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3 days ago

Por el día el clima estuvo increiblemente perfecto soleado y por la noche fresco. Para aquellos amantes de la naturaleza hay mucha fauna y flora, ahora todo esta verde y con flores. En mi caso traía una mochila con con equipo para acampar, provisiones y agua lo cual hizo mas pesado y cansado todo.  El plan dormir en la punta de la cima y al día siguiente regresar. Recomiendo llevar repelente mucho mosquito!  palos de apoyo para hike hay partes con terreno no confiable, es un sendero pesado y requiere condición física, personalmente hice varias paradas para disfrutar mi alrededor y tomar aliento, no llevaba prisa por  llegar a la cima pero cuando llegue sentí una satisfacción enorme me encantó la vista.
 Definitivamente el regreso fue mucho mas fácil pero aún asi tener precauciones especialmente en el descenso por toda la arena suelta y piedras pequeñas que hay en el camino.
Terminé muerta pero amé todo, sin dudarlo regreso!!!

Lots of flatter sections and the brutal steep section to the summit (~ 1/2 mile). Really loose and step and I ended up slipping on the way down. Has some of the best views of Angeles Forest I have seen but hike wasn't my favorite. Watch your footing on some of the flatter trail sections, I had my foot sunk into a few hidden animal holes. Sooo many flies on the downhill section before the climb to the summit but that is to be expected this time of year in Angeles Crest. Next time I will go up to Mt. Waterman from Three Points and it doesn't seem to have the dip into the saddle, followed by a crazy incline!

Pretty magnificent hike. We started at Vincent Gap, climbed the 5 peaks and ended at Islip Saddle. The trails were remarkably maintained. We hiked Memorial Day. It was warm but there’s lots of coverage. I do recommend climbing all or most of the peaks. The views are marvelous.

Very bad trail no maintenance the picnic and bathroom looks like a trash.the trail you can not go through.this has to be a close please,that way you don’t have to drive and lose your time and gas.

30 days ago

A very short but enjoyable hike. Combine this with another trail nearby and it's worth it.

1 month ago

I think this trail is actually a section of the Gabrielino Trail. We followed the stairs down to the trail and later ended up at Valley Forge Campground. Super easy trail on the way to campsite, but uphill the entire way back. Lots of poison oak along the trail, so be careful! Not much water for the first mile but as you get closer there were several little stream crossings and a nice flowing stream along the campground. About six campsites with fire pits, picnic tables, and pit toilets made this a hidden luxury camping spot. We saw a few hikers on our way in, but the campground was not crowded at all and parking at Redbox Picnic Area was plentiful; don't forget your Adventure Pass!

I did San Gabriel Peak yesterday it was a nice weather 11 miles from Cobb Estate, Echo Mt., Inspiration Point Mount Lowe and final point San Gabriel Peak the weather was cool to finished this trail. I love to explore each day a different trails. If I can, If not I repeat the ones I like more. We live in a wonderful world to explore!!

Incredible view, definitely almost 12 miles not 8.8, and the climb up to twin peaks is a scramble... sometimes climbing up an upward beach, but well worth how strong you feel at the end and the way the sun feels on your skin. And DAT VIEW. Wow. Also not so many people!!

2 months ago

I had an awesome time yesterday! Vlogged the whole thing and made a spotify playlist for anyone to bring on this trail. Check it out here:

I've hiked to this peak twice now. The 2nd time around was much easier for me than the first. Worth the hike up. We did it on 3/18, and there was snow from a storm the day before. I would definitely take trekking poles as it made it easier to hike. We also coupled San Gabriel Peak with Mt. Disappointment. You might as well do it, since you're right there :)

2 months ago

A fun hike with some awesome panoramic views at the top! Not my favorite Los Angeles forest hike, but still a good one! I loved all the pine trees and was surprised to find a little snow late in the spring.
A lot of people are saying "this is a moderate hike, not easy." I'd probably agree. I think the high elevation made it a little bit harder than you'd expect from a typical 2.8-mile walk.

I would call this easy I would call it a high moderate. Not a lot of shade, good cool weather hike take lots of water. We added some extra miles with a detour to Mt. Disappointment.

I wouldn’t call this hike easy, more moderate as it’s a pretty good incline and requires a bit of stamina to get top. Great views at the top. Did 4 peaks today and this was first on the list. Great workout!

on Valley Forge Trail

4 months ago

We definitely hiked closer to 7miles by the time we were done. There wasn’t too much water at the beginning of the trail head but deeper into the valley, the streams were nice! Some interesting finds about half way through. It’s all down hill in and all up hill out which could be difficult if you’re not in shape. Overall pretty good! Not sure if it’s worth us going again though.

It's a good hike and in some areas downtown Los Angeles can be seen as well as the observatory on Mt. Wilson. There are a few trails that cross this one so be careful to not get lost.

I loved this trail. The burn area gives you a desolate feeling with great views of Mount Wilson and devils canyon through the charred trees that still dot the mountain side. The descent down to the saddle is where you get your view of twin peaks, then it’s all uphill from there.

The climb to the top is very steep and unrelenting. Luckily it is only about a mile. The view from the summit is great and well worth the effort to get there. There was a little a snow on the trail (Jan 27) but nothing to worry about.

It was a nice hike from Cobbe Estate to Echo Mountain, Inspiration Point, Mount Lowe and stoped at Mount Markham. Very good exploratory hike in a cloudy day.


We did ~12 miles total of the Arroyo Seco. It was a little boring scenery-wise but our hiking group was fun. Started at the first parking lot and hiked a rocky dirt road to another parking lot. We continued through that lot onto a trail with very small stream crossings. This 2nd trail had old grandmas walking with canes and a guy wearing a crispy white hat with nary a dirt speckle on it. I would rank this part of the trail as very easy. We turned around at a sign reading Switzer Falls 1.5 miles.

5 months ago

12/27/17 Did the loop that included Twin Peaks East and Waterman. Headed to Twin Peaks East first followed by Waterman. This hike was hard/ strenuous. Perfect weather no snow.
Start of the hike gradual ascent and decent to the saddle of Twin Peaks. It was a step climb up and down not as bad as I thought it would be for Twin Peaks, Would say it's a class 2. With small patches of being very steep and loose ground I would place it as class 3 in those areas. after you have completed Twin Peaks East and head to the saddle going up to Waterman for me that's when I started to feel tired in my legs I feel that The Descent down Twin Peaks was the cause would recommend to condition your legs before attempting this hike. the way up to Waterman Peak there is no official Peak or register. Lots of fire roads The Descent down Waterman was very gradual I would place it as a Class 1 some people would argue maybe a Class 2 because of the incline or decline. Fun hike if you're into a challenge. would like to head back and attempt West Twin Peak trying to find some up-to-date YouTube videos or blogs/ review of Twin Peaks West.

Stunning views but wow, the wind! Current conditions are no snow or ice but powerful winds and temps that drop as you get higher. I wore baselayer, wool hoodie, down jacket, beanie, gloves and that kept me warm enough. Wear layers and check conditions before going. The hike itself is tough at times and I'm feeling sore now. Take two cars, leave one at Islip Saddle, the other at Vincent Gap so you just have to hike one way.

6 months ago

Nice trail

6 months ago

Did a quick black Friday overnight trip. Campsite is okay but there's a lot of trash left around the site as well as TP.

No water at camp, however there is a slow trickle of a stream just before the red cabin and right after.

6 months ago

Pretty well maintained campsite. Vaulted toilets could use some attention but have seen much worse. Fun little spot!

7 months ago

A good section of this trail is now closed.

PSA: the trail head is ACROSS THE STREET from the islip saddle parking lot... I mistakenly took the trail that led from the parking lot. Little upset with how poorly the signage was -- no indication in the parking lot that the trail is across the street. Not sure how people who haven't been would know not to take the trail that leads from the lot, but maybe it's just me... despite all the confusion, I did get some pretty incredible views.

8 months ago

the first time i hiked the trail i started up on top off Mt. Wilson red box road and hiked down valley forge trail. once i got to the fork i hiked west back to HWY 2 and the main parking lot. i was too tired to hiked back up the trail to where i left my truck so i walked along the road. i totally regretted that lol. overall it was nice, i've been back a couple of times and have seen some does by the creek and even got a picture of a black bear walking down to the creek to get some water.

It starts out with some fairly moderate elevation gains through some bare and gravely terrain decorated with boulders—reminded me of Joshua Tree. Then works into some lightly forested area through a pretty sweet fern patch. There were some muddy spots; also check your legs for ticks when you get through. I had a little fella climbing up my shin. Then it’s a pretty standard Angeles Forest hike: cool trees, dry gravel, good views, until you start working your way down into the saddle. It’s maybe 3/4 mile from the saddle to summit, but over 1k feet in steep, challenging elevation gain. It’s easy to lose the trail here and there if you’re not focusing. But there are some occasional red markers. Summit is worth the effort. 360 deg views and plenty of flat areas to lay out, catch your breath, and crush some food.

Overall a pretty challenging hike. It can be a little bit of a bummer losing a bunch of elevation into the saddle, especially on the way back. But there wasn’t a single other person on the trail, on a Saturday, on October. Pretty surprised. I burned through almost 4 liters of water for this one, on a 75-80 F day.

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