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Nice with great views!

16 days ago

It is good for relaxation. easy to walk . many resting areas near South Head. One hour walk from North to south head, BBQ there then came back . there is short cut if you don't want to walk back for an other hour can go through the paved road.

It was a little tricky to find since the directions lead you to the winery entrance. I just parked on the side of the road and crossed over and looked for the path. I chose to ignore the sign and proceed up the mountain. It was pretty rocky but they made wonderful steps. Beautiful views every time I turned around to look and the view of the reservoir was a lovely treat once you get to the top.

The trail head is across the road from the Paraduxx winery just to the SE. There is a fence with a gait. Go to the right. Ignore the sign on the fence at the corner. It applies to the fenced area. There is no parking or sign for the trail head. I enjoyed the trek. It is moderate with loose rocks. Super panoramic views of the valley.

mountain biking
24 days ago

50% bike ride 50% walk because of the hills

Great short hike. Really good incline to start off leading all the way up to many options coming back to meet the same trail. Seen deer, some squirrels, a lizard and a couple bigger birds. Found a fun swing. Overall a good short hike to catch some morning fresh air.


trail running
1 month ago

I really enjoyed this trail. A variety of difficulty including Hard! Wonderful views ! Appreciated reading the previous comments, some very different from my experience but every day is different. I completed in about 3 hours.

well marked..lots of coverage.. go opposite direction to do steep first and have a hike stick - that be mighty helpful. The down is quite slippery for a short bit but otherwise great hike would recommend

This trail was gorgeous and a great for a morning run.

First of all, this app is terrific! It kept us on the trail whenever the signs were confusing. I agree with the other reviews that going clockwise would be preferred. To go that way you must start out behind the entrance building.

In the sun the entire time...being plenty of water. Took about 3 hours to complete. $5 entry to get into the park.

Cool and easy trail. A good one for running and light walking. Some cool views. But overall pretty standard for a public accessible trail head. Found a cool tire swing. Saw a few people, so it’s not to scarce with people.

2 months ago

Lovely trail currently being maintained by trail builders. Features multiple trailheads with great uninterrupted views of the lake in peace and solitude. Easy access to shoreline for swimming.

Someone needs to post where the trail head starts. The directions tab brings you to “unknown location” which was the entrance to a winery. After a while of searching for a trail and nowhere to park but on busy Silverado Trail, I left. Went to River Ridge by the Napa Golf Course. Lots of parking, lots of bikers. Felt safe and open. Not the best views and no challenge but easy to find

mountain biking
2 months ago

I've ridden my bike on this trail various times, and it's definitely a nice ride if you catch the tide at the right time. High tide, the water makes the scenery beautiful to gaze at. It's also a good area to walk your dogs around, but be safe around glass beach.

Lots of wildlife, well maintained paths, water station, Glass Beach

Nicely kept and maintained trails.

This trail was a great match for the 4 of us. The view of the Napa Valley was beautiful. We want to come back in a few weeks and gather blackberries ♡

on Lake Marie Trail

3 months ago

After climbing like crazy all week we were looking forward to an easy trail. Maybe tired legs made this tougher but be prepared for some uphill.

Nice little hills and little paths to wander around.

3 months ago

If you are looking for a challenge, this trail might be for you. It has all the ticks you could want, no source of water, decent shade in the first 3.5mi, then no shade. i decided to do this hike on a cloudless day, with 97-100° temps, and 3.5 liters of fluid....bad idea, lesson learned. i ran out of water on the way down, about 4 miles from my truck....that was a very long 4 miles. Cramped up pretty good when i finally made it to my truck. Trying to change clothes and look for ticks with cramped legs sucks!!! I had gatorade and water in my truck, thank God. I am happy to say i completed this hike, so i can scratch it off the list.

The trail can be slightly steep in places, but other than that it’s pretty straightforward. The views of the valley are amazing, plus there is the view of the reservoir at the top.

Well. I like this trail better before I realized the hill is basically a giant pimple on the earth. It’s a landfill that was covered in dirt. I mean, yea, it’s great there isn’t exposed landfill just sitting there, and apparently they somehow make energy for electricity from it, but. It just ruined the entire area there for me. It just makes me mad that that was the solution to the landfill. Just bury it? So that all that trash gets to seep into the soil and water around it? Just doesn’t seem smart. Now all I can think about there is how humans are ruining the earth.

This hike.

A giant man made pimple in the earth. Filled with trash. Yay? :/

If you like to make jerky with your leg skin, then this is the trail for you. lower trail was great, upper trail was hell. over grown with a ton of thorns. ouch

Fun quick trail some good views and not too rough.

One of my Favorite trails.

First thing, you have you pay a $5 dollar say use fee to hike. It's well worth the money if your up for the challenge. If you hike the whole loop, skyline trail to sugarloaf trail on to manzanita trail, your in for about a 3 hour walk. I started at 10:00 a.m. and finished at 1:00 p.m., covering 7.8 miles and 2,040 ft elevation change. I didnt see any rattlesnakes, hogs, deer, cougars etc. Does not mean that they are not there, so be mindful. I would not recommend bringing children, as some areas are very steep and slippery and it gets extremly hot. Bring lots of water and stay hydrated!! Overall a fun, tough hike. Have fun and be safe!!

5 months ago

Fantastic walk up to the top of the hill. Grass is a bit tall at the top for my preference, including thorns and thistles. Beautiful views of the valley. Will comeback!

5 months ago

This was a very, very, bad idea.

I thought it was going well for the first mile or so, pretty boring, but still with the hope that it would improve as it went on. Well holy shit was I wrong; almost immediately into the first mile and a half I remember the advice that a reviewer gave about the ticks, only to look down at my shirt to my complete and utter shock, not one, not two, but four of the vampiric little creatures climbing up my shirt. I walked a couple hundred more feet thinking that I had just gone through a bad patch, boy was I wrong.

Now, I live nearly two hours away and lordy me can I tell you that having the idea of these little blood sucking creatures latched onto me did not make it any shorter.At this point I'm just about to call this trail a bad omen, considering that my car was drenched in fire retardent on the way down the switchbacks and that I nearly had several head on's through the mountainous roads. I'm scared of what disastrous things this innocent looking trail can bring onto others.

I would only recommend this trail if you think that nearly dying of blood loss on the way home is enjoyable.

edit: I guess one of the upsides to the County Fire is that all of the damned ticks in the area have burned. Too bad the trail seems to have been involved in the burn though, I would have liked to venture during the Spring season when the ticks have calmed themselves.

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