Looking for a great trail near Oakland, California? AllTrails has 93 great hiking trails, trail running trails, mountain biking trails and more, with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers, and nature lovers like you. If you're looking for the best trails in Fort Funston, we've got you covered. You'll also find some great local park options, like Redwood Regional Park or Lake Chabot Regional Park. Ready for some activity? There are 55 moderate trails in Oakland ranging from 1.5 to 11.3 miles and from 9 to 1,607 feet above sea level. Start checking them out and you'll be out on the trail in no time!


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Oakland, California Map

Great way to get out of the city! Magical trail. Highly recommend!

Not a bad trail. Good workout, though the creek was dry and the trail was dusty. Mind you, we did this trail early september and in the middle of the day. Still good amount of shade. I definitely would like to try again when it’s the wet season. Some steep inclines but lots of steps with rocks and roots provided. Traveled clockwise.

Great trail! Dogs off leash and nice mix of shade and sun.

Didn’t see the turn so my hike got doubled, otherwise would have given 5 stars.

Great hike, beautiful, mostly shaded and mostly on trails with little or no bicycle traffic. Great for dogs and people. I think the 'Moderate' description is probably fair, but it's definitely the harder side of Moderate, with most of the 1200 foot climb coming after what the map shows as mile 4.9. And some of those hills are steep - like 40 degrees, which is 10 degrees more than a typical staircase! Plenty of parking at trailhead. Note: hike is listed as 6.3 miles, but one piece of softaware in my phone says 6.9, and the Altrails mobile app said 7.9. In any case, it took a little less than 3 hours and the once I very slightly off trail it should have been shorter, not longer. A life mystery!

Shady pretty much the whole way. Last mile was steep uphill. There are horses, mountain bikers that come through sometimes. Dogs are allowed off leash.

If you like hiking in the shade of tall, beautiful trees, then this is the place for you. Amazing.

A great trail, not too steep compared to some of the connecting trails. Lots of redwoods and varying terrain.

I absolutely LOVE this hike!! A great workout & stunning views. Great for shade and sun! Very dog friendly, off leash is legal and welcome here. I’ve never seen a walker with more than the legal limit of dogs (6) & all have been under voice control.

More steep than expected but beautiful hike. A word of caution: though bikes are not supposed to use this trail (or only about 15% of it), but aggressive mountain bike riders here who are blatant and unapologetic when coming up fast ion hikers and their dogs. For this reason alone I won’t go back.

5 days ago

great trail. muddy in different spots

The AllTrails app shut off on me at one point, for about .6 miles, as you can see from the recording. My watch recorded a total of 7.01 miles for this. Technology aside, this is the prettiest trail I’ve done in the area thus far! Some tough uphills in the first half, and a long gradual uphill for most of the second half. But lots of great shade and beautiful things to look at along the way! Even saw a large black snake with white rings slithering into a hole!

on Lake Merritt

5 days ago

I jog Lake Merritt on a weekly basis. I love this place as an Oakland native. You can have a picnic, bbq, take a nice walk, and you can rent boats as well. Family, and pet friendly.

Lots of shade. Weird thought, but it smells really good, like bay leaves. Beautiful trees.

6 days ago

Beautiful, easy walking trail. Occasional bikes passed (hiked it in the fairly early morning) with other trail runners and people walking their dogs. Not an overly crowded trail in the morning with beautiful scenery, nice shade and an easy, level hiking path.

washed out
6 days ago

The first mile or so of this trail is pretty easy to follow. It then sorta disappears and you wind up walking in the creek. Wear waterproof shoes and you’ll be fine. The creek at one point goes into an underground conduit which begs you to follow in. It emerges above ground again maybe 100yds away. If I had a strong flashlight I would’ve followed it! Route 13 (I think) passes over this trail and the bridge provides some excellent photo moments if the sun is hitting the structure just right. Keep your eyes peeled and you should be able to follow the trail. I continued on along Rte. 13 and crossed under the highway via pedestrian tunnel where I picked up the Palo Colorados Trail into Joaquin Miller Park.

A beautiful fairy-tale like trail. It’s a narrow sun dappled trail from the trailhead and then a bit of an ascent once you get to the loop part. Lots of bikers on that loop so beware if you’re on foot. I actually started this hike at Dimond Park and crossed under the highway to pick up this trail. See my recording.

Great little spot so close to major living spots. The redwoods are fantastic and decent vistas in a few spots too.

The trail was awesome! I took my dogs and enjoyed our hike. Not too much traffic for a Saturday. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery and silence with some sounds from wildlife. Great hike and will do it again any day. Some hill climbs involved to get a good workout.

over grown
8 days ago

Great trail. Lots of tree coverage by gorgeous redwoods. I’ll return here many times.

Good quick workout with the initial inclines. Lots of baby lizards so be on the watch out not to hurt them. A walking pole or stick might be a good idea for coming back down the inclines. Amazing views.

Solid inclines and gorgeous views.

Nice and easy trail with a good amount of shade.

Feels magical. Pretty easy hike with great scenery and information on the plants on the trail. Plenty of benches to stop and watch the wind or for a nice picnic.

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