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Cool and easy trail. A good one for running and light walking. Some cool views. But overall pretty standard for a public accessible trail head. Found a cool tire swing. Saw a few people, so it’s not to scarce with people.

Someone needs to post where the trail head starts. The directions tab brings you to “unknown location” which was the entrance to a winery. After a while of searching for a trail and nowhere to park but on busy Silverado Trail, I left. Went to River Ridge by the Napa Golf Course. Lots of parking, lots of bikers. Felt safe and open. Not the best views and no challenge but easy to find

mountain biking
1 month ago

I've ridden my bike on this trail various times, and it's definitely a nice ride if you catch the tide at the right time. High tide, the water makes the scenery beautiful to gaze at. It's also a good area to walk your dogs around, but be safe around glass beach.

Lots of wildlife, well maintained paths, water station, Glass Beach

Nicely kept and maintained trails.

This trail was a great match for the 4 of us. The view of the Napa Valley was beautiful. We want to come back in a few weeks and gather blackberries ♡

on Lake Marie Trail

1 month ago

After climbing like crazy all week we were looking forward to an easy trail. Maybe tired legs made this tougher but be prepared for some uphill.

Nice little hills and little paths to wander around.

The trail can be slightly steep in places, but other than that it’s pretty straightforward. The views of the valley are amazing, plus there is the view of the reservoir at the top.

Well. I like this trail better before I realized the hill is basically a giant pimple on the earth. It’s a landfill that was covered in dirt. I mean, yea, it’s great there isn’t exposed landfill just sitting there, and apparently they somehow make energy for electricity from it, but. It just ruined the entire area there for me. It just makes me mad that that was the solution to the landfill. Just bury it? So that all that trash gets to seep into the soil and water around it? Just doesn’t seem smart. Now all I can think about there is how humans are ruining the earth.

This hike.

A giant man made pimple in the earth. Filled with trash. Yay? :/

Fun quick trail some good views and not too rough.

One of my Favorite trails.

3 months ago

Fantastic walk up to the top of the hill. Grass is a bit tall at the top for my preference, including thorns and thistles. Beautiful views of the valley. Will comeback!

perfect Saturday morning running trail.

3 months ago

Nice trail. Watch out for poison oak and rattlesnakes.

Pretty boring trail, the lake is pretty though with lots of places to relax and cook out with family and friends. Very easy hike with little scenery

3 months ago

It’s a boring hike and then we had to pick a dozen ticks off the dog.

3 months ago

Lots of signage to find the trails, many of which branch off this one. It's a well-shaded trail—road, actually—so it's great on a hot day. Pretty much up, up, up on the way to Lake Marie (which is not real impressive, but ok). If you have time, take another trail down instead of the road, just for interest's sake. Going up is not a difficult climb, just relentlessly uphill.

3 months ago

Hurray, no dogs! The trail begins in town and traffic (park in a nicely paved lot to the left of Streblow Drive), and soon passes into a narrow path between two chain link fences as you escape civilization. After a bit of that, it opens up into a delightful, meandering, well-trod dirt & rock trail that goes all the way to Skyline Wilderness Park. It's definitely an easy hike, though not at all a waste of time.

Easy little trail, we did see 3 rattle snakes on/near the trail so we probably won’t be back. If you keep your wits about you it’s a great beginners trail!

No dogs allowed.

4 months ago

Beautiful view, very peaceful setting.

Nice short hike

on Alston Park Loop Trail

4 months ago

The trail was fine. It's very wide and there were tons of dogs but there's really no shade at all. Towards the back theres a small offshoot that leads to a river bank but it's not really part of the trail.
If your dog is ok in dog parks this trail is great. There's a fenced in area for dogs next to one of the parking areas.

This is a short easy hike in Napa, that gets you enough elevation so see out into the valley. There is a free paved parking lot at the start. There are many alternative routes. This is definitely a local favorite.

Nice trails, very level...good walking and jogging...lots of birds including beautiful swans...

Peaceful and short trail.

5 months ago

Nice, very few rocks.

It was a great day to be outside but I think this trail was a little steep. I wouldn’t say it’s an easy hike.

6 months ago

lots of elevation change but beautiful in winter! some trails still recovering from fire

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