trails, the lower and the upper trail. There are no trail markings there though. The lower trail is close to 3.8 mile and the upper trail is 4 to 5 miles. The lower trail is steep and the upper trail is gradual. I took the lower trail to reach the falls and took the upper trail for the return. This way the hike is lot more easier. Spring and Fall would be the ideal time for the hike. On the path of upper trail you will get to see a Half dome formation similar to Yosemite and pass through another small falls. there is water around the year in these falls.

it's open , the fires didn't reach the campsites or trails, but alot of people lost their home on the road that leads up their . besides all the natural disasters it's one of the best dog friendly trails in the area.

Great trail! Definitely worth it, the falls are gorgeous. The trail is very well maintained, the grade is steep and long, but worth every step!

"Completed" this hike about two weeks ago.... what a poor choice in hikes to do. Enjoyed the drive up from Davis.... but too hot, too dry, too unmarked. Wait until early spring is my suggestion, even then not a great hike. Also broke my pup and had to carry her as there were tons of stickers, foxtail type weeds.

Currently closed due to fire

Awesome loop had a blast and view is great

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