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Great little trail. Dogs can be off leash after 100ft from the parking lot. As mentioned below you must drive onto private property (that isn't fenced) to get to the public parking lot and the trail head but the trail is not on private property.

There is a coyote currently living in the canyon. Met it one morning with my dog; it was like 80-100ft up the hill. There is a sign at the entries about the coyote. It's real. They must have had a good snack on Thanksgiving as there were ribcage bones on the trail, and I saw a hoof this week.

I have hiked this trail many times and it’s always fun.

Flat route with steady incline leading up to Treasure Island, and a slight decline coming back. Too close to highway and cars for me.

if you like car exhaust and noise, sandy wind on face and pavement, this is for you.

1 month ago

Some parts of the trail are better kept than others , also some areas don’t have any benches to rest on . In general pleasant trail to walk on , mostly flat .

1 month ago

amazing trail, will definitely come back again. the entire hike was scenic and surrounded by trees. not so strenuous and beautiful the whole loop. there are many mountain bikers on this path as well

Great hike: shaded, redwoods and a little incline. About 1 hour 20 minute hike.

I don’t know why people were saying this trail isn’t easy. I don’t hike all that often, and while it was lengthy for time spent on your feet, it certainly isn’t strenuous. I went the direction of Sunset to Cinderella (counterclockwise). This way had a lot of downhill toward the end which was slippery and no fun if you have bad knees. I recommend maybe going the other direction (clockwise). You may get a little more uphill workout but then it will chill out. A small window of views of the bay, but that’s it. Otherwise just a pretty trail. 85% shade. Went at 1:30pm on a Monday. Few families with dogs and a few bikers, nothing crazy. Enjoyed it overall!

Beautiful Trail! First half is downhill, second half mostly up. I ended up coming back on the West Ridge Trail instead of the French trail and this worked out fine, just a bit of extra elevation. Plenty of spots to cut through back to the French section if desired. Not too many people on a weekday and nice and shaded.

The Bay View Sequoia trail is great for walking with wide flat paths. The Big Tree trail is mainly a mountain bike trail and is narrow and steeper. We took our kids aged 6, 3.5 and 1 month. It’s not a stroller friendly trail so we had the baby in a front pack. The older kids managed to walk the entire trail include a detour we took by mistake adding an extra 1km. Watch out for the Big Trees turn off to the right - we missed it. Overall, really great trail with lots of shade

Some of the most beautiful views of the city of Oakland and beyond to even Berkeley and San Francisco are to be had on this unconventional series of winding paths through Mountain View Cemetery. Situated on a series of moderately steep hills, there are beautiful oak trees set among the tombstones. Far from being mundane though, this cemetery has remarkable marble statues and obelisks and immense tombs. It is breathtaking and an easy place to revisit. In fact, it is a fairly popular picnic area for locals. Dogs are kindly allowed in this public cemetery, but only on good behavior which includes NOT urinating on the headstones. Obviously. They ask that you keep to the sometimes broken and winding paths rather that tread on the actual grave sites. Once again, obviously. The roadways offer an easy alternative since cars are not too regular and the speed limit is very low.

It's tragic what has happened to these two trails. Bike traffic has stripped them of topsoil, native plants and vegetation. What's left is poison oak and dust, loads and loads of dust. If you're not jumping into the poison oak to avoid mountain bikers (narrow trail, mostly), you're trying not to choke on the dust. Serious trail mismanagement is evident in this park...and it was once so beautiful and peaceful!!

1 month ago

This used to be a family favorite. The trail has been destroyed by heavy mountain bike use. Signs of trail erosion are evident with plants and shrubbery covered and suffocating under layers of trail dust. Prepare to cover your airway when bikes wiz past, kicking up clouds of dust.

Beautiful really well shaded trail. Lots of space for most of the hike on the trail. Got a little turned around but had fun finding our way back.

Great urban/nature walk.

Nice and rather short, easy to add more miles to it

West ridge is fun, its windy and a good hike

Perfect short hike and steep incline. Great for leg days! Plus the view! Better to head down the same way you came from. I went further and thought I could easier loop back, but I just ended in circle on the Panoramic.

2 months ago

best walk around town

2 months ago

Nice and easy paced walking path. Lots of things going on and people to see, very lively!

Beautiful hike! We happened to go during the Endurance 100k trail run so there was a lot of activity on the Stream Trail, but it was still very enjoyable. We kept our dog on leash in the heavy traffic areas and let her loose once we turned uphill (toward Redwood Peak). With the climbing, the six mile distance felt perfect.

Lovely hike in the forest. Nearly 100% of this hike is in the shade, making it an ideal hike to tackle on a hot day. You will be surrounded by tall Redwoods for the duration!

Good big trees. Not much of a view. Scattered picnic tables throughout.

It said easy so I wore normal shoes and slipped several times on steep rocky downhill areas. It’s also super dusty because of all the mountain bikes, so instead of looking at green foliage it’s all brown.

I'm rating this trail 1 star because it is definitely not an easy trail. If you're a novice you won't like this trail. Definitely a beautiful hike but this trail has 100s of mountain bikers on it. I had to move around 50 times out of the way of mountain bikers. There were areas on the trail only 2 feet wide where you have to make room for mountain bikes moving at 25 mph. This trail is not KID FRIENDLY like suggested above. Steep hills with unsafe conditions. I went with my sister and towards the end of the trail we saw a family approaching the trail and urged then to turn around. We warned them that it wasn't safe for kids. Out of control mountain bikers make this trail uncomfortable and nerve recking during tight quarters. It's a beautiful trail that should be dedicated to either hiking or mountain biking, not both. I'm not a rookie hiker. I've been on over 100 hikes from this all trails app

2 months ago

Seen many birds and homeless people. Lots of people were working out

Starts off easy enough but gets challenging on the bottom half. Especially the French trail section.

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