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Underestimated the Trail, but was a Good one Started at 6:30 am. Made it to the Top GREAT VIEW

mountain biking
19 days ago

Super easy

road biking
21 days ago

This is a great trail for biking as it goes on for miles with no street crossing to make. Beautiful scenery and tranquil away from road noise. You can really get going fast if you feel the need. We saw Sky Divers descending from the clouds on the way back as we rode past the Oceanside Airport!

trail running
1 month ago

Great flats and hills to practice on. Not too many people. Impossible to get lost in. Easy 5 miler.

Trails need to be marked clearer Not the worst but not the best

Great place for simple exercise walk or Mtb.
Coyotes. Rabbits. Squirrels. Raccoons. Snakes.
And I think I spotted a Weasel!
Ducks and Geese in the big lake.
Plenty of camping with just-upgraded sites.
Reservations needed.
Some very LOUD Peacocks in a nearby yard.

Nice local trail, only 10 minutes from home, great outing for families. It’s appalling that people won’t pick up after their dogs; don’t see this on the Batiquitos trail, more civilized hikers, it seems.

Beautiful scenery. Away from any roads. Trail not marked and a bit hard to navigate

Very beautiful and scenic easy hike. Perfect for close by hike

Really nice trails, very wide. Lots of friendly people out. Bathrooms by the playground. You can either park in the park and pay $3 or you can walk a little extra and park down the road in the neighborhoods. Very dog friendly, lots of trash cans too.

trail running
5 months ago

The mission is nice but this is more running through neighborhoods than hiking or trail running.

Good go to trail for us. Not a lot of people; clean; safe; nice scenery. The trails are not all clearly market which is a problem if you don’t know the area. If you take a wrong turn, you may wind up in a residential or busy traffic area. Be aware. Get your GPS in the know. Have fun. Be safe.

6 months ago

A 99.9% flat bike path along an urban riparian area from the valley to the coast. Definitely stroller/family friendly. I love how accessible this makes the beach to families in the valley of Oceanside/Vista. I am visiting family here and the path goes right by their neighborhood and my niece’s junior high; we don’t really have a pedestrian/bike only byway like that where I’m from in Santa Cruz. It’s nice not to be contending with traffic. I walked my sister’s dog along it and had a nice enough time, although I can tell that it would be much more fun if I were a biker. At Mance Buchanan park there is a spot to fill your tires, and I’m sure there are more along the way. Not exactly scenic until you get to the coast; however, I did see quite a bit of wildlife, including a huge coyote that lumbered up onto the path, and lots of birds including hawks or falcons.

The good: wetlands boardwalk is gorgeous. That portion of the trail is very nicely maintained. Visually speaking, you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere rather than in the middle of a busy city.

The bad: the trails are very narrow and nearly impossible to pass people if anyone has a dog with them. Ice cream truck at the park played very loud, respective music for 20 minutes, which could be heard everywhere on the trails and kinda ruined the nature for me. Offleash dogs not with their owners in multiple places (people playing fetch with their dogs, so the dogs were quite a ways away from their owner, retrieving a ball or frisbee). Lots of graffiti on trees and rocks on the side trails. Group of adult men smoking weed in a bong up on top of some giant rocks along the trail staring down at me while I hiked past, in the middle of the afternoon when kids were at the park nearby; gave it a very creepy vibe. I certainly wouldn’t return alone without my dogs.

1/52 #52hikechallenge

Easy family friendly and then you can play at the beach

Fun as f ck

Enjoyed an easy hike with some nice weather.

I really like that they have a free outside gym area with some machinery. super chill.

road biking
8 months ago

I use this bike path all the time when I wanna ride from vista to the coat

Always love a quick climb at Calaveras!

Trails are not clearing marked, deadened at the highway twice
Liter everywhere including dog poop everywhere
The sound of the nearby obnoxious freeway is unescapable
The brush is took thick to view the lake, seems like a dirty sidewalk more than a hike

Done this on my road bike many times. Twice I have paced riders for RAAM (Race Across America) they use thus as their starting point from the pier. It's excellent for cycling, jogging or walking. Bring water and snacks if you're going to do point to point or back and forth.

road biking
9 months ago

great trip. mostly flat with a few ups and downs as u go under bridges. finally made it to the beach.

Easy trail. Saw wild animals on hike. Be careful. Lots to see and many trails to take. Relaxing at the lake.

Really varied area, wetlands and dry hills and everything in between. Pretty active amount of people, lots of different access points.

11 months ago

A very good trail to walk, jog, or bike on!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

I don't think I've ever seen so many quail in one place before! I had read a complaint about dog crap littering the trails...it is crap it is all over the trails but it ain't dog its coyotes! On the whole I found this place to be rather fun.

In my backyard...love the variety on this trail. Creek crossing, lake, trees, wild flowers and a volcano in the middle. Watch out for rattlesnakes. Saw one on the side of the trail 3 weeks ago. Lots of coyotes live here too, you can hear them at sunset.

Friday, July 07, 2017

Really disappointed that there was so much dog poop all over the trail!! It's upsetting that people cannot pick up after their pets! Signage could have been better. Parking very limited.

trail running
Monday, June 19, 2017

Great place for running parents. Take your child, and their bike, and run along side with them.

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