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The trail was easy and it had good views.

One of the most gorgeous trails I’ve done. The meadow was absolutely stunning with the water running through it. The views of the valley and mountains from the peak are breath taking and the falls were spectacular to look at and cool off in. We hiked it with our one year old just fine. We saw people of all ages out on the trail. Took the alternate route (trail) on way back and we were so glad we did; it kept getting better and better. There was a cool stone walkway and stairs (just gorgeous)! Wish I knew how to post pictures. Definitely worth the drive. We left feeling refreshed!

recommend a weekday hike. nice views


17 days ago

A gentle easy loop around this very pleasant lake. Great views of Mount Lassen that reflect on the surface of the water. Ducks and fish and deers in abundance.

Great views and good workout. Saw deer early in the morning as we walked down the trail to the falls.

Best done early in the day when it is cooler and less people are hiking.

Easy for kids. Crosses a beautiful creek.

Great Hike! Definitely go back up the river on the way out. As beautiful as the falls

This trail is lovely, very busy. We saw a lot of people on the trail with no water who looked very overheated. It's a short trail but has some steep and rocky points and it was very warm. Take lots of water.
The falls are stunning and definitely worth the hike.

23 days ago

A friend and I completed the loop last week 6/21-6/23. We started out clockwise on the trail. Best idea as the elevation decreases about 1.5 Miles into the hike. We initially planned on staying at Silver Lake but chose to move on to Lower Twin Lake. Most of the way was devastated due to the 2016 Redding fires. There wasn’t any shade and so many downed trees in that area. Once you get a mile or so from LTL, the scenery starts to pick back up. This was about 7.32 Miles according to my gps tracker. We hiked over on Friday to rainbow lake and chose not to continue on to Snag lake due to once again the area was burned out. Saturday morning we had a bear in our camp rummaging through our packs (yes we did have a bear can and all things smelly away from camp). It got an ice pack and tore that apart. We hollered at it and it did leave camp. Exciting but scary too. The remainder of the hike out on Saturday was approximately 5 Miles, again according to my gps tracker. It’s a beautiful hike with two sections (about 3/4 of a mile each) that are uphill. It was my friends first time packing in and she did great. Our packs were approximately 35lbs each. I love this area and will surly be back again. Also make sure to bring bug spray and the mosquitoes were bad at times. The water wasn’t bad either once the sun hit it daily. Leeches in there so be careful.

Nice hike from the road to the hot springs. Some great photos can be taken here. Get there early as parking is really limited and the hordes of people can make the trail unbearable.

I thought this lake was awesome. The brown green mud with red clay blue sky and green trees. Mix that together, sure makes some great pictures

Hiked this trail backwards (started with Sifford Lakes) this last weekend and it was AWESOME! We hiked up around all the little lakes and found ourselves completely alone. Once you get closer to the falls there are definitely more people but it was still fantastic and I 10/10 recommend.

A great hike. Most hikes are into a lake or destination and back on the same trail. This being a loop with many lakes kept you going wanting to see the next lake. We did the hike clockwise through the burn first, this kept out of the afternoon sun. Recommend hike

Easy and beautiful

29 days ago

Wow, steep trail. This was only 1 mile one way and I thought it would be easy. So, did this right after climbing Brokeoff, so, this was a 9 mile day for us. Did it though and had a good time, but, it's a steep climb. There are parts where there's still snow on the ground and was slippery (I did this at 4PM in late June). There's also some rocks and pebbles close to the end of the trail and that was slippery. View of the lake is beautiful.

can access this area from a few sides of the park, was there in early june lakes were snowed in .. great views

great area for some long day hikes or easy backpack trips ... lassen park is a gem , some my favorite area of Cali , so diverse and unique ..

love waterfalls , cool rugged area , very rocky, neat views before the decent dwn to the creek and then up to the falls ... stairs cut into the rock is cool , lotta hard work went into that .. (thanks ) do please observe the one way trail

awesome area , will be accessible again soon ..

‘Cute’ may not be the best description of a trail, but thats what I kept thinking every time we got to hike across a stream or through a meadow. Great variety of terrain. We forked left then took the one way climb back up. I’d recommend waterproof shoes & trekking poles did come in handy.

1 month ago

Short, but Steep hike and the altitude defiantly adds to the challenge. We hiked in Mid-June and still had snow to contend with. The lake was beautiful as it had not completely thawed.

I had an outstanding time at Lassen. There were only a handful of people in the park it seemed all morning. So peaceful! I decided to take a lap around the lake and get some shots after I finished Mill Creek

It is no Iguazú or Niagara or Yosemite falls but it is worth the short 1.5 mile hike to get there.

Nice walk there; birds, chipmunks some lizards..

1 month ago

Dogs ARE NOT allowed on this trail-nor in Lassen Park on ANY trail. So don’t plan on bringing the four legged critters on this on. A short hike, definitely steep but wouldn’t rate it as hard!

This was a nice hike - wanted to do the Devils Kitchen hike, which is off of the same trailhead and makes for a nicer longer hike. Unfortunately we encountered a young brown bear on the trail to Devils Kitchen so just turned around and did this one. Didn’t see any more bears but keep your eyes up and alert - they are active and there aren’t any signs or warnings (we left one on the trailhead though).

1 month ago

Backpacked this trail 5/31-6/2, but we went to Snag Lake then came back to Rainbow and finished the loop it adds about 7 more miles, so 17 miles total but very worth it! Snag Lake was the most gorgeous lake of then all. very nice! My favorite backpacking trip so far. The area around and on Cluster Lakes are all burnt down so becareful of deadfall if you plan on camping there. I say have nothing bad to say about this trail you pass 10 different lakes and a few unnamed ones plus countless ponds, the only thing i disliked was not having a campfire, but i do understand why seeing all the brunt areas. Very gorgeous hike definitely do this one again.

1 month ago

Tons of bugs on this easy hike around the lake but you right by water so it’s to be expected. Definitely make sure you were bug deterrent before going. Lake was peaceful and beautiful with ducks floating all over and some people fishing of the side and on the lake. Super easy hike. More for picture moments than anything. Lassen Peak was right behind still with smoke on its peak and looked beautiful reflecting off the water.

1 month ago

Easy hike with amazing views of snowy mountain

1 month ago

Very easy hike with some amazing views of Chaos Crag and Lassen Peak!!

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