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Great hike with amazing scenery. The waterfall is worth the distance. It was pretty tough taking the lower trail to get back as it is mostly uphill.

it was a long hike but worth it at the end

12 days ago

Did this hike yesterday, there was t really a trail but luckily there were 2 people working there and giving directions to everyone. The map on this app is really accurate. There are lots of cows roaming and we even saw a red belly newt in the water

Amazing waterfall. Easy to navigate. Takes a long time to achieve the waterfall, but it's worth it!

I don’t know how people say they get lost. We started the hike in the parking lot by the lone oak tree and just walked straight till we found the stream of water till we found the falls. Where there is water there will be more water = the falls. There is an easy marked trail to get down to bottom of the falls toward the end of the hike there were even families with small children going down that way. We went down the wall of rocks to make it more fun and challenging. Even my fiancé who is his first time hiking was able to complete the hike no problem

1 month ago

Nice quick hike.
The view at the end is awesome!

My cousins and I decided to do this hike today as we had never done it. I saw the falls in a few friends’ Instagram posts so we rallied to do it. My sister brought her 2.5 year old with us. We started along the trail and realized the wagon wasn’t gonna make it so we stashed it behind a tree and trekked on.

The “trail” faded after about a mile. Needless to say, we definitely got lost. Luckily I had the app to guide us along where a trail used to be (there wasn’t a trail). My phone died but we finally made our way back and ultimately did the entire 4+ mike hike.

We never found the waterfall.

such a beautiful hike! We never made it to phantom falls due to really poor markers so we just followed to River down after the first water fall and found one that rivals the size of phantom falls. Pretty easy hike just wear good shoes as there are lots of loose rocks everywhere.

Beautiful location! It was easy and awesome:)

Such a variety from rocky to green meadows. My only complaint was it being a little difficult to figure out which way to go as the trail was not marked very well.

Great place to hike !! Trail was very well maintained and easy to navigate. And the views were worth every bit of aching feet and back. Met lots of friendly hikers and dogs. Only disappointment was the graffiti and the trash and empty water bottles people left behind.

This area is not really a marked trail. There are a few falls out there, basalt columns if you can find them. It is a very messy hike if you go after it has rained. Lots of land to explore. I've hiked out here several times and always find something new.

One of my all time favorites! Stunning scenery! Upper trail is easy, if you want a difficult loop, hike the upper trail in & lower trail out (almost entirely up hill). Amazing beauty the entire trail any time of year! Not easy for young kids.

Very Nice

1 month ago

Perfect family hike!

1 month ago

Enjoyed this hike. It was short and kid friendly. Was unsure of the trail at times in the beginning so I just followed the water. There are multiple ways to get down to the bottom. Not all are kid friendly. Follow the trail signs for easiest path. Fellow hiker said there were more falls on the trail. Stopped at this fall but the trail did continue

2 months ago

Breathtaking and solitude when you find it. Start early morning so you have time incase you get lost.Fell in love with the view itself Definitely bring GPS/compass with you. There are no sure trails at all. Stay away from bull they will charge you. Expect some rainy, cold and windy hike. So happy to have a cell signal both at@t and Tmobile but just bring an extra power bank incase your CP will drain. Pack list are: waterproof jacket/waterproof boots/waterproof backpack/warmer/lipgloss/3-4liters of electrolyte h2o/gloves/hoodies/first aid kit/lunch/granola bar/advil/flashlight/camera/gopro/tripod/utility knife. Plan your trip with care. Study the trail map and always ask your friend/relatives if you're going for a hike by yourself.

2 months ago

I really like this trail. I have done the full loop once in the summer and the last time we hiked the eastern 4.5 mile both ways to add some extra mileage. The waterfall is beautiful albeit a little touristy for my taste. A mostly shaded hike with some great views and wildlife. We have seen orange salamanders both times on the trail summer and winter. Dog friendly!

Nice hike. Several ticks were trying to attach to do and and one attached to my leg. Be prepared and check yourself and animals well.

one of my all time favorite hikes. easy terrain, no steep grades, but still an engaging hike to a gorgeous view. we often camp 1 or 2 nights at the trail head.

Such an amazing and beautiful hike.

Hiked here 2 weekends ago with the pup and it was great! Picked up 2 ticks early on but didn’t see anymore for the rest of the trail. Great views, peaceful walk. Only busy part was the overlook to the waterfall other than that we barely saw anyone else.

Parking is easy at the trailhead but the bathrooms are GROSS.

2 months ago

only go if you want to stroll through cow pasture with cows. do not trust the alltrails route, it's not reliable.

2 months ago

Great. Unique views and terrain. Felt very volcanic. Note that the trails are kinda vague and barely marked. You definitely want a sense of direction and a saved map/screenshot and compass to keep yourself oriented.

The water was flowing very little, but just enough to still have waterfalls.

It seems this will be beautiful after some rain provides clearer air, more green, and gushing water.

The dirt there seems to retain water very strongly even after no rain for weeks.

3 months ago

My first time hiking. This is a moderate incline/decline. I was able to complete it in a little over an hour and that included stopping to sightsee and catch my breath. the trail is dog horse and bike-friendly, however I was the only person here today. it was nice having the wilderness all to myself. The view of the water at the end of the trail is breathtaking. You should go see it for yourself.

I didn’t complain at all after I got to the end

Awesome trail! Sun was out with blue sky and temps in the upper 50’s. Started out a little chill but soon the jacket was off and sweating. Took the upper trail to the falls and returned on the lower. I would probably do the opposite next time because you’re going uphill the whole way back when returning on the lower trail. Stay to the left when the trail forks near the beginning & then follow the loop trail GPS. Ended up being 8 miles. Went during the week and it was so peaceful and tranquil.

trail running
3 months ago

Nice scenic trail. Forks off in the beggining and I chose the high road. On the trail by 7am had it all to myself! So peaceful

Nice trail to run or take the dogs on a walk.

Beautiful in the spring when the wild flowers are in bloom!

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