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Nice wide trail but very little shade, i'm sure it would be fantastic to hike this in late fall, winter or spring. Summer is too hot and sunny, at least in my opinion :)

Fun & challenging mt. Bike ride from Hicks parking lot. About 1.5 mi. Of very steep section in the middle. The last 3.5 miles are very nice.

Really rocky and bushes are really long and wild. True nature if you are looking for that. No views.

Nice walk. Didn’t see a lot of wildlife but some great views over the valley.

For a shorter hike to the peak park at the Bald Mountain Trailhead. Most of the trail from here is on a inclination but is shady. We started our hike at 3pm on a hot day and it was stilla great hike! Next time we'd start with

23 days ago

Great hike, very well maintained, not too crowded

Went on a Saturday at 8am. Woods and Barlow were pretty quiet, but Umunhum was pretty busy. Great long hike with a great view at the summit.

Great workout!!!! Trail running at its best!

Love the Prospect part of the hike.

Very interesting mining site.

1 month ago

Beautiful, well maintained trial with plenty of shade, lots of interesting flora and some fauna. The incline is very steady, with no real steep parts. The view at the top is awesome.

After conquering the trail from the Bald Mountain parking lot, we decided to go for the full beans and hike the 16 miles from the lower parking lot. Overall, not a bad hike. We left at 7am and got back to our car at 12:40 or so. The first half of the trail is nice and steep. Most people don’t take this route so it’s pleasantly quiet and unpopulated. You end up merging with the Bald Mountain trail and finish the ascent using that same route. Lots of interesting wildlife: foxes, snakes, butterflies, birds, and deer. The hike is mostly covered so you don’t have to endure the full strength of the sun on this trail

Incline is a challenge, but a fun one.

2 months ago

Giving this 3 stars only because it qualifies as a good urban hike. Tons of people and views are so so. It is a great way to get the family out and not a far drive away from suburban/urban life. A couple of nice placards review the history of the building at the summit. Mild elevation gain makes this doable for all ages.

3 months ago

Solid hike, good views, tons of butterflies everywhere

Great Trail. Went a couple months back and loved it. Took my dog here yesterday. Started out great until a cub mountain lion ran onto the trail about 10 yards in front of us. Luckily my dog was leashed, and after a quick 3 second stare off... my dog and I booked it the other way. I was lucky to be only 0.5 miles into the hike. Very terrifying experience and happy we didn’t see the mom mountain lion! Stay safe!!

3 months ago

Second time today - same gorgeous hike. First time was right after the trail opened. The newly installed gates at the Hicks road intersection and Bald Mountain parking lot open automatically at 7 am and stay open until after half hour past the sunset.

prefer this to the quicksilver 5 mile loop trail. dense oak forests cover the hillsides. plenty of shade to tackle even on a hot summer day...

4 months ago

Hike was pretty easy. When you start your hike and you’re in the woods, there’s this abandoned blue buggy down the hill. Looks super creepy and there was barely anyone on the trail also. Views were alright. I traveled far for this hike but it was eh.

beautiful view! well maintained trail. free parking. Not a strenuous hike

Hiked 4.7.18, right after bay area storm, and pleased that trail was very passable, a little muddy in places, but not much. parking, restrooms were very convenient, trail was very nicely graded, creeks, shades, wildlife (I saw deer, chipmunks, bobcat, and lots of birds), wildflowers, and great views. Very pleased with today's hike.

4 months ago

Nice cool walk

4 months ago

Good hike to get away from the city that is not too far.

Beautiful views, steady elevation, bunch of historical sites - perfect recipe for a great hike!

4 months ago

IMPORTANT NOTE: the directions take you to the crest of the trail, which is fine if you'd rather go downhill first. if you want to start at the trough as shown in the map, the parking lot you want is the "Sierra Azul open space preserve at Mt. umunhum road parking lot" on Google maps. Great hike, fantastic views of the South Bay.

steep inclines, beautiful scenery and plenty of people along the way

4 months ago

Not a strenuous hike. But it’s beautiful. On the weekends parking can be a hassle so I’d recommend getting there early. I’d say the hardest part of the hike is the end.

5 months ago

Spectacular 360 degree view of the Bay Area in top! I could see the Bay Bridge, Lick observatory, and Santa Cruz mountains. The hike itself was moderately easy with lots of shades. I spotted some melting snow near the top. Overall, great hike. Recommend going on weekdays or going early on weekend because parking is limited. I started from the second parking lot for a total of 7.7 miles hike

on Mount Umunhum

5 months ago

I’m so glad they opened this preserve up after so many years of being closed. Great hike with decent amount of shade, but there are plenty parts of the hike that are not shaded - so dress in layers would be my advice. Once at the top, it can get quite windy but the views are beautiful. For those who cannot hike the distance, there is a road for cars that will lead you to the top as well. Oh, on a side note, I did come across a tarantula cruising along some rocky path at the very top! So watch your step!

Good hike, plenty of places for parking!

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