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5 days ago

it's amazing one of the best trail I've been through

Parked just passed Burkhart campground. Enter the campground and follow the signs through the campground there is a parking lot. With three kids and dog, was a pretty easy trail going down a little harder coming back up. The water is flowing and so beautiful. You definetly need good shoes getting down to the waterfall, climb down with the rope can get slippery. We camped just before the waterfall in a flat area across from the trail.

Nice hike & beautiful views but beware mountain bikers descending quickly on the first part

21 days ago

Beautiful trail, and very quiet. Great views at the top and a cool riverbed area and campground towards the bottom. We went on a Saturday afternoon and only saw two other people. The trail is frequently very narrow and crumbly, so watch your step. It’s an upside-down trail, with all the ascent on the way out, which can seem daunting but it wasn’t so bad, never felt too steep. We started down the trail at 1pm and found that by the time we started heading up, it was mostly in the shade, so this is a good one to do in the afternoon.

Note there’s tons of poison oak in the lower portions by the stream, some of it right in the trail, so beware and consider long pants if you’re particularly susceptible to it.

p.s. the description on AllTrails mentions a waterfall, but we couldn’t find it. The trail kinda peters out at a campground clearing, and we explored along the stream a bit further but didn’t find a waterfall.

26 days ago

I think this trail is actually a section of the Gabrielino Trail. We followed the stairs down to the trail and later ended up at Valley Forge Campground. Super easy trail on the way to campsite, but uphill the entire way back. Lots of poison oak along the trail, so be careful! Not much water for the first mile but as you get closer there were several little stream crossings and a nice flowing stream along the campground. About six campsites with fire pits, picnic tables, and pit toilets made this a hidden luxury camping spot. We saw a few hikers on our way in, but the campground was not crowded at all and parking at Redbox Picnic Area was plentiful; don't forget your Adventure Pass!

The views are beautiful. Loose gravel and No shade. Take plenty of water. Also, Lots of trials within this trial. So it’s easy to get off the track. But worth the hike.

Beautiful Views! Best in LA!

Really enjoyed this hike not often we hike fire road trails, it was a nice change to walk side by side.

2 months ago

This was an enjoyable hike that was moderate (or easy if you are an avid hiker). There are some beautiful views going down the switch backs into the canyon which was perhaps my favorite part, and some nice creeks in the canyon. The trail is narrow at places, but very doable. There were only two down trees when I went, and both looked to have been there for a long while. It's mid march and even though there has been rain, there was surprisingly no snow on the trail, despite snow on surrounding mountains - it was however very cold during the decent, but not as bad on the return as you are hiking back up since you're working harder on the way up. It's not steep however, and if you are in shape it will be easy. It was a nice hike, I would give it a B. Cons are that you decent first and I prefer working towards a peak as the end goal, or a big waterfall. There isn't much of an end wow factor, but don't let that deter you. It's still really lovely.

2 months ago

Beautiful trail! Spectacular views of the mountains covered in snow beyond the canyon below. Streams were flowing stronger than usual but crossings were easy.
The trail does thin out in some places so be mindful of where you’re putting your feet. I really wish this trail went further down the canyon, it ends just after a picnic area where there’s a barrel for fires. I tried following a trail that nearly disappeared and bushwhacked for a while before I turned back.

Trail was great and in good shape. All downhill to cooper falls. Took trail past falls up to pallett mountain which becomes very strenuous so if your not a frequent hiker I would not attempt because you might get stuck out here after dark. We were going to take pct from Angeles crest to Bukhart but that section is closed for frog population rehabilitation. Falls were frozen and beautiful, be careful of the ice down to the falls.

Good hike pretty rocky though but lots of different trails to choose

Beautiful... and it smelled so good! Loved it.

Went with my friend, pretty hard if you are not in decent shape like me haha. Easy going in, hard coming back. Beautiful views. Got to see the waterfall and have a drink of cold water.

3 months ago

Very nice trail that crosses a bit of the PCT. Nice talks trees and the waterfall was empty when we got there. The climb up and down the ladder could be difficult for some but we made it without a problem. Watch out for rattle snakes we saw a baby one about a mile from the trail head. Overall very beautiful!

on Valley Forge Trail

3 months ago

We definitely hiked closer to 7miles by the time we were done. There wasn’t too much water at the beginning of the trail head but deeper into the valley, the streams were nice! Some interesting finds about half way through. It’s all down hill in and all up hill out which could be difficult if you’re not in shape. Overall pretty good! Not sure if it’s worth us going again though.

4 months ago

The trail was reasonably challenging. The trail is VERY narrow & has a number of fallen tress in the path. Along the trail are steep slopes of very loose soil/gravel. So mind your step. There are few small streams to cross as you get closer to the bottom until you walk into a dry riverbed. The trail actually extends beyond the point on the map. We walked roughly an additional mile & ate lunch on some big rocks next to the stream.

The hike, for us, was more moderate/hard and the erosion & steepness of the slopes at times made it a bit harrowing a couple of times. The scenery was similar from the top until close to the end. We took both our dogs who really enjoyed it. It was a great hike in the woods but not as much variation in vegetation & scenery as we tend to prefer.

p.s. there was no waterfall but may have been that hiked in mid-January

Didn’t complete, too icy and dangerous. Will go back.

It’s an easy but rugged little road that takes you to inspiration point with beautiful views.

This is a nice little hike to inspiration point. If you would rather hike a trail, you can take a detour to Mt. Lowe which follows the road but is an actual trail with better views in my opinion. The cool thing about this trail is that it gives you access to many other trails which allows you to either plan your day or just wing it and be adventurous.

very nice trail a little dry not much water flowing but I enjoyed the trailhead

Excellent hike for dogs. No need to use the flimsy rope… If you go about 30 to 40 feet further you can hike right down to the base of the falls. It really is stunning with all of the moss. There are still scattered patches of ice throughout the hike. It looked as though if the road were open you could drive in a lot further and park at the campsites but all of those are closed.

This was my first time to Angeles Forest and enjoyed this hike very much. From trail head to Little Jimmy was only about 2.3 miles. Check out the Little Jimmy Spring, water was great and does not need to be purified. Campground was not crowded and the views are great! Only part of the trip that sucked was everyone who parked at the trail head had their cars broken into, mine included. There aren't any police or park rangers in the area and this seems to make the parked cars easy targets.

Good for moderate hikers, wear hiking boots

Moderate incline, beautiful views. Trail can get a little narrow but never scary. Will definitely camp next time. Campsite looked very spacious and comfortable - lots of bear-safe food containers, fire pits, picnic tables, toilets etc. Also close to the fresh water spring.

I've done this trip a few times and so far it's one of my favorite. The spring is flowing, large campsite with plenty of trees for hammocks.

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