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I love doing this trail. Have done all but 2 of the trails that break off of the Saddle. I'm getting dropped off at the Icehouse Trailhead and getting picked up at Little Creek Rd, this Sunday.

on San Antonio Falls Trail

2 days ago

Went on Saturday, June 16th to conquer Mt Baldy and I failed. We got past the lodge, past the steep ski lift climb, to the first major steep incline(drop offs on both sides on incline) and my fear of heights took over. I stood there frozen, unable to move on. How many people I wonder go through this? I will return back to Baldy for another try in the next few weeks. I am so disappointed in myself, my first hiking fail.

3 days ago

I wanted to get my ass kicked by a hike. This one came through. Towards the top I could only take 20 steps and then rest for 30 seconds. WATER. i am the guy that seldom drinks water on a hike. I drained 4 bottles and on the way down wished that I didn't pour two bottles on that baby pine tree next to the trail.

4 days ago

Started early @5:00am to avoid heat once your close to summit old Baldy. Offered great views and great ascend and good training for Mt Whitney.

Great hike! Absolutely beautiful especially if you hike on a day where you are above the clouds. Downhill though is a total bitch on the knees! Super steep on certain parts and the rocky terrain just puts your feet and knees in achy agony downhill. There are some sketchy parts where you gotta go slow in order no to slip and fall down that mountain but I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

Nice hike. Did this counter clockwise and glad I did. Breakfast at the ski lodge then up to the summit. Very chill hike. That 50 foot section of goat trail on the DBB is an adrenalin junkies dream. On this particular Saturday, probably 100 people enjoying the summit. Happy Fathers Day!

BaddAssHike BaddAssView

BaddAssHike nice encounter with the long horn sheeps

Trail is just South of Glendora Ridge Rd and just East of the truck parking. You’re looking for a large yellow gate that is somewhat hidden

View at the top is sick!!

What a view and strong wind!!! Went up via Ski Hut and down via Devil’s Backbone. The night before I was so nervous about Devil’s Backbone since I have fear of heights and read so many review about the drop on both sides. But tried anyway to go through it myself and succeeded. The trail is spacious enough for me not to think that I would fall even with high wind hitting from the side. It was spectacular view on both Baldy Bowl Trail and Devil’s Backbone. But the later is certainly my favorite trail so far. Garmin InReach log 11.5 miles of this loop.

Been coming up this trail (and neighboring peaks) for years but this remains my firm favorite. Lots of interesting changes of scenery with elevation and that unveiling of the vista at the peak itself is always a stunning sight

This trail has it all. It is one of the best hikes in CA. Challenging, rewarding, and multiple excellent vistas. 10 out of 10.

Great all-around hike!!

Went on this trail yesterday and it was brutal! I did love it because it gave great views. I was above the cloud bank, seeing Catalina Island, and was even able to see deer! I did get aggravated during the last half a mile/mile because it was so steep and going down, it was easy to fall if you didn't have poles. I would suggest a lot of sunscreen because a lot of it isn't in the shade and the sun will hit you everywhere. It's extremely rewarding & you feel great once you get to the top so I definitely encourage anyone to try it! I will say that it is way beyond 12.5 miles- the health app I have clocked it in as 14-15. I know, I know, it's only 2 miles but once you get to a certain point those two miles will seem like 5 and you'll be clawing to the bottom.
**Park or camp out at Manker Flats and you just have to walk about 1/4th a mile to the trail head.

Very challenging hike. If you do not like heights or extreme drop offs on both sides then do not take Devils Backbone. I am not a fan of heights at all. Went up from Manker Flats to the ski lodge then up to Devils Backbone and could not do it. Started getting vertigo and all sorts of anxiety 50 yards in. Had to turn around go down and back up the Baldy Bowl Trail. Way better trail with less exposure and better forest views. I saw a big horn sheep on my way down by ski hut and a deer at the very bottom of the Baldy Bowl trail. 15.9 miles total and over 5,700 ft of elevation gain that day.

8 days ago

Very challenging hike due to incline and elevation but great views and great work out.

it's was on my list for the sixpack of peaks challenge. the devil's backbone is the toughest part. if you slip you can fall to a certain death on both sides. i wouldn't recommend taking children or animals on this part of the hike. it is dangerous & people have died there.

tuff climb but totally doable! worth it for the view..don't be surprised if it becomes one of your favorite hikes!

Amazing hike and views.

register ridge to Baldy is an ass kicker. It is not many miles but hell it's straight up. Great workout and hike.

12 days ago

It was a great hike. The weather was nice while we were there this morning. The hike was moderate with lots of rocks. On our way down, one lady hiker felt and the fire fighter has to come and help her out So hike carefully n watch your step.

this is the best hike in the LA area if u want pain, growth and amazing geography lesson. The duration of elevation gain is second only to cactus to clouds (cdc), i used this to prepare for Iron mountain which this hike gives u great views of along woth baden powell,ross,pine,dawson, Gorgonio and Jacinto, mt dissappointment just about everything in LA and san bernardino.

this hike takes time, strength, and patience do something else first if u are not absolutely sure of your ability. U will be completely exposed amd sweating all your sunscreen off if its hot keep that in mind.

i parked at manker flats and road my bike to ice house after leaving my car by the trail exit, its all downhill to icehouse if u do this make sure your bike brakes are good but its a fun quick ride.

this trail has a.bit of everything scrambles, uphill,down hill, sun and shade, limited water except beginning my gps clocked it at 15.5 miles but i took the road down from thunder the slops were to steep for my liking. a very quiet hike once on the three t's trail. This is training for something more intense but will give u some burn enjoy bring lots of water on hot day lots of exposure.

One of my favorite hikes, done it dozens times.

12 days ago

Definitely hard! The gain in elevation is steep. Not sure who rated this puppy as moderate. Good on a cool day. Lots of folks on the trail.

First hike in CA since moving from Denver, and did not disappoint. Great mix of terrain and grade with some excellent views.

My first long hike with my hubby and friends. It was very tough but the views were to die for, it was a surprise to see snow but it was so wonderful. We weren’t prepared with food just snacks and water. So we ran all the way down lol. We did almost 16miles total. Great Adventure

I did this trail clockwise and started up Baldy Bowl because I couldn't find the start of Register Ridge. Do not attempt going down Register Ridge unless you are a mountain goat capable of sliding down loose rocks without injury. Bring water (I brought 48 oz), snacks, trekking poles and wear proper hiking shoes.

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