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Got to Skyline parking lot before 8am on a Sunday and it was already full so had to park along the street. Hike down Stream Trail and to the other parking lot was pretty easy, shaded and downhill, passing by campsites and redwoods. Headed back via French trail, which requires some uphill initially and then a few portions of up and downhill, nothing too strenuous. Overall a good hike, just get there early.

River trail is flat and a pleasant walk. French trail portion is strenuous but fun. Lots of foilage and shade

Good share on the trail in the first and last mile in the Nature Area, but know that dogs are NOT allowed on this portion of the trail. Once you are out of the nature area, the trails are much busier and exposed, so bring plenty of water! There was also a LOT of poison oak along the way and overgrown plants blocking portions of the trail, so dress appropriately.

Once you get up the views are glorious! On a clear day you can see all the way to SF! The second half is through cow pasture.

If you’re a beginner trail runner like me, I’d just do the Sequoia Bayview trail as an out-and-back. Beautiful trees, found it quite tranquil in the morning. Going west on the Cinderella trail is SUPER steep downhill and quite rocky. Fun to hike, but slightly terrifying if you’re a new trail runner.

Nice trail with shade trees interspersed. Benches begin to appear after about one mile. FYI: You must drive onto private property to find the parking lot and trail head. Popular spot for dog walkers but all we met were friendly with their charges under control.

Nice 1.5-2 hour loop. First leg of Golden Spike parallels Redwood Rd so there is some road noise at first but not bad. Also very few people on this stretch. Once on Tate trail, it traverses away from the road so much more quiet. Bigger crowds emerged once the trail met up with West Ridge. Would do again.

People do not keep their dogs on a leash even though the rules are to do so!!!

Other than being unsure of people’s dogs level of friendliness while walking, the experience is nice. I love the views of the redwoods and the creek. Oh and the lady bug habitat.

Lots of bathrooms along the trails.

A great hiking experience, minus the dogs not on a leash.

8 days ago

Great trail for a walk in the woods. Many people bring dogs and some are off-leash so be prepared. There are a lot of birds and in the spring the flowers are beautiful & the water flows in the creek creating a serene oasis.

Nice trail. A little narrow/steep at points. Great view at the end.

Good workout..we started with stream trail and reached play area from there we got on to orchard and then French trail. Has some elevation and trees around.

love this trail, just another treasures in the Oakland hill. Great for hiking, jogging, biking. Theres areas available for bbq picnics, and large bbq gatherings. I love the creeks running along the trails and the large redwoods for kids to climb on.

Great trail ! I recommend coming on a weekday as to avoid the traffic and enjoy a more quiet experience.

Beautiful, varied views and a good length. The hike starts out level along a wide fire road that is fully exposed with a few parts that having a gentle decline. The vistas are wonderful... looking out into the valley and the facing hillside full of redwood trees and in the distance you can see golden rolling hills. The sign post for the Prince Trail was missing, so pay attention... it is a well defined trail heading down to the right just past a bench lookout. The Prince Trail is a bit steep and re-enters the tree line. The Stream Trail takes you on a level ramble through some redwoods... very lovely! Tres Sendas gains in elevation. There are a few creek crossings that were minor in the summer, but may be more of an issue in the wet season. As you leave the redwoods and transition into oaks you will hit the French Trail. I missed it and got a bit lost... it is a sharp right uphill. (If you get to a cluster if seven or so stump seats, turn around and you'll see it behind you. Don't take the French Trail to the left, it means you missed the turn off! Head back down the trail.) The French Trail is a steady climb back up to the East Ridge Trail. It's mostly covered by trees and narrows with some poison oak on the sides, so wear long pants. It is a short level walk back to the parking lot along a fire road. The ridge trails are both busy, but it is much quieter as you head into the valley. Nice variety of views and vegetation. Great way to feel outside the city!

10 days ago

Busy trail when I did it and not one I'd repeat. The park in general wasn't very well kept up. Hopefully it's changed now

Tried it out today (7/6) in the afternoon. It was okay, don’t think I’d do it again or recommend it, honestly.

Pro: there’s a good mix of terrain, from wide flat paths through tall trees to narrow paths through grassy hillside, easy access from main roads in Oakland, mostly shady paths, very few other people hiking it and only a couple of bikers, a good bit of free parking

Con: the trails are marked VERY poorly (had I not had this app, I would have been terribly lost), parts of the trail are very narrow which makes getting out of the way for bikers a bit difficult, you can hear planes flying overhead and traffic on the interstate on a good bit of the trail, I spent most of the time looking at the ground making sure I wouldn’t trip over the numerous rocks and wasn’t able to enjoy the actual trail

relatively easy for moderately active people. Nice variety of scenery: sun shade forest stream. gradual elev changes, well maintained except for fallen trees and small turns that maybe confusing. but all of the trails bring you back a loop

Scenic, easy trail. Lots on bike traffic on weekends.

I've been wanting to do this one for a while as it connects two parks that I've extensively hiked and I wanted to see what lies in the open space between them. Rampage Peak Trail was recently (as of summer 2018) added to the All Trails map layer. I had hiked a little bit of it on the Las Trampas Side, but it wasn't clear at the time where it went if I continued south. The trail was rated as easy, but the remoteness and elevation gain would rate it as a hard trail in my opinion.

I did the hike solo on July 4th. I wouldn't recommend doing this as I didn't see any other hikers for almost 10 miles from when I left the Chabot Staging Area until I got to Rocky Ridge in Las Trampas. And I went for long stretches without cell service, which would have put me in a precarious position if something went wrong. I didn't do the point to point as I'm a glutton for punishment and didn't feel like dealing with the logistics. So it was round tripper for me. I also didn't see anyone on my return trip from Rocky Ridge to the Chabot Staging Area. You're really off the beaten path on this one. This is basically the most remote hike you can do in the east bay hills. So if you're not comfortable hiking for hours without any signs of human life, then this isn't the hike for you.

You'll need a permit for this one to pass through the EBMUD lands. There's a sign-in at the Chabot Staging Area. Funny thing, I don't think I've ever seen a sign in on the Las Trampas side. Also, no dogs or bikes are allowed. This is strictly for hikers. I wouldn't recommend taking a dog anyway as I was walking through a lot of foxtail. It was all over my pants and socks. I had to keep stopping and picking things out. The trail is overgrown at parts because it isn't well traveled. That's why I didn't rate it very high.

But if you want to really challenge yourself, then this is the trail for you. I was even thinking of tacking on an up & down on the Las Trampas ridge before turning around to try to crack the 8000 ft elevation mark that has eluded me, but I was feeling a little out of shape that day having not done any long hikes for a couple months.

I saw some wildlife along the way. There were the usual suspects - deer, wild turkeys - but I also came across a wild pig and it's piglet, a fox, and a snake. And there were a lot of birds of prey around Rampage Peak.

13 days ago

This is a great hike to get outside after work. It's a short loop that is shaded and mostly level. You start with a flat hike through the trees on a wide path that is heavily trafficked with runners and bikers. Midway there is a short uphill climb as you get onto the Big Trees trail. This has some pretty views through the redwoods, but also some less sceenic areas that parallel close to the road and through some picnic areas.

We had a lot of fun on the sunset trail, lots of great views and we didnt run into many people.

Just went today and one of the most beautiful places to go hiking!!

Definitely get there early - it gets crowded. Some good redwoods and shady, covered areas so it’s perfect for hot days. Lots of uphill. Be prepared.

Easy to find TH and lots of parking. Prefer this hike in the winter. Not too many people going out but much busier coming back. I extended the hike by taking Monterior and Tate - increased the elevation and miles but not a ton to see

Nice hike. Lots of people though. Some groups as large as 10. Most with dogs. Started on the west ridge trail (the one to the right) and was going against most of the flow.

My favorite trail at Redwood Regional Park. I always go extra early to avoid the crowds. Be warned that if you start on French and finish on Stream that the final stretch is totally exposed.

Great easy hike. There is a point in the loop part that is kind of hard to follow because the signs aren’t good. You come off the trail and walk around the horse arena then connect back to Sequoia Bayview trail on the horse arena short cut trail.

Wonderful trail right in the east bay when you need a nearby hike in the shade to escape the blazing summer sun as long as you DO NOT return via the west ridge trail which is boring and exposed! No views along French trail - this is a forested section. Lots of redwood trees and smells of eucalyptus. Gets really busy during the weekend.

on Leona Canyon Trail

26 days ago

Nice hike. A wide, mostly shaded trail that begins with a gentle incline and becomes a bit steeper in the last third before heading back. Great midweek, post-work hike.

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