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I was maybe a little unprepared for this hike. We had seen a couple and asked asked whether to take the 3.3 or the 4.5 trail to get to the falls they suggested the 4.5. This led us to 11 miles once we were done. Also didn't help we went on such a hot day it was over 100. Only because we weren't rewarded with a swimming hole that we could take a dip in. We did however stop at the first falls which was about 2 miles in. The actual Feather falls Waterfall was thriving and beautiful but there is lack of shade once you get to the look out point. Be very prepared with lots of water and aware of the no swimming holes to cool down in. Also that its a tad longer than what the site says depending on if you take the lower trails.

6 days ago

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10 days ago

lots of water and make sure you start early

If you are going to go behind the falls, please be aware to not get in the water, and use your common senses. The lower trail is still in disrepair after this winter.

Very nice hike. We took the upper trail to the Falls and came back the same way. It is a little longer than the loop. Other reviewers mentioned the lower trail was in disrepair so we skipped it. Ended up being more like an 11 mile hike round trip. Not strenuous but a satisfying, lengthy hike with a beautiful view of Feather Falls.

I would suggest taking the 3.3 in and the 4.5 out.

20 days ago

Sooooo...Where to begin?
Todays hiking journey was not very great. However, it did not deter me from wanting to go back next spring or winter. I just chose a bad time to go. I found the way down, but I did not go to the bottom of the fall. I was just scared to go down there by myself, but I am excited to find someone to go with next time!
I began my hike at 4:50 AM. There was one other car in the lot, but he was just sleeping.
1. No one around.
2. Saw a skunk and did not get sprayed! I have never seen a live one before and wanted to get closer, but I kept my distance. I was still excited though. Skunks are so cute.
3. Really beautiful as the sun came up.
4. Easy hike, and fun because of the barbed wire and lack of trail.
5. Cows!
1. No shade.
2. No bathrooms. I always carry a GoGirl, but it didn't make a difference because there are no areas to find privacy, although I didn't see ANYONE till I returned to the parking lot and there was a group of 3 starting the trail. I still didn't want to go in the WIDE open.
3. The falls are completely dry at this time. You can hear a little trickle, but it just runs down the rocks.
4. I should have believed another person's review who says there are "millions" of crickets. I thought they were over exaggerating, but they weren't!! I really don't like crickets and these things were everywhere! Jumping all around my feet, legs, thighs, and getting up to my arms for 95% of the trail. I am pretty scared of bugs, and crickets are one of my least favorite because of their jumping. It must be mating season or...something, they were coupling up all over the place! I am sure I made quite the spectacle moving a couple steps a minute and kicking and flailing! Eventually I just pushed on, and by the time I got to Phantom and turned back around to head back, I just walked right through. Kinda sorta conquered a fear! Yay!
5. This isn't necessarily a con, I thought it was fun, but holy moly, people weren't lying. No markers, and the trail absolutely disappears. If I hadn't had my phone and the AllTrails app, I wouldn't have found it. I am very lucky I didn't see a rattlesnake, because I was walking through tall dry grass. You can tell that other people wandered around just as much as me. It was an adventure though!

21 days ago

Nothing special. Was ok