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View of the canyon through the first half is absolutely stunning. Highly recommended.

One of my top hikes in LA!

Lots of gorgeous views, just far/ close enough to Hollywood.

The "description" is totally inaccurate and people can get lost if they follow them!

Park at Buckhorn Day Use NOT Campground. Ignore where the trailhead is on the Alltrails app (the map trailhead looks like at the bottom of the ski hill. Who the hell would hike up or down that??) From the DAY USE lot, walk directly across the street and go through the white metal gate. After a short while you'll see a SMALL post with the word "trail" (Mt Waterman Loop is scrawled on it if you look closer) on it. Follow that TRAIL up (left). If you go straight it's just a fire road which is steeper than the left side with not much to see. The left TRAIL side has all the views and much easier of an incline.

The alltrails map is accurate the rest of the way. It will come in handy as the trail becomes unclear many times.

Please fix the description!

My favorite easy day hike in the Angeles N.F. I love everything about this trail--the huge ponderosa and sugar pines, the rocks on top for scrambling, the view from the top. It's also super fun to mountain bike!

22 days ago

I had a blast on this trail. Check out my virtual hike here: https://youtu.be/aRcdlEpHrkM

Start early this time of year to avoid the heat. It's the kind of trail that starts off easy and ends hard because the incline is on the way out. I loved the shade and scenery on this trail. There are a few structures along the way and the camp is a great spot to take a break before the way back out. Make sure to check out the creek by following the bridge at the end of the campground.

Make sure to wear bug spray. The commenter below was not kidding. I had a whole team of gnats and mosquitos by the end.

This is a moderate hike, I was definitely working up a good sweat and felt amazing coming back up to Red Box.

Here's some music to bring along with you on the trail: https://sptfy.com/1WWa

This place is awesome, lots of history and ruins to see. No shade for the first couple of miles until you almost hit the campgrounds. Bring LOTS of water and a hat! Loose gravel all along the fire road, wear durable shoes or you will regret it. Watch out for snakes. :)

Wonderful hike to the top. Four stars because of the descent via the dirt roads. Next time I'll return via the same path up.

Was a pretty easy hike. Not much covering, and the trail was down hill and the start and ip hill coming back.

Weather was perfect today. Views were amazing! Nice and shaded. I expected to see a lot of people since it’s Memorial Day weekend but only saw 3 people on my way up to the top. Saw a bigger group later in morning. I got here around 8am and there was one other car here. Made it to the top and spent about an hour scrambling up different rocks. The reason I’m only giving 4 stars is bc the second half of the trail (if you decide to do the full loop like I did) is really just a fire road back down. Not very picturesque and zero shade. If I would’ve known that I would’ve just gone back down the same way. But all in all a great hike about an hour outside of LA. Will definitely be back!!!

Side note: watch out for all the jerks in sports cars going 80mph down steep, narrow roads. No joke, saw a guy standing outside his Camaro at one of the turnouts with a jacket that said “In speed we trust” *vomits up a little*

Beautiful views, nice trail.

Very bad trail no maintenance the picnic and bathroom looks like a trash.the trail you can not go through.this has to be a close please,that way you don’t have to drive and lose your time and gas.

mountain biking
2 months ago

it's amazing one of the best trail I've been through

Fist time here. Definitely not my last definitely a hidden gem. For an experienced hike fairly easy hike knocked it out in 2 hours and that was with a 15 min break at the top. Next time definitely adding cooper falls to the day for some extra mileage. Not to many signs but the trail is clear and maintained. Plus the all trails map always comes in handy! Beautiful views from the top even as clouds were engulfing the mountains.

2 months ago

I think this trail is actually a section of the Gabrielino Trail. We followed the stairs down to the trail and later ended up at Valley Forge Campground. Super easy trail on the way to campsite, but uphill the entire way back. Lots of poison oak along the trail, so be careful! Not much water for the first mile but as you get closer there were several little stream crossings and a nice flowing stream along the campground. About six campsites with fire pits, picnic tables, and pit toilets made this a hidden luxury camping spot. We saw a few hikers on our way in, but the campground was not crowded at all and parking at Redbox Picnic Area was plentiful; don't forget your Adventure Pass!

The views are beautiful. Loose gravel and No shade. Take plenty of water. Also, Lots of trials within this trial. So it’s easy to get off the track. But worth the hike.

Really enjoyed this hike not often we hike fire road trails, it was a nice change to walk side by side.

Good hike pretty rocky though but lots of different trails to choose

Beautiful trail. I would rate this a more of an easier trail. If your thinking about going anytime soon.. dress WARM. It was 22 degrees in the morning and some grey clouds decided to move towards us making it even colder to the point it started snowing. Was beautiful, but SO cold. We went right at the junction head, but would recommend starting left. There is a fair amount of snow up there.. so be very careful when coming across icy patches. Trekking poles would be a good idea, but micro spikes not needed yet.

on Valley Forge Trail

5 months ago

We definitely hiked closer to 7miles by the time we were done. There wasn’t too much water at the beginning of the trail head but deeper into the valley, the streams were nice! Some interesting finds about half way through. It’s all down hill in and all up hill out which could be difficult if you’re not in shape. Overall pretty good! Not sure if it’s worth us going again though.

Weather was perfect. Trail was easy to follow. Entered at white gate across from Buckhorn Day Use parking then followed sign for Waterman Loop. Came down on fire road to complete the loop. Trail conditions are perfect.

Lovely trail! I would do this again and recommended it! Beautiful views throughout the loop. Some icy patches of snow on the trail today, 01/21/18, but not enough to necessitate micro spikes—just trekking poles. The section from Mt. Waterman to the main trail is not well marked, so check your All Trails map at this point especially so you don’t get lost. Check the forecast and layer up as needed.

It’s an easy but rugged little road that takes you to inspiration point with beautiful views.

This is a nice little hike to inspiration point. If you would rather hike a trail, you can take a detour to Mt. Lowe which follows the road but is an actual trail with better views in my opinion. The cool thing about this trail is that it gives you access to many other trails which allows you to either plan your day or just wing it and be adventurous.

Absolutely breathtaking trail. I started to the left, which I think ended up being best - the inclines are very gradual, the best views in my opinion are on this side, and the way down was a consistent fire road decline. Bit slippery on the fire road though; I was glad to have poles.

There is also the opportunity for some fun bouldering if you take the little offshoot route, and the views from that point are spectacular.

My only complaint is that there are a lot of crisscrossing roads, making it hard to know where to go. I used this app to know if I was going the right way, and may have had a hard time in some places otherwise.

The whole thing took me about 2 hours and 45 minutes with some breaks, walking at a moderately fast clip. I will definitely be back and trying the extensions to Mt. Waterman or East Twin Peaks.

Hiked the loop with the extension to East Twin Peaks which made for a total of about 12 miles and nearly 4,000 ft of the elevation gain. We went clockwise starting from the trailhead just east of Buckhorn day use area and ended north of the small parking spot by coming down on the fire road past the ski resort buildings. The Waterman loop is great - picturesque with a few viewpoints on the way up of Baldy etc. after the junction where the trail splits to either continue up to Waterman or head towards Twin Peaks, the trail becomes narrower and a little looser. By the time you descend a bunch to get to the saddle and start the gruelling ascent up, the trail becomes looser still. The entire way up from the saddle to Twin Peaks East is no joke and probably not for the faint of knees lol. Make sure you have hiking shoes with good tread and trekking poles ideally. If not to help you up, definitely will help you get back down safely. It’s ok to scoot in your butt a little too if it helps your knees and you know, not falling off the face of a mountain. The trail may sometimes get a little hard to see so having all trails on is handy. The summit is great though - views and lots of big boulders to take summit pics on and eat lunch. Go slowly back down and at the junction head left to finish the loop. In comparison Mt Waterman might seem a little anti climatic, unless you decide to climb straight up the backside of it like we did lol because we were too lazy to walk .2 miles around but seemed to have enough to go nearly vertical hahah. The walk back down the fire road is not super exciting or easy on the feet after 11 miles but take it easy. The turn off for the short cut trail back to Hwy 2 is easy to miss also, kinda looks like a water drainage path but trust all trails!

7 months ago

Did a quick black Friday overnight trip. Campsite is okay but there's a lot of trash left around the site as well as TP.

No water at camp, however there is a slow trickle of a stream just before the red cabin and right after.

7 months ago

Pretty well maintained campsite. Vaulted toilets could use some attention but have seen much worse. Fun little spot!

This was a beautiful trail! We decided to opt outside on this trail. The trail starts at a white fire road gate across from the Buck Horn day use area that has a few benches and a vault toilet. It was 3.5 miles going up and 3.5 miles coming down a total of 7miles. I noticed a few websites say it’s 5.3 miles total but our trackers said 7miles total. It felt like 7miles total. My suggestion is to start the loop and stay to the left side going up. The left side has a more gradual elevation gain and it was absolutely doable coming down felt steep but I’m glad we hiked down the steep side and didn’t climb up it. It was about a 3hour Hike but very enjoyable!

Loved this hike, very gradual climb up to some fun, easy bouldering

8 months ago

A good section of this trail is now closed.

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