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21 days ago

Great SoCal hike! I started at 5 this morning and was surprised with a foggy path. The hike leads you up a ways and I was able to rise above the fog and see the other ridges peaking out from it. Drive there wasn't an issue at all, even in my little Mazda.

Overall a pretty nice hike once you reach the top, about 1.75 miles in. The bees are a little much at times.

Beautiful hike. I’d recommend gators or long pants as there are lots of prickly plants that will stick to your socks and get in your shoes. There are a couple spots where the path is covered by rock slides. Not too hard to navigate.

1 month ago

The trail is badly burned. The Mountians are stunning but it's a sad hike. There are no signs of wildlife. It's is uphill all the way and extremely strenuous and Rocky. This would be a nice trail when it's not a bone yard. Thomas fire destroyed it.

2 months ago

The trail isn't closed. However, the bridge at the beginning of Rice Canyon burned and now this trail is an out-and-back beginning in Wills Canyon. We walked to the aforementioned bridge in 1h45m. To make it a loop you'd have to slip through the barbed wire next to the fence, shimmy down the aquaduct and jump another fence. Still a beautiful hike but quite a few old trees burned :(

l would recommend to go all the way to reyes peak for the amazing view.Take enough water and go very early in the morning it may take you almost a whole day round trip. It gets hard at times because of the uphill, but it is very walkable don't get discouraged. battery on my phone died very quickly up there.But it was worth it.

Beautiful especially when you get into the big trees with interspersed boulders. Hike is about 10 miles round trip when you go all the way to Pine Mountain Ridge road.

Nice leisure walk

This hike was perfect for my family. The views are amazing and start almost immediately. Parking is limited and fencing is thin barbwire which was fine for everyone except my 3 year old.

Is this trail still closed? Visiting mid-march.

5 months ago

Is this trail really closed? Im visiting in February.

This trail is open, as are the majority of trails in the area

This was a beautiful, yet challenging hike. Really great views and I didn’t see another soul on the trail. Be warned, however, this hike is closer to 10 miles out and back, which I verified on another website and my own tracking device.

Lots of interconnected trails, some still closed as of 12/1/18 due to the fire. Some trails have been bulldozed to make fireroads/breaks. Burn damage is tragic, but it isn’t too ashy or smoky in the trails that are open.

Amazing landscape and good condition!

Nice and a fun hike with the kids.

8 months ago

Once you get to the top, the views are gorgeous. Please be aware that I would NOT consider this an easy hike!!! Good luck and bring water!

Gorgeous trails with many options. The trails are clearly marked but it can still get confusing. We absolutely loved it!

Beautiful views!

Always a great hike challenging because of distance and elevation gain but such a great trail

great morning workout with beautiful views and vantage points.

mountain biking
9 months ago

Nice ride with gorgeous views of the valley. Easily completed in about 30-45 minutes on bike.

10 months ago

I have not hiked this trail to the top for at least 2 to 3 years and was completely surprised to see the camp overgrown, without running water and many of its trees cut down, but it still has lots of blue jays lol. Also the path has a lot of shrub overgrowth as you get progressively closer to the camping ground. I noticed that my footprints were the only set for at least half a mile, so many hikers may not venture up there like they did in the past. It was a scorcher of a day, and even if it wasn't, I would strongly suggest to bring at least water and a hat. There is little shade on the upper part of the trail and your constantly trekking in one direction, up. I saw little wildlife, except for finches, blue jays, rabbits and lizards, although I did see bear scat at least twice. This trail is a hidden gem and would highly recommend it.

on Reyes Peak Trail

10 months ago

I missed this trail. The topo map here is correct but I didn't have it in hand at the time. Five minutes in there is a fork in the trail and the signage is confusing. I took the left and ended up heading toward Haddock Peak which looks fantastic but I was jonesing for the Reyes Peak Summit. I doubled back to the fork and went right along an old road. Pretty views and easy hiking in the sun but turns into a dead end. Next time I will look harder to find 3rd trail which must head up the ridge. Not sure what happened there. Could have been the elevation playing tricks on me;)

Hiked this trail 7/22/17 starting from the HWY 33 side. Extremely overgrown in almost all sections. Need to plan a trail clearing project. It's a pretty neat trail other than that, very quite. Would be better to hike it in the Winter when the river's flowing.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

great hike. sweeping views.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Lovely trail that weaves through the valley and along the river bed. Beautiful view of the hills. Wide trail, great for trail running. Bugs are a little bad along the river bed.

easy for a kid to do. no water.. :(

Saturday, July 01, 2017

SO MANY FLIES that I couldn't enjoy the hike. Decent climb. Well marked. At about 1.25 miles the trail turned behind the mountain and it was very hot and dry with no breeze. I consider myself pretty outdoorsy, but I must have been bitten 50 times by the flys. It was enough to make us turn around two miles in.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Dead dog found on trail eaten by mountain lions. If anyone is missing a dog, please call 1-800-stick to Runyon

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