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Great quick hike with my dog , beautiful scenery and low temperatures... bring sweater and water...

Hiking for 2.5 hours was rough but in the end, the view from the mountaintop was amazing and unforgettable

It was a very beautiful day with some rain I really recommend to do at least one hike under the rain is an amazing experience it was my first time and I really like it there were not to many people and it was not cold except when you reach the top is very windy but other than that is a very nice hike last week I did the Cucamonga peak and it was also very good trail in two weekends I experienced two complete different weather I recommend both of them my advice is start no later than 6 am so that way you can have a good day.

Love this hike! So beautiful with running water throughout the hike :-) Bring hiking poles!

Beautiful, amazing hike. Wish I had brought lunch and extra water bottles.

Did it today, was tough but awesome

Superb peak views.

Excellent hike! Started before the sun came up, easy to find the path. Parking was no problem at 6am on a Sunday but definitely was packed by the time I finished around 12pm. The hike was a good workout, the last 1.5 miles was a butt kicker! Great views of Baldy, which was snow covered! Cold at the top but tolerable. I think this is a moderate hike, I wouldn’t list it as “strenuous”, like Baldy!

Awesome hike. Did the hike on Saturday October 13, 2018. Snow and Whiteout at the top. Be prepared for freezing temperatures.

on Old Mount Baldy Trail

4 days ago

Brutal and gorgeous. Read the other reviews, you don't want to do this if you havent done San Gorgonio, San Jacinto etc. I met one other person on the trail who returned because of high winds on the Big Horn Ridge. By the time I made it that far the wind had calmed down somewhat and I plowed on. I made a detour to West Baldy - quite nice and completely deserted. I took it really slowly and had several breaks for snacks and some sketching, Took me ten hours in total.

Did it twice already awesome, challenging, beautiful and relaxing. Did it at night and day too. Please pick up your trash. Don't cut the switchbacks. Thanks #HikerEvolution #HikeRevolution # HikerEVOLution

Tough but Awesome Hike. My First Peak. Going for 6 pack of peaks Challenge. On to Mt San Antonio!!!

Great Hike - I logged 30 miles in 14h35. Started hiking at 4:50 in the dark and finished in the dark at 7:45 pm. You better be in a great shape if you plan on accomplishing this 10 peaks challenge, it is really hard!
Loved the view from Ontario and Cucamonga! Breathtaking. It is getting cold up there so plan to have extra layers. I used 5l during the day. until peak 7 I was above the clouds which were wonderful but completely in clouds when reaching Baldy. I'll definitely go back to do baldy early in the Morning.

Did this hike yesterday with a friend, our first time doing this. We planned on doing the hike via devil's backbone and down but we took the wrong trail and playfully hiked a few miles and relized we were at the ski hut. probably one of the best mistakes we did during this hike, our knees thanked us when we got back down via backbone. The weather was pleasant with occasional gusts which felt very chilly but the sun being out almost all day helped. Views on the way up and down were spectacular. All in all a difficult hike made easy by the good weather and amazing views.

Loved the beauty of the trail to Ontario Peak. In my opinion, the ascent was a more gradual one than to Cucamonga Peak. There are a lot of narrow passages through bushes, so glad I wore pants. At this time of year (early October), I didn’t encounter any bees or other bothersome insects. The views from the peak are amazing! Will definitely be doing this one again in the future.

A great quick Sunday morning hike. The incline initially is a great workout. Mostly paved and a small area of dirt with a step crossover. Great area for meditation not too many people.

Difficult but rewarding.

Me encanto!! Es un Trail lleno de hermosos paisajes! Ríos, árboles muy hermosos! Un clima muy agradable de ida a la cima. En la cima estuvo frío! La vista es espectacular!
Vimos un cimarron, pájaros rojos y azules!
Muy recomendado este Trail.

I did both peaks and my GPS had it at 14.4 miles. I went on a cloudy day and had lost the trail a few times due to the clouds. Both trails had sections where the pathway was small so pants would be a better choice so you dont get scrapped up.

Absolutely fantastic! Challenging is an understatement. Did it alone and never got lost. The view up top was beautiful! Definitely pack warm gear because it was maybe 40 degrees with a 50 mile per hour wind gusts early this morning. Loved it!!!

It is hard and time consuming go early and bring a good amount of food and water pace yourself you will do some serious climbing here. Also prepare for high wind possibly on the summit

Did this hike with the flu and it felt like the hardest thing I’ve ever done I’ll never forget it. It’s pretty quick to get there once you get to the saddle just go .9 of a mile to the left

Beautiful hike with an amazing view at the end completely worth it the whole way

One of my favorite 'local' hikes. The most difficult portions is the final climb right before the summit and the rest of the decline since I am somewhat clumsy coming down. Views were great except for the summit since it was in a haze with lots of wind.

Great hike! Don’t try this if you have bad knees as the downhill section will be torture. Luckily for me my knees are not completely gone but I definitely was feeling it.

My third time doing this hike but first time doing the loop counter clockwise which I was told is "easier". I didn't think so. I prefer clockwise because the down portion the way back from the peak is brutal and you don't get that treat of an ice cold craft beer at the lodge.

TIPS: pack lots of water; do the loop counter clockwise so you can spend some time drinking a beer at the lodge at the end; don't forget your Adventure Pass.

if you hike frequently, this hike won't take you a full day. I can go from the Icehouse trailhead to Icehouse saddle In under 2 hours. I've done the Icehouse trail and Chapman loop in 4 and a half hours. great hike though!

I've been to the top of Baldy at least 10 times over the past year or so, but I never went up Ski Hut/Baldy Bowl until today. Just like it looks on the map, it's one of the more direct trails to the summit, albeit quite a bit less scenic that the other options. It would be a nice way for newbie hikers to check Baldy off their 6 pack list, but for a much more scenic experience, consider at least descending via Devils Backbone. If you have legs and lungs for something more challenging, skip Baldy Bowl and take a romp up Register Ridge or Bear Canyon.

As of Sept 10th 2018 there was water available near the Ski Hut if you want to do the first few miles light and filter later.

We recorded over 16 miles for this route. Ontario Peak view is wonderful. There are a far amount of felled trees to climb over, but not an issue for experienced hikers. Bighorn was “one and done” for us. There is a lot of shale and crossed switchbacks made path hard to find at times. Chapman trail on the way back is not for those with fear of heights, but it’s a nice alternative to lower trail. Be aware it is very exposed, very sunny so if you want shade opt for lower trail.

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