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Amazing views! Bring trekking poles :)

Great trail. Been on it 2 times since living in the Los Angeles basin. This trail is not intended for the weak hearted. Lots of cardio going up so pack light doing a dayhike. Once you reach Icehouse Saddle, you have an option to hike the three "T's" on the left, or hike up towards the right either to Kelly Camp towards two of the peaks which I forgot the names of or to Cucamonga Peak and/or Etiwanda Peak. On the weekends, get at the parking lot early before the sun comes up because parking gets full quick. Have fun & be safe.

One of my favorite hikes to do to prep for major peaks. It’s nearby for anyone living in the LA basin, the lodge at the top of the notch is a great place to relax or snack up if you need to, there’s always lots of people so you are not alone, and has plenty of steep places for a challenge.

Secluded trail, but at what cost? To call this trail overgrown is an understatement. I would compare it to pulling off of Angeles Crest Highway at any given point and just tromping into the wilderness with no direction. If you’re trying to live out some Indiana Jones fantasy then this just might be the trail for you— complete with sliding boulders and snakes. I guess you could call me a trail snob, but I like my trails like I like my men, well groomed.

Short, but nicely inclined walk on a paved road. The only dirt you will actually hike to the trail is loose and steep.
Small, beautiful waterfall with an upper tier/pool that is dangerously accessible.
Gorgeous views!
Went on a Wednesday and there were only a couple other hikers. Had he waterfall to ourselves for about 30 minutes.

Short hike on a paved fire road with steady incline. Great leg and cardio workout. The trail leads to a waterfall which requires careful footing to get to. Don't be hasty; go slow! Hike the rest of the fire road to the Notch and grab yourself a beer and lunch at the restaurant with a view of the valley below!

The Hike: Completed on 7/15/18
Parking at the trailhead fills up quickly I was in the lot parked by 5:30 AM and many others were already there,with less than half the lot left. This hike is very tough be prepared. It starts off with a very rocky incline that follows a stream for about 1 mile. You travel about 2 miles or so until you are out of the rocky incline. Then there’s about 2 miles of some steep switchbacks that take you up to icehouse saddle.

Ice house saddle is a nice place to take a break as it is shaded, but beware there are tons and tons of mosquitoes, flies and other bugs that will not leave you alone. I didn’t bring bug spray and it was really annoying I just continued on to take a break elsewhere.

After icehouse saddle there are some beautiful views along the trail and it’s an up and down trail for about 1 mile before the toughest part of the hike. 1 mile before the summit are some really really steep switchbacks that get you huffing and puffing all the way up ! I summited at 830 AM and stayed at the summit enjoying my lunch and resting for 1 hour.

The way back down was a breeze only because I had trekking poles without them the decent would have really been horrible as it is very steep m, narrow, and loose gravel. I was back in the parking lot by 11:50 AM

All in all 3 hours up, 1 hour break at summit, and 2 hours down. 6 hours total trip time !

My favorite hike to frequent as a local from Claremont. Not sure if I would rate this trail as difficult. Moderate for sure. Only moderately difficult part IMO are the switchbacks nearing the saddle. Nice mix of shade and sun and makes for a lovely hike as it parallels the creek. Lots of Columbine wild flowers, manzanitas and pines.

Amazing trail for training. longer than Baldy, less crowded, more shade, what mire can you ask?

Beautiful views! Several spots to set up camp after the ski hut. Only a couple water sources in early July (at ski hut) you can find water/creek information in the town of Mt Baldy at the visitor center entrance.

tough one, but so very worth it. I still dream about this hike. IronWill, CTAG

12 days ago

I was there on Monday, 7/9 to get out of the heat and to complete a six pack peak.. Boy, was I not disappointed! Due to some clouds it was enough to shield the sun’s hot rays and made for a great summer climb. Best part is no traffic on trail!!

We started 415am and got back to the car around 1230-40pm

All around great hike and quite the challenge with this heat wave towards the end once onto the last mountain side (get ready for switchbacks).

The rest at the top was well deserved!

Great Hike! Note that the actual mileage as shown on the map is 8.9 miles

Beautiful. Just buy your adventure pass and head there. You will not regret it.

Enjoyable summer hike on a weekday in June. Left at 8:30 in the morning and only met 5 hikers until reaching the summit. As others suggested, hiking poles are most definitely recommended- I went without. The hike is strenuous particularly the section where the brown trail marking poles are found about one half mile
From the top.

I am a 57 year old in very good condition but not a frequent hiker and not used to the altitude. Great day but challenging. Definitely need very good hiking shoes and highly recommend poles.

Excellent views the whole way up

Awesome hike! My favorite of the SoCal Six Pack of Peaks. The hike up was great. Challenging in certain areas and clearings that provides amazing views

trail to the was hard to hike. Unsafe in one area. Waterfall was nice once able to get their.

20 days ago

I'm just getting into hiking, training for a trip to the Italian Alps. This has been the most challenging for me thus far. The main reason is the constant incline up and rocks this trail has. I have asthma and had to take breathing breaks often. I'm sure part of that was the altitude. I made it 2 miles up. It's best to wear mid to high boots to protect your ankles. Coming down is hard on the knees. I zoomed down the mountain at a pretty fast pace though. The trail is very beautiful with the running springs and plenty of shade. I'd like to go back and try to reach the peak next time.

Challenging backpacking hike with fiancée, but a great view from the top.

Got a late start around 10:45am, there’s plenty of shade during the first 3/4 of the trail so the sun didn’t wear us out too bad. Pretty exposed on the last 1/4 so we went through more water than I would’ve thought. Finished around 6:45pm.

We had 25LB bags (we are training for Whitney) and we finished the full hike in 8 hours (5 hours up, 3 hours down). Local map said it takes 10 hours, but if you keep an upbeat pace, you can knock it out faster.

Overall, challenging hike with a great view. Probably a bit more enjoyable without a full pack :)

This was my first hike of the Six Pack of Peaks! It is definitely on the challenging end, but once you reach the Peak you'll realize it was all worth it! I definitely recommend it.

21 days ago

Don’t forget your water,walking sticks, snacks and a sweater, it gets pretty windy once you reach the top! And the view! Wow, just wow!! Must see!!

24 days ago

Good hike especially if you’re training for other big climbs (Mt. Whitney, Grand Canyon R2R, etc.). It’s nice to have hikes like this close to where I live. I’m not sure I would travel far to do this hike, but if you live close, it’s worth doing and training on.

This hike was really challenging toward the top. Pretty steep. Worth it though. If you take the trail that runs under the ski lift on the way down it’ll save you a ton of time. Probably best to do it with trekking poles though. Started at like 10 and one other couple and I were up there. Pretty sweet.

Paved, with a considerable elevation gain for 20-25 min. once at the falls, there is a bit of scrambling on a dirt trail to get to the falls itself. lots of water year-round.
Once there, it is possible to reach the upper tiers but very difficult.

Cucamonga is an incredible trail. It feels a little dangerous sometimes but that just makes it better. It’s rocky and the views are fantastic. By the time you finish and you stand at the top you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world. It’s mildly trafficked and it isn’t easy but it’s totally worth it. I took a nap at the top.

I love the hike, but it's extremely crowded on the weekends.

I’m typically a day hiker, but I decided to do this hike with a full pack so my dog and I could overnight at the peak. It was HARD with the pack, and took us an extra two hours to make it to the top. The last mile or so is very exposed and so we were stopping frequently to take breaks. Bring at least 3-4 liters of water if you don’t plan of filling up from the spring. Definitely a butt kicker, but oh man are the views awesome. The trail itself is pretty nice and I really love the spring in the first couple miles. Beautiful. It was running pretty strong in mid June. The last place to fill up on water is about halfway on the trail. Listen for some babbling water off to the right of the trail on your way up (left side if heading down). Definitely have a map and/or gps of some sort. Got a little turned around at one spot, and with such a difficult hike, you don’t really wanna be wandering the wrong direction for too long.

I love doing this trail. Have done all but 2 of the trails that break off of the Saddle. I'm getting dropped off at the Icehouse Trailhead and getting picked up at Little Creek Rd, this Sunday.

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