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trail running
1 month ago

great trail run! You shoud try to hike down to the water. So, beautiful and peaceful when there aren't any moving boats.

road closed.

This was a very confusing yet beautiful hike the flowers were so pretty but the trail
Was not marked or maintained at all we just kinda keep going with what we thought was a trail until we came across the waterfall

Poor trail markers but excellent hike.

The geology is stunning once you reach the canyon! Wildflowers are at the tail of their bloom and Phantom Falls doesn't have much flow, but still beautiful and worth the hike. The trail is not well marked though and ran into many people trying to find their way to Phantom falls.

Very beautiful. We did this hike on 4/13/2018, Parking lot to Hollow falls, then across to Ravine falls, then Phantom falls then down to the pools about 1/2 mile past phantom in Flag Canyon.
The flowers were out in full bloom and it was beautiful. I returned to view again on 4/19/2018.
For Drone video of Phantom Falls and Fly over to Flag Falls go to this link.


The whole place was a muddy over hyped cow pasture.

Wildflowers galore and many wispy waterfalls along this easy hike. On weekends in the spring, it is crowded. The sheer quantity of flowers is worth it though.

The trail is absolutely gorgeous. Lot's of green area, many watefalls that are stunning.

loved our adventure on Sunday

Beautiful wildflowers blooming this time of the year (April). A friend suggested to stay on the right side instead of the trail, which was horribly mark. We still manage to get lost and found the waterfalls. However, we still didn’t see phantom falls but saw 3 waterfalls... But overall, it was a great time. We were able to enjoy the waterfall and have a picnic. I would suggest sunscreen, a hat and shoes that can get muddy!

Great wildflowers. Crazy crowds.

The worst part was having to climb around barbed wire rift next to a cliff. Other than that it was a nice, easy, beautiful hike. There are cows and patties, and there isn’t really a trail to follow, but the whole preserve is beautiful. We found all the waterfalls and had a picnic.

Love love love Table Mountain. I have hiked here a handful of times now and have enjoyed each different path I’ve taken. In April it is GORGEOUS with all the wild flowers in bloom. Definitely bring sunscreen as there is not much covering (depending which way you go) and do your research as to which trail you want to follow depending what you want to see.

I’ve always wanted to check this one off my list and finally got around to it. We arrived here at 10 AM on a Tuesday morning. It wasn’t very packed. By the time we were leaving around 2 the whole parking lot was filled. We were unsure of where to begin considering that there are no trail markers but we just used common sense. If you follow the water, it will lead to more water. There were 3 waterfalls that we saw total. They all had a pretty good flow. The flowers are definitely blooming and made the hike 10x prettier. It was one of the easiest hikes I have ever done. There are a few challenges but nothing major. I would definitely recommend to go here during the Spring because there isn’t any shade.

6 months ago

Nice quick hike.
The view at the end is awesome!

My cousins and I decided to do this hike today as we had never done it. I saw the falls in a few friends’ Instagram posts so we rallied to do it. My sister brought her 2.5 year old with us. We started along the trail and realized the wagon wasn’t gonna make it so we stashed it behind a tree and trekked on.

The “trail” faded after about a mile. Needless to say, we definitely got lost. Luckily I had the app to guide us along where a trail used to be (there wasn’t a trail). My phone died but we finally made our way back and ultimately did the entire 4+ mike hike.

We never found the waterfall.

such a beautiful hike! We never made it to phantom falls due to really poor markers so we just followed to River down after the first water fall and found one that rivals the size of phantom falls. Pretty easy hike just wear good shoes as there are lots of loose rocks everywhere.

Such a variety from rocky to green meadows. My only complaint was it being a little difficult to figure out which way to go as the trail was not marked very well.

8 months ago

My first time hiking. This is a moderate incline/decline. I was able to complete it in a little over an hour and that included stopping to sightsee and catch my breath. the trail is dog horse and bike-friendly, however I was the only person here today. it was nice having the wilderness all to myself. The view of the water at the end of the trail is breathtaking. You should go see it for yourself.

Beautiful in the spring when the wild flowers are in bloom!

"Completed" this hike about two weeks ago.... what a poor choice in hikes to do. Enjoyed the drive up from Davis.... but too hot, too dry, too unmarked. Wait until early spring is my suggestion, even then not a great hike. Also broke my pup and had to carry her as there were tons of stickers, foxtail type weeds.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Don't go here this time of season, not worth it.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Nothing special. Was ok

Worth it for the view of the falls and the aviary!

Trails not very well marked. Bring plenty of water.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

5/27/2017 Hike
Came here 5/27/17 and got there at 6 am, we had the whole place to ourselves and didnt see anyone until our way back around 930, the parking lot was half filled then. Bring water, snacks, hat, and sunglasses - no shade thru and thru. The path was rocky in some spots but was easy enough to spot even if there were no signs, but it got confusing when we got to the areas where it's fenced up. Since the path continued thru the fences we came across, we continued forward. When you get to Ravine Falls, you will see a fence with no trespassing notices. Someone scribbled "Yes this is the trail" with an arrow pointing past the fence. We didnt see any other route so we went around that fence and followed the path on the left (the private property is on the right). That fence left only less than a foot to step on so be careful going around it. There were a million grasshoppers and ants on the path, kinda cool. The Ravine Falls is just a trickle at this point and the Phantom Falls is just a bit more than that, and on the way back, we tried to find the loop as the map shows here on All Trails but it was too overgrown and couldnt find it. Overall, it was still a good little hike. This hike is rated moderate probably due to the small uphill/downhill/rocky path but I found it's actually an easy one and not for folks looking for a challenge. Wish there was a way to get down the ravine and go under the falls.

nice little hike. went mid week early morning and it was nice. pretty much had the trail to ourselves. difficult to navigate at times, but good cell coverage for the entire route. more of an in and out trail as the loop listed on the main map didn't seem to exist unless you are ok with walking through fields of foxtails. waterfall was very low flow, and not as the pictures depicted at this time but still beautiful, couldn't find how to get down to the bottom of the ravine to see the base of it. bring water and a hat as there is little to no shade.

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