I’m typically a day hiker, but I decided to do this hike with a full pack so my dog and I could overnight at the peak. It was HARD with the pack, and took us an extra two hours to make it to the top. The last mile or so is very exposed and so we were stopping frequently to take breaks. Bring at least 3-4 liters of water if you don’t plan of filling up from the spring. Definitely a butt kicker, but oh man are the views awesome. The trail itself is pretty nice and I really love the spring in the first couple miles. Beautiful. It was running pretty strong in mid June. The last place to fill up on water is about halfway on the trail. Listen for some babbling water off to the right of the trail on your way up (left side if heading down). Definitely have a map and/or gps of some sort. Got a little turned around at one spot, and with such a difficult hike, you don’t really wanna be wandering the wrong direction for too long.