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Went on a Saturday at 8am. Woods and Barlow were pretty quiet, but Umunhum was pretty busy. Great long hike with a great view at the summit.

Love the Prospect part of the hike.

Very interesting mining site.

After conquering the trail from the Bald Mountain parking lot, we decided to go for the full beans and hike the 16 miles from the lower parking lot. Overall, not a bad hike. We left at 7am and got back to our car at 12:40 or so. The first half of the trail is nice and steep. Most people don’t take this route so it’s pleasantly quiet and unpopulated. You end up merging with the Bald Mountain trail and finish the ascent using that same route. Lots of interesting wildlife: foxes, snakes, butterflies, birds, and deer. The hike is mostly covered so you don’t have to endure the full strength of the sun on this trail

Incline is a challenge, but a fun one.

Great Trail. Went a couple months back and loved it. Took my dog here yesterday. Started out great until a cub mountain lion ran onto the trail about 10 yards in front of us. Luckily my dog was leashed, and after a quick 3 second stare off... my dog and I booked it the other way. I was lucky to be only 0.5 miles into the hike. Very terrifying experience and happy we didn’t see the mom mountain lion! Stay safe!!

prefer this to the quicksilver 5 mile loop trail. dense oak forests cover the hillsides. plenty of shade to tackle even on a hot summer day...

beautiful view! well maintained trail. free parking. Not a strenuous hike

Beautiful views, steady elevation, bunch of historical sites - perfect recipe for a great hike!

steep inclines, beautiful scenery and plenty of people along the way

Good hike, plenty of places for parking!

TICKS! Did this hike yesterday, I found 10 ticks on my dog afterwards. That’s the most he’s ever had in almost 9 years, with frequent hiking. The trail is fine, but if you’re going out any time soon consider tick repellent and check yourself and your dogs afterwards.

Loved the more secluded sections of the trail. Amazing hike!

Fun hike to do in the spring time. Lots of green plants. Most of the creeks have dried out, unfortunately. The hike starts off uphill (good workout) and ends mostly downhill. There are a Lot of families on the hike, dogs, and individuals who bike/run the trails. Parking was free.

First time doing this part of Quicksilver. Definitely enjoyed it and will come back to complete the entire 10 mile loop

Nice loop with lots of deer and birds. 2 historic sites. Nice hike on a cool day.

Woods trail is a nice entrance to explore this part of Quicksilver without the steep walls you find off of New Almaden or Mockingbird entrance. The trail shown is NOT 10 miles as noted in the description. Another reviewer estimated 2.7, which is more realistic. You can expand this trail by doing a loop around Mine Hill and Castillero. Gorgeous views and the trails have been recently graded and cleaned as part of a park maintenance plan.

Enjoy hike in the woods with very quite atmosphere in New Almaden Trail. Trees give lots of shade and enjoy green and small creeks. New Almaden Trail is narrow. Maybe a little bit slippery in rainy season. Recommend to enjoy in dry condition.

Probably closer to 3.5. Fun rolling climbs and descents with good views. Saw lots of deer. Construction coming down the mine hill trail was a bummer.

Did this hike with my son on 9/2/2017. It was a very hot day so started early. Plenty of vegetation and shade. Beautiful views. There are sit outs and picnic tables on the trail. It is quite steep in some places. Enjoyed this hike. Will definitely do it again some time.

Prospect #3 is a no-nonsense trail that goes almost straight up the ridge. A favorite when I'm feeling like just gearing down and climbing.

good work out.

It is poorly titled... this is Mockingbird Hill... Hacienda would be farther south in AQ.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Nice trail, deviated from track on return leg of the loop and stayed on Mine Hill Trail, unintentionally. Saw plenty of wildlife, trails are well marked and maintained. Worth a visit.

Nice hike. Was pleasantly surprised by the overlooks. Nice parking spaces. The drive there itself is very good.

New Almaden Trail is beautiful and shady unlike most of the trails - 6 bridges and a tiny waterfall. Not as busy as some of the trails. Bring lots of water. Great hidden gem.

Moderately challenging at some points. Well shaded in many areas. Found a few geocaches. Beautiful vegetation. Family friendly - our kids are 6 and 8. I may not recommend under 5 for kids (unless you are carrying them) as there are a couple steep climbs. Very scenic.

Great hike with some good elevation and views. Part of Hacienda Trail is closed due to washouts, so we returned by another trail.

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