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Oakland, California Map

I love this place.

Lovely hike, but the trail is often quite narrow. This would normally be fine, but there are a lot of trail bike riders, and not enough space to accommodate the traffic. It was frustrating for us to constantly move out of their way, and I’m sure it was frustrating for them to constantly be stuck behind hikers.

9 days ago

NOT SAFE - I WAS ROBBED AT GUNPOINT AND ASSAULTED HERE IN 2018. This is not a joke - I went on a 1hr walk/hike here based on the reviews on AllTrails because I was looking for a new place to walk by the water. I was robbed at gunpoint and sexually assaulted, during the daytime, in the parking lot where other cars were present. If it could happen to me, it could happen to anyone here. The east bay regional park police have been wonderful and are investigating my case very seriously. In talking to a police officer after the incident, they told me that this park is not safe and criminal activity here is common. I am lucky I was not shot. Please be very careful and choose a different place to walk. Also, be careful in the Oakland City parks area in general - when possible choose parks outside of Oakland city.

Wonderful trail. Took my friends that were not in shape... a little hard for them. (They are not hikers). Wear proper shoes. Beautiful trail full of redwoods.

Nice hike, lots of lovely dogs, very pretty but not spectacular. I went during the week l, so there was plenty of parking and many times where I was alone on the trail.

we ended up doing several loops and random trails. it was a bit wet and muddy and still an easy trail. It's amazing to see this kind of beauty is right here in the bay area. There were many kids out on the trails. bikers who for the most part were very polite on the trail. and dog owners who also for the most part were polite. Beautiful creeks ,trees and stick forts. there are picnic tables and bathrooms through different spots as well. we will be back.

Great day walking!

Great hike on a clear day! Cinderella trail can get crowded with fast downhill bikers. There is also a fork which is not on the map. Keep left for a shortcut to Sinawik or right for some extra eucalyptus trees.

Descend into the beautiful Tres Sendas fern gully before a winding climb up French Trail to the top of Redwood Peak. Short 70-90 minute loop gets your heart rate up and then gives you a nice flat cool down. The full shade of stretching bay trees and cathedral redwoods make for a blissfully cool hike on hot days.

great trail. If you're hoping to take your dog off leash however you're out of luck... a lot of mountain bikers using this narrow trail.

Beautiful hike. You do have to watch for bike riders but most I met called out to us hikers. Biggest draw back was running into several dogs off leash. All signs say dogs need to be on leash.

Great hike! Crowded! Parking is hard because the lot is small. Had to park down the road. If you follow the suggested route, the first part is paved and relatively flat, the way back is more challenging with some uphills. Trails well marked, easy to follow. Love the dogs!!

I enjoyed a 5 mile hike through out these lovely trails.

The hike and weather was beautiful today 2/10/18. A few big inclines but our 9 year old was able to manage with a few breaks. Although I didnt use this app to record my hike, our loop was 5.02 miles. I gave it 2 stars because it's an overpopulated trail. Lots of groups, bikers, runners and lots lot lots of dogs off leash, even though dogs must be kept on leash. There was a park ranger ticketing people who had dogs were off leash. The parking lot and surrounding area was jammed packed. Even though the trail is beautiful, I wouldn't be back.


Parking was a little bit challenge when I arrived this morning. Maybe because it's a weekend. its a great place to hike.

Have to say I really love this trail! It should be my favorite trail so far. This distance is a little bit challenge for my boyfriend. But I want him to exercise more, so it’s good for us. View is super nice! Hope we can go for a hike here very often!

1 month ago

Beautiful little hike this time of year. A little wet, but the smell is amazing, and the sounds are so soothing! The stream is running and the falls are gorgeous!

If you go during the winter months, look for the lady bugs at the Stream & Prince intersection. They’re usually are a few hundred of them covering the one sign post. I hiked this trail on 1/28/18 and the lady bugs were thriving on that day.

Trail had lots of fun shortcuts and you could choose if you wanted to do a long hike or a short hike, lots of options.
Kid friendly and dog friendly, and we were surrounded by trees the whole time

I think this is a great hike to bring your non-hiking or beginning hiking friends as it’s pretty easy but has some uphill sections and variety.

Nice morning hike to get the day started :) It can be easy, but there are trails off the sides that will let you challenge yourself.

Beautiful trail with very little incline. There is definitely a lot of dogs and bikers on the trail. There is also picnic areas and bathrooms along the trail

Great for a day hike with the pup. Highly recommend French trail and redwood peak trails. They are pretty amazing.

Mountain bikers called Cinderella trail a bike trail and were pretty hazardous to hikers.

Really nice hike! We took the Stream trail first, which is to the right of the parking lot. Stream trail is mostly flat or downhill- easy peasy. Prince trail is where you start to really climb- challenging incline but not too long and it connects you up to East Ridge trail which is a combo of incline and flat. Stream trail is lined by lovely redwoods and oak trees all the way and is nice and covered. East ridge is more exposed with less shade, but some beautiful views close to where it connects to Prince. Overall great hike - not too hard but not too easy either. Also good if you don’t have a ton of time.

Came across 5 friendly dogs looking to be petted.

It's a nice trail for beginners, lots of redwood. Glad I got to see ladybugs gathered in several locations in the park.

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