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Nice, fun trail. It took hardly any time to get down to the river. A little longer coming up but overall a pretty easy hike. Overlook point is beautiful!

mountain biking
13 days ago

Great trail!

nice relaxing trail. I love going in the fall with the amazing color changes of the trees and salamanders every where.

I really enjoyed this hike! Ground was level and beautiful views and ran into some salamanders on the trail. Will definitely do it again!

mountain biking
1 month ago

Beautiful single track. I am not an experienced mountain biker but enjoyed the ride. A few spots are very narrow with a steep hill facing down but I managed.

This is a great little area for a quiet relaxing walk in the woods. Even in October there was water running in the creek, and it was cooler than in the surrounding area.

Getting there: Look for Conservation road, and follow the signs. GPS was not helpful in finding the trailhead, but the signs were fine from Conservation road.

1 month ago

Went backpacking down this trail this past weekend. It was mostly in the shade and when we started it was around 60 degrees (10/6/2018). The hike down is downhill the entire way...which means the hike up is uphill the entire way (keep in mind if you are backpacking). We made it down to the river but couldn't find the trail the leads across the river. We decided to camp at one of the primitive campsites near the river and head back up the next morning. During the summertime I could imagine this part of the river would be excellent to swim in. Deep clear water (we did not see/catch any fish).

PS. To get to the trailhead follow directions to Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park (on their website) Google maps will try to lead you down a gravel road that has a lot of holes/bumps. Once you go through North Bloomfield you will see signs for the trailhead. It is located down a pretty rough gravel road so if you don't think you can make it, park before the bad part of the road and walk in (probably .2 to get to the trailhead if you cant make it past the rough part)

The trail itself is beautiful, and though I would not describe the views as spectacular, the jaunt itself is pleasant and relaxing. I took the trail from the (very low) underpass to the right of the trailhead sign all the way to it's finish at the fire road (there is an end of trail marker there to let you know). A little anticlimactic since there was no sweeping view at the end. When I do it again, i will likely stop at the picnic tables located after the bridge. Great place to snack and recharge before heading back.

Great trail! lots of mosquitoes though. Easy walk, level and shaded.

this is a fantastic trail to take young kids who are just starting to get into nature walks without being in a stroller. it is long but easy for them to enjoy and explore. the trail has several little creekbeds that are filled with salamanders. the walk bridgws and paths are also nice for individuals who have difficulty walking. bridges have benches and great views.

2 months ago

This is an epic place to get a hike and swim in. I have been coming here for years to get a training hike in followed by a swim. There is more trail with some climbing involved. The swimming holes are big enough to get a workout in also. Yes it gets crowded in Summer. Come early. We did a video on the swimming holes on our YouTube channel Chris and Bobs adventure channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpJF3zCamY0

on Missouri Bar Trail

2 months ago

It was an excellent workout. It was beautiful, peaceful, and everything a day hike should be. The river will call your name, as it did ours. So on the way back, we dove into one of the deeper swimming holes. So refreshing, especially after the uphill and down hill trek. I can’t stress this enough, bring bug spray.

This trail is more a walking trail rather than a hiking trail. It’s very flat, mostly shaded, and provides a pretty nice view of the South Yuba river from above. It’s not a crowded trail since more people opt to spend time down by the river. The wooden bridges were a nice touch as well.

From what I saw, it’s an in-out trail. The only drawback was having to avoid dog poop which was not moved from the trail.

It was a very relaxing trail to hike. sad that part of it was damaged.

great for kids path is well maintained. a lot of people there so made it tricky for the narrow path

Beautiful and shady forested old-growth loop trail for beginner hikers.

Despite the 10-minutes of gravel road a car must travel down into a canyon, the trail is worth the detour off highway CA-20.

We noticed the trailhead sign and parked our car near the toilet and picnic bench. When we stepped out of our car, we noticed the area considerably cooler and moist, quiet and mystical, compared with the surrounding ridge above where the highway is at. It reminded me of the Redwoods by the coast.

While the trail is rated as an ADA wheelchair accessible trail, parts of it have been washed out and are not suitable for wheelchairs. But most of it can still be enjoyed.

The Forest Service trail booklets make the trail an excellent children's experience, with marked landmarks, named trees, and science and ecology factoids. It presents questions and projects for kids to find, making it a fun and interactive nature trail.
There are three layers of forest, with 100+ foot tall Ponderosa and Douglas fir, then deciduous Aspens, and Alders, and then 5-10 foot tall dogwoods, and interesting rare trees. Creating a rainforest feel.

The incredible shade, along with old-growth dead logs, with moss and ferns, and creek, make this trail a fun "jungle" for kids and groups to walk and explore, and it is friendly to those with who may have a hard time walking far.

The road is narrow, and one-way, but it becomes paved eventually, and leads back out on top, onto Highway 20.

We will be taking this trail again when visiting the Nevada City / Grass Valley area.
- Mike & Angel
EarthTrek Gear

2 months ago

We went on a non-holiday weekend and there were lots of people at the lake. Probably not surprising since it's a fairly easy hike in and we saw lots of families with young children there. Luckily, we didn't have an issue with mosquitoes! Would recommend Penner Lake for people looking for an easy backpacking trip and don't mind having others around. As other folks have mentioned, if you're starting from Carr Lake Trailhead, the last 5-10 miles of the ride to there is unpaved with large boulders. A car with high clearance is recommended.

3 months ago

We started the hike from N Bloomfield historic town after the free tour (1:30-2:30pm). The hike down was quite fast and easy. The path was mostly shaded. When you get to the end of the trail, continue left to get down to the Yuba River. There was no sign nor reception. That section of the river was pretty secluded, so we had the place to ourselves. The hike back up was pretty brutal, but a great workout overall. We were able to hike up in less than one hour. Remember to bring insect repellent because the mosquitoes were everywhere!

I’ve never packed in from Grouse Ridge but I know the road to Grouse Ridge is much nicer than the road to Carr Lake where I normally start. The only downside to starting at Grouse Ridge is you end with a climb. Beyond where to start this area is amazing. You do have a lot of people at all the lake so if solitude is what you’re looking for I would go somewhere else.

If you don’t mind a lot of people at the Lake. Than this is a great place to camp. The switchbacks right before Penner Lake are rocky but I’ve seen some pretty young children at Penner and I’ve take my boys here as early as 7 years old. The water is clear and when you add that with the trees and rock you will keep wanting to come back.

3 months ago

Beautiful! We went at 11am on a Wednesday and had no issues with parking or crowds. We hiked (kids & adults) about a mile down the trail until cutting over to the river for a swim. We were completely left alone and found the water, trails, climb to be quite manageable for the able body person. There were more people on the trail as we headed back, but nothing to complain about. The trail itself I would rate as easy, the scaling of rocks to get down to the water I would rate as moderate, but that all depends on where you choose to stop.

3 months ago

Got an early start - 8:30 AM - wave of visitors began around 10:30 AM. After that, far too many people on the trail and in the rapids. Swam in the river afterward, for 2 hours, downstream near the bridge. Many male exhibitionists upstream at Hoyt. Not sure what compels people to do that; wasn't the nature experience I was looking for. Still amazed at individuals who show up on these trails wearing footwear inadequate for the terrain. Darwin comes to mind.

The scenery on this trail is ever changing! Which made it interesting and fun:) It wasn't challenging in any way, very chill. Adorable, really. Good for everyone! Adults and kids. Wheelchairs not so much).

3 months ago

Great trail- fantastic views almost all through. It’s also brilliant in the number of lakes you see along the way. Try the smaller lakes if you want some solitude. Ah also, for the trailhead mentioned here your car needs some amount of clearance- it’s 5 miles of brutal stones for a regular car/tires. Maybe the Bowman trailhead someone else mentioned in the comments works better?

Was a great little trail. We had it all to ourselves.
This would be a great walk for young children as well.
We had an illusion that we were walking slightly down hill both ways

This trail actually goes much further than the All Trails map indicates. It crosses the road and meets up with a B.O.N.C. trail that goes along the South edge of the lake. We went only as far as the lake edge and turned back. 9.2 miles. while a trail best suited for bike, a nice walk. saw a total of 4 bikers and no hikers. Quiet for a beautiful Saturday.

4 months ago

Loved that you can hear (and mostly see) the rushing water all along this trail! Definitely gets every muscle working. Lots of stairs, flora, and a couple of streams. Didn't realize the end beach was a nudists beach until I read the reviews (after the fact). There were some swimmers there, but didn't notice if they were in their birthday suits. Some families with kids were hiking this trail, so hopefully they didn't encounter any nudists. Will definitely do this hike again. Praise the Lord for such beautiful creation!

4 months ago

the west trail is actually a loop of you take Jones bar and hike on the service road for a bit. you will see where the west trail meets the road. Take that back to the trail head. Very nice and shady. The most difficult part was the incline on the service road. we then went to to the east trail. This is an in and out trail. Easy and flat.

5 months ago

We weren’t impressed. This is an in and out hike, which we knew to begin with. The hike halfway in was nice and very easy. It was also wide enough and very level for wheel chair accessibility. The wooden switchback was blocked off and deemed unsafe. We were able to navigate our way down but definitely not accessible in a wheelchair. It was the only point on the hike that any water was visible. The second half of the way in was level and very easy for an able person. The trail narrowed to the point that a wheel chair would not fit and tons of poison oak encroached the path. There was also two fallen trees blocking the path. The trail led to an end of trail marker...a huge disappointment for myself and my two teen boys. Apparently, in other reviews, we could have crossed what appeared to be a county maintained gravel road and scaled down some boulders to a swim pond. Didn’t realize that until later. We headed back and then drove down the hill to the bridge where we joined several others at the swimming hole. Lots of fun there. Next time, that’s where we will spend our time.

I am in a wheelchair (power) and this was amazing!!

Just wanted to clarify that following the dirt road to the right at the end of the trail leads to an absolutely beautiful spot but the loop back to the trail is a very tough vertical hike. You will find it on the other side of a wooden foot bridge.

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