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Fair with nice shade.

A little noisy this morning from the gunshots at the shooting range, but still a nice little hike with the wildflowers in bloom. I still get a kick hiking up and seeing all the big cone spruce.

Fun little loop. I've driven past this are my whole life and always wondered what was back there. Now I know. The trail was in good shape, about half road and half trail. Right now is probably the best time to hike this trail, summer temps can get out of hand.
Spring is in full effect throughout the canyon with green hills and wild flowers blooming almost everywhere.
The back side of the trail is a little sketchy in parts but its totally manageable.

Although the trail is closed, there is no one stopping you and there are even hikers on the trail. The trail is washed away at points but if you are okay with wet shoes you can follow the trail till the end. Go shortly after rains so there is flowing water. The trail is beautiful, rocky, shady with overhanging oaks. This trail sparked my interest in hiking

An almost hard (depending on your age and time of year) nine mile out and back alternative rout to Mission Point. Light traffic with the occasional mountain biker (apart from at the higher elevation).
Really great views looking out to Santa Clarita and even better ones overlooking the San Fernando Valley all the way to downtown Los Angeles in the distance..

A little more uphill then expected. Very pretty views of Santa Clarita. I think it’s longer then 3.4, closer to 4 miles.

Short and steep. Nice views from the top of the old Melody Ranch western movie set.

I think I went the wrong way, trails aren’t exactly marked. It was more of a nature walk than a hike. The waterfall at the end was neat but I don’t recommend letting your dog up there if you bring one. It was not easy or safe getting my 55lb Shepherd mix back down.

A herd of bison! A barnyard petting zoo! A historic mansion! An Old West town, complete with trading post! An oak-shaded picnic area!What's not to like?

Great intro hike for the kids, lots to see and do.

Excellent hike as plenty of shade and water/greenery to add to the beauty. I added rice canyon to it which was very nice, but it's easy to see in a month or two the poison oak will be over grown everywhere in the rice canyon section. I did accidentally step on a rattler and lucky avoided getting bit on rice portion. The gun club is a bit noisy but I don't mind. Weather is perfect this time of year to enjoy these trails.

My parents, my 7 year old and I did this trail. We are beginners at hiking and although the uphill made us take a few breaks, it was very doable. Once you get closer to the top the trail does get rocky and slipper but other than that the trail seemed well maintained.

Had an awesome hike here on 3/29/18. I agree with others about signs being limited on the trail, good thing I had reception and was able to download the map! thank you all trails! .. so we took the Elsemere loop, which led to the fire road, however the road keeps going, which we kept following, until I realized we weren't on the trail anymore, the road continues to the right about a mile up, but we had to stay in the left after I glanced at my phone, it was a nice detour tho, we were able to see some caves on the side of a beautiful mountain.. once we got back on track the views were stunning! everything was so green from the recent rain falls.. we didn't run into a waterfall, just a small flowing creek, still so gorgeous tho!

Loved all the trees. The kids loved all the tall grass.

Easy hike to a small seasonal waterfall. You can make it somewhat harder with some easy scrambles up rocks to go further up the canyon, but if you have small kids or a dog, the first waterfall is a good place to stop and splash around.

Been hiking this beautiful trail for at least two years now, after heavy rains the waterfalls and streams are amazing .. A few weeks back I saw a mountain lion about 50 feet in front of me .. Seen plenty of deer and signs of cougars but this was my very first encounter.. so be Careful , keep dogs on leash and kids very close ...

Surprisingly nice hike close to the SCV and SFV. The first mile or so, the noise from the freeway and gun range are inescapable, but after that, it quiets down. There are great views of the Sunshine Canyon Landfill (which I find oddly interesting), the Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valleys, and on a clear day, the DTLA skyline. There seems to be a tree farm, with water tanks and irrigated oaks. I hiked up to the saddle at Jones Junction and turned around, though you can continue down to East Canyon or west to Mission Point.

Both are well shaded, particularly Rice Canyon. The hike up to the top of East Canyon being my favorite. You can go further and even down past Three Trees into the valley and back.
There's an open air gun range near the bottom and the sound really cuts through the canyons so you may want to time your hike with their hours.
Note that once at the top you can't explore much as most of the hills are closed off by Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility.

pretty short but good workout

Short hike but tough hike.

3 months ago

This is a nice and easy hike.. easy enough to carry my toddler most of the way! If you go past the wide path it does get a little rockier, it is mostly nicely shaded, there are nice areas to picnic. Also, a little bug repellant wouldn't hurt ;)

Good hike. Be sure to wear a hat or sunglasses.

Great hike for our family with one HUGE exception- TICKS! Great terrain with lots of trees, shade and water crossings. Trail is well warned path. Once you start going up hill the brush is closer to the path. That's when we noticed ticks on our white dog. Lots of ticks on both dogs and both myself and my husband had one on us. NO, we did not go off the trail, we did our best to avoid the the brush. And the dogs had flea & tick monthly meds. Not likely to return- definitely not with the dogs.

Short but hard if you want a nice view you can go past the final incline and continue to the fire road which I prefer. Then you can continue on he fire road but it’s a much sharper incline. I tried since the lower easy trails were closed.

Love this trail to the Waterfalls; hiked this trail 3 times, the last time I did it solo. Too bad it’s closed for now.

Good up.. got lost down

Easy, quick and beautiful. You can get a quick 30 minute trail hike, I preferably RHike (Run-Hike), and be about your day. The view of Newhall is beautiful.

I loved it. Easy access at right off the freeway, and just 5 miles from home. Yes, you can see and hear the freeway, and yes you can see (and hear!) the power lines later...but we're in LA County off a freeway - what would you expect?! I do agree with those that say it's not clearly marked. We went off course a few times. There are lots of elevation changes - rarely are you walking flat. That made for a nice steady challenge. We ran into a few unexpected relics - foundation of an old stone structure and a few rusty pieces of industrial equipment. Overall, a good way to spend this next to last day of 2017. My finally logged hike was 4.01 miles with a 980 ft elevation gain.

Good trail for a short hike. I went early afternoon and it was warm for a winter day. Seems like it would be really beautiful in the morning

Interesting summit view, but terrible proximity to the noisy stinky highway

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