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2 days ago

Some nice views along the way but after doing so many hikes in Sequoia NP, King's Canyon, Tahoe, Big Bear and Mammoth, I was left wanting more from this hike. Yes, I know I sound like a spoiled child :) It's a good workout though. I kept thinking "this is such an easy hike. why is it rated hard?" Then we hit the ascent :) The ascent takes some time just to get to so it's easy to be lulled into thinking it's an easy hike. The ascent isn't unbearable or all that grueling but once you start climbing up and up and up and up, you begin to understand why it's rated as hard. We were disappointed at the end of the trail when it simply ended and hit a paved road. We were hoping for a majestic lookout. A reward for our efforts to get to the top. If that's what you are looking for, you're going to have to continue the hike out to Reyes Peak. Also, be aware that while AllTrails lists the hike as 7.1 miles, it's significantly longer than that. We clocked it at over 10 miles. This is a nice trail for a good workout and some pretty views along the way. We only saw one other person on the trail. Bring a lot of water. There was zero water on the trail.

Beautiful 5.5 hour round-trip hike through four different ecosystem levels. First section goes through big rock formations -- several false trails though, which I mistakenly followed on the way up and the way down. Next, level section goes thru lovely treed meadows with red and blue and silver shrubs and passes the first shaded campground. Third section begins the main climb thru bright red manzanitas and small boulders and pine trees, and you start to see the amazing view open up all the way to the coast. The final section is the steepest part and passes thru huge old pine trees and boulders and becomes much cooler than the lower sections (bring layers) -- also passes by Chorro Springs campground but zero water running. The Channel Islands now come into view on the far horizon -- wow! Had enough daylight to check out the Reyes campground off the road at the top -- great views and the one-lane paved road seemed surprisingly well maintained. What I appreciated about the trail is how you can see the ridge you're hiking to from the start -- no false summits -- and that the trail was well trodden and easy to follow except at the rock formations at the bottom. Came across poopy toilet paper strewn around the trail near the bottom and packed it out. Come on folks. Birds and lizards abound and lots of scat on the trail but no other wildlife sightings. Logged 13.8 miles and 280 stories. 3 liters of water was just right with temps in the low 70s.

The lower part of this trail was completely destroyed by the recent fires and flooding. Make sure to use the upper trail if you’re going to attempt it on a mountain bike.

This was an interesting hike. We were headed for the falls but seemed to have taken a wrong turn. The trail is very off and on. It seems to have been washed out starting around the 2.5 mile mark and then continues off an on if you can find where it picks up again. If you make it to the metal sign with arrows pointing up to maple camp and upper matilija make sure you stay to the right as there are two canyons and water flowing down each. We went left and eventually stopped after no signs of trails or upper matilija, go right. Poison oak and the rattlesnakes are out there as well.

Just did this trail Oct 14 and really enjoyed it! I loved the scenery, there's some creek side walking, which to still have some water this time of year is great. The elevation gain in minimal, so taking kids is no problem and plenty for them to explore. At the first camp, the creek is right there with a nice little waterhole. I'm sure in the late Spring/ early Summer the water is really great to dip into, even now it reached the knees, just enough to cool off. There are certain spots where the trail gets washed out, but as long as you keep walking parallel to the creek you're good, it would actually be hard to get lost. Of course the Thomas Fire came through the area, but it's regrowth is amazing to see and you can imagine what it once looked like. Towards the 2+ mile area, there is less shaded area, so plan accordingly.

1 month ago

A good time. The first .5 miles is along a road. You then turn onto the trail and head up the canyon following the creek. The next mile the path is very clear as you meander along the creek to camp one. Beyond camp one the trail is a bit washed out and there are a few sections where you lose the trail a bit. As long as you follow the creek you should be able to head the right direction and find the trail again. There is a STUNNING camp site about three miles in. Chirping birds and crickets, the sound of the flowing creek, a lovely breeze, a big oak tree and a nice flat camp spot. THERE IS A LOT OF POISON OAK ON THIS HIKE. SO MUCH POISON OAK. IT IS EVERYWHERE. But minus the poison oak it is a really good time and super beautiful.

We hiked from the southern trailhead. Trail is good to a short distance beyond Matilija Camp. However, after the canyon turns sharply right, the trail effectively ends - all paths are blocked by large amounts of fallen tress, brush, etc. So total in and out hike is about 3.5 mi.

This is not closed! Hiked yesterday. Beautiful and easy.

This must have been an excellent trail before the fire, but the blaze has changed this area drastically. It destroyed the trees and vegetation (though a surprising amount of greenery has re-emerged) which provided shade and something to look at and appreciate while pushing uphill. However, now it’s just a boring grind under a punishing sun. I can tell this trail once had a lot going for it. Hopefully it will again one day soon.

4 months ago

fun scenic trail with a bunch of low travel trails, beautiful creeks, and tons of wildlife. full exposure in many parts so bring the sunscreen!

So sad. After 10 years of hiking this wonderful beautiful peaceful full-of-waterholes trail...the Thomas fire of December 2017 followed by flooding on the barren land wiped away any trace of the former well worn trails.
Once you get past the orchards there is no trail.
We saw 6-7 foot high boulders with dried mud on top.There were 8-10 foot wide paths of cracked dried mud where it had forcefully flowed down the hills carrying along whole trees with roots as well as boulders.
We only found two little 1 1/2 deep waterholes about 2 feet long.
No longer a pleasurable hike or place to spend the day sunning and swimming. The rushing rainwater left a path of destruction.

I wouldn't recommend taking your dogs. the rough surface is hard on them if u walk by the river. nice fun hike until my 120 rotty had to carried out 2.5 miles.

pretty creek but don't go this way looking for the waterfalls. the topo map shows some way up but probably not what you are looking for.

Just hiked here yesterday. It’s starting to get HOT but it was still an awe inspiring experience to turn the corner and be at the base of these majestic rock formations! Definitely will be back, hope to backpack into Sespe.

l would recommend to go all the way to reyes peak for the amazing view.Take enough water and go very early in the morning it may take you almost a whole day round trip. It gets hard at times because of the uphill, but it is very walkable don't get discouraged. battery on my phone died very quickly up there.But it was worth it.

Beautiful especially when you get into the big trees with interspersed boulders. Hike is about 10 miles round trip when you go all the way to Pine Mountain Ridge road.

7 months ago

Very pretty! Not a very difficult hike -pretty flat. Road to the trailhead was closed so we parked and walked about a mile and a half to the trailhead. Has a couple trail signs along the way.

7 months ago

Hiked from the road to camp/trailhead due to the road to camp being closed from all of the water. Which made this a 14.8 mile round trip. Beautiful day with amazing clouds. Beautiful scenery. Cool rock formations. Lots of water this time of year. 33 water crossings! Two great friends and I. Didn’t see another soul all day!

This was a beautiful, yet challenging hike. Really great views and I didn’t see another soul on the trail. Be warned, however, this hike is closer to 10 miles out and back, which I verified on another website and my own tracking device.

by far one of the best hikes I've been on in California. beautiful and green, for they most part, but i can't say how the Thomas fire muy have affected it

Amazing landscape and good condition!

Saturday, November 04, 2017

Beautiful views!

Perfect short easy trail that is gorgeous- breathtaking! Do it!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Amazing hike, the waterfall is beautiful! Wear proper shoes for this though

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Always a great hike challenging because of distance and elevation gain but such a great trail

Monday, September 18, 2017

Wonderful hike. We set out quite late so didn't make it to the big waterfall. Hiking back in the twilight we heard a large deep growl in the thick vegetation at the side of the trial. I can only think it was a Mountain Lion. Pretty scary at the time but we make it back! Definitely going back in the Spring as I think it will be particularly beautiful then

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Hiked this trail 7/22/17 starting from the HWY 33 side. Extremely overgrown in almost all sections. Need to plan a trail clearing project. It's a pretty neat trail other than that, very quite. Would be better to hike it in the Winter when the river's flowing.

Friday, August 04, 2017

will overnight this in the future

Friday, July 21, 2017

Lots of poison ivy! Great trail tho! B-e-a-u-tiful!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

great hike. sweeping views.

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