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Mt Wilson, California Map

one exciting trail

5 days ago

Virtual Hike: https://youtu.be/q6yRQWZyDfM

This is one of my favorite hikes! I was camped at Buckhorn for the weekend, and decided to take this short hike. The hike is real quick, and very rewarding. One of the things I appreciate most about the trail, is that the actual trail itself is somewhat obscured and rarely traveled. At points, it’s hard to discern where the trail continues, although anyone can figure it out. Very quickly, one reaches a plateau towards the top of the peak, if you continue you’ll actually reach the peak itself, but from the plateau there are views in many directions. The evergreen vibe and the boulder’s placed throughout are stunningly beautiful. I can wait to check this trail out during the winter.

All in all an excellent hike and a great way to spend an afternoon.

Hope you enjoy!

Playlist for the trail: http://bit.ly/winstonpeak

up here as I write.7pm 10/09/2017..amazin view.. challenging 4 me wid d incline m my acrophobic tendencies..lol..but I'm here..chillin..brrrrr..oh..careful with d rocks on d edge along d trail...loose

9 days ago

This is a hard hike, but very doable for the seasoned hiker. I don't recommend it to the casual hiker.

It's not exceptionally difficult in terms of stats (I recorded 9 miles with gain 3,400 feet elevation gain). What really makes it difficult is that it's a "rollercoaster hike" (up, down, up, down, up, down -- in that order). Also, the scramble to the summit gains about 1,000 feet in under a mile. It's one of the steepest scrambles I've done outside of Smith Mountain.

I saved about a quarter mile by parking at the small paved area south of the main lot on the right hand side (west side) of the highway.

Enjoyed this hike. Pretty easy going until you start to actually climb the peak of which there are a few false ones.

Beautiful views at the top as well as along Crest Highway to the parking area (especially at sunset).

TIPS: could get hot if you get later - pretty exposed so plan accordingly: water, sunscreen, hat. Don't forget your Adventure Pass for the parking lot

Beautiful trail just an hour and a half from LA. Arrived on 9:30am Saturday morning and finished around 11:50am, was about 65 F with gentle sun. Nice steady incline up without being too strenuous. Great views just a mile in. Good shade on the trail (not much on fire road). Saw about 7 groups on the trail. Definitely agree to do this out and back, instead of using the fire road. The trail was well laid out but you may need to check the AllTrails map if you take the fire road up or down, there were some forks in the road which could be confusing. When parking in the Buckhorn Day Use Lot, walk across the street to the white gate. You'll go up for a bit and there will be a rather inconspicuous sign/pole that marks the beginning of the trail on your left. If you miss it, you will just end up taking the fire road up and the trail will loop back down.

22 days ago

I hiked out to Barley Flats and back from the Angeles Crest Highway. The majority of the hike is on a old, private paved road, while the last section follows an unmaintained trail to the water tower (make sure to wear pants). It's not the most exciting hike, but the views are great. There's also no shade, so bring a hat. I only saw one person on the entire hike, aside from a helicopter, which landed at the base at Barley Flats.

22 days ago

Short and not as bad as they say. In the early morning you will start in the shade of Mt Lawlor, but after mile 2 it is fully exposed and hot. Lots of prickly Yucca, so were long pants. The views are generous, but you never really get away from the roaring motor cycles on the Hwy - minus one star for that.

23 days ago

Okay. AllTrails could use a "this campground costs money" marker, somehow. I mean, I could of looked up but myself before, but didn't even think about it. And if you want a good back country camp experience, stay away from Buckhorn camp. We should of set up shop at Cooper Canyon Camp, went to the falls & came back for the evening. My video on YouTube is on my channel, Outdoor Corn.

Started off at the trailhead, went into the canyon & made it to the falls. For those who had trouble, so did we, but it's a matter of following the stream/creek bed to the junction of Buckhorn Camp & the PCT - just past the 2.7 mile mark on this map, moving on the PCT route. Very quickly you will find a couple precarious looking paths to the left & if you head down, you'll find the ropes that lead you into the pool. We had it to ourselves & it was very enjoyable! Some tiny fish. A little moss. Some drip-drops from the falls...very nice. After that, we made our way to Buckhorn Camp...which, is the campground I wanted to visit, but when we got there, found it to be a "car camping" place. Ended up walking back to our car because we didn't bring cash (all spots were full anyway).

Overall good experience, great trail, but not having a place to camp was disappointing, since that was the main reason for our trip.

A very beautiful area to wander around in. The trail is well marked and easy to navigate. The grade was manageable even while recovering from a knee injury. I will definitely be coming back to this one.

Beautiful views! I recommend skipping the fire road and going out and back among the actual trail. It’s Less steep, has better views and more shade.

Made it to the Buckhorn Day Use lot at 9am and had no problem parking. Only ran into 4 other people on this trail.

I logged this at 6.5 miles. Did some bouldering at the peak. Lots of fun!

spectacular views, honestly one of the best moderate trails I've visited.

Hike was quite nice but pretty easy. Started from the campground near spot #5. Was pretty hot and shade was at a premium. Lots of rock climbers near the top. One had loose dogs which added some excitement for our Boxer. Nice views.... My GF and our dogs liked it for a short stroll and recommend it for beginners for sure.

One of the best day hikes in Southern California. The views along the way, and at the top, are amazing. There are even good rocks for scampering in search of a view at the top. This would be a good hike for the kiddos as well. Well-maintained trail with easy to moderate ascent. Make sure to park at, or near, the Buckhorn Day Use Lot; the gate and entry to the trail are directly across from it.

The direction button here takes you to Google Maps that will have you park in Bandido reservation only campground. This is not where you should park, and the camp does lock the gate early. Parking here added to the hike so we did about 4.5 miles. 1/3 a good climb uphill with good rocking and 1/3 on pavement. Excellent views and a lovely meadow at the top. Trail is mostly DG so it would be q good one for dogs.

I didn’t look up this hike on the app. So had no idea this was a hard one. Was trying to keep up with the group I went with (far more experienced than I was). Yes the last mile is killer as someone else said with fake me out mountain tops. Watch out for yucca and I must’ve hit a nest of small black wasps? Got stung in 3 places. No one else did so not sure what I did.

1 month ago

Park at the Buckhorn Day use lot, not the campground. Cross the street and go through the white gate. Follow the trail up a bit and you’ll see a sign that says trail. Go to the left for the better loop of the trail. When you get to the top there’s a lot of rocks to hang out at. Beautiful view. The loop going down is a fire road through the ski resort area, which rarely opens in the winter. It’s fun to see the chair lifts and all, but the road is basically a road to get down. You can always go back the way you came up if you want to avoid this part of the loop.
Winter there could be some ice or snow on the trail going up.

excellent hiking trail with breathtaking views. Very quiet and peaceful in weekdays. Great for Dogs! We did the hike in the afternoon when the sun move to the West side so it was nice, tons of shade and nice cold winds. The entrance is across the Buckhorn Dayly Use not the Campgrounds.

Hiked to the campground this morning (sunday) - started around 9am and there was only one other hiking couple so pretty empty which we loved! Brought our pup and he loved exploring the trail.

Pretty easy hike to the campsite mostly down hill, but hot and almost entirely uphill on the way back out. There are moments of shade, but prepare for the sun. Absolutely no water in the stream so make sure to bring tons of water, mostly for the hike back. Overall pretty nice since it wasn’t crowded which is hard to find in Angeles National, but was hoping for at least a trickle in the stream and didn’t get any!

1 month ago

I’ve done this hike a couple times and it’s convenient because there is great parking and a bathroom, as well as being close to the campgrounds. It’s a steep hike though into the valley and I never saw anyone else hiking it. However I did come across a cougar the first time. Although I think I scared him more than he scared me.

this Trail can get a little confusing because it runs into buckhart Trail and Burkhart Trail and they all come out of Buckhorn so the signs confused us a little and we missed the waterfall on the way down but we found it on the way back they could use a few more signs but it was a beautiful hike. it should be a lot better once we get some rain fall in the campgrounds are nice too

on our hike down to the waterfall you have to pay attention because you'll miss the cutoff to go down to the waterfall the only sign is a little orange ribbon and a little stack of rocks and we went a mile and a half past it and just happened to see it on the way back overall it's a nice hike plenty of shade and we will definitely come back in the fall when there's more water and we saw a giant gray fox

We got a little turned around and actually took the wrong trail to begin with. The trail head is across road from the parking lot. So after our nearly mile detour, we began our climb. Not too bad on the way up, just hot. The area of the trail along the edge of the mountain is lovely and shaded and level with stellar views. But, man...they are NOT joking about the last portion of this trail!! Up and down and up some more. Loose sandy gravel. Sun exposed. I got overheated and since I have a issue with my hip, we were unable to make it to the top. But now that I know where it is and what to expect, you bet I’ll be back to finish!!

Trail begins with a lot of gradual downhill... then quite a bit of steep hiking, and some scrambling... but a great challenge and work out! Would do again, preferably without a 6 yr old in tow ;)

This was my second backpacking trip. Backpacked to Little Jimmy, setup camp, and made our way to Mt. Islip. The hike was fun and moderate. It's far into the Los Angeles Forest and takes some time to get to the parking lot. It's a great trip if you want to get away from the city. The campgrounds are well maintained and have grills, but I wouldn't recommend using the restrooms. Just handle your business in nature!

Really good hike, scenery and foliage was nicer than I expected. Falls were more of a trickle at this time of year, but still lovely. Downhill on the way in, back up to get out. Dogs loved it-- If your dog is not agile they will not be able to get down to the waterfall. We started at 0630 and were back to the car at 0830, didn't see any other people until we were almost back to the car.

2 months ago

Great hike. The difficulty rating comes from the fact that you're climbing and descending 3 times and the last mile or so up twin peaks is pretty steep. At this point the trail is pretty loose/sandy/gravelly. I lost the trail for a bit on the way up, but there were cairns (rock stacks) to guide me. Much easier to follow on the way down. It took me about 6.5 hrs including a few longer breaks for lunch and enjoying the views (an awesome amount of great views). Overall the trail is probably 75% shaded which was great!

View of the canyon through the first half is absolutely stunning. Highly recommended.

Beautiful picnic recreation area. A few places of random tarmac & 2 old road crossings. Recomend long pants & a hat as there's quite a bit of toxic poodlebush growing close to the trail & not much shade cover. Slope is a bit deceiving as it starts fairly flat and becomes more steep as you go. 1 mile in the average is about 7.5% grade.

One of my top hikes in LA!

Lots of gorgeous views, just far/ close enough to Hollywood.

The "description" is totally inaccurate and people can get lost if they follow them!

Park at Buckhorn Day Use NOT Campground. Ignore where the trailhead is on the Alltrails app (the map trailhead looks like at the bottom of the ski hill. Who the hell would hike up or down that??) From the DAY USE lot, walk directly across the street and go through the white metal gate. After a short while you'll see a SMALL post with the word "trail" (Mt Waterman Loop is scrawled on it if you look closer) on it. Follow that TRAIL up (left). If you go straight it's just a fire road which is steeper than the left side with not much to see. The left TRAIL side has all the views and much easier of an incline.

The alltrails map is accurate the rest of the way. It will come in handy as the trail becomes unclear many times.

Please fix the description!

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