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3 months ago

Amazing trail for only being 2.5 hours from DTLA.
My GPS gave up ~3 miles to the end on my recording below, but if you take the shortcut both ways it seems like it is only ~18.5 miles.

Trailhead to pass: A slog, scenery similar to hikes in the San Gabriels.
Pass to PCT Junction: A nice segway going through an alpine meadow.
(Optional) Shortcut from PCT Junction trail to PCT (This is a "trail" I saw marked on USGS map on caltopo. It follows a stream and then disappears but knocks off around 1.5 miles one way and some elevation gain/loss. View my recording below.)
PCT: Endless views to the west over the Golden Trout Wilderness.
PCT to summit: No trail, easy route find through a rocky forested section opening up to a long Class 2/3 boulder field. I approached the summit block from the south and got stuck at a section right below where it was Class 4 and gave up as I was too tired to re-approach. Recommend approaching from the west / northwest.

Water source:
Stream at shortcut junction and also along PCT.