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Mountain Center, California Map

nice hike in. No overgrowth as stated by others. Meet a great couple with kids. My fog loved the hike as much as I did. Will come back again. This is a hike you should be Waring hiking boots and pants

18 days ago

Does anyone know if a regular four door car would make it on this dirt road?Thank you

19 days ago

We were a group of 7 adults who hiked this trail Feb. 1st. They charge $6 per person to enter the park for day use, which was fine, we just weren't expecting it, so be sure to bring some cash to get in. It's a large campground with many camping spots, but the park was virtually empty the day we were there. The hikes go off the campground and into the mountains. It's a lovely area but the trails are very, very poorly marked and in many places not marked at all. The map they give you is not useful for the hike. We wandered off the trail a few times and were only saved by our All Trails app. Of the 3 cell phone service providers between us, only one of them got cell service in the area to access the app. The trail was a steady but very gradual incline up. We did not go to the end of the trail as we were encountering lots of deep ruts likely from recent rain. The trail was not wet, but the ruts were fairly deep in spots. We enjoyed our day and the scenery is really lovely. For the price to get in, they need to do a much better job marking the trails and then you wouldn't need an app, or map.

21 days ago

Did this hike on 1/26/18 for the first time since the Mountain fire. Have done it a few times in the past including a shuttle starting at the Zen trail and over Apache. Always have loved the Spitler trail for the variety of foliage and views, especially from the PCT into the desert. The burn was devastating. Almost nothing left behind. The only living trees were on the upper east slopes of Spitler
A little looking about to find the use trail to the top.
Still a worthwhile hike that I would recommend. PCT closed toward Apache.

Beautiful trail, watch out for bulls! On our way back to the road, we encountered a herd of cattle grazing in the oaks between the 2nd and 3rd gates. The majority had HUGE horns on them. We heard cowbells on a couple, so we figured they were at least somewhat familiar with seeing people, and we calmly and quietly continued on trying not to startle them. They gave us some pretty solid stares as we walked by, but we made it through without upsetting any of them. So keep an eye out, and make sure to abide by the signs and close the gates as you go.

this is a beautiful trail very easy and fun for the whole family to go,and get away from the city i went ant did not see any
body else.

off road driving
1 month ago

This was my first run solo as a new Jeeper. Trail itself was narrow, but you could manage spots to pass. Not crowded at all- did this mid-Sept. Spots to pull over and rest, sleep, camp, etc...plus a bigger camp site with 4-5 sites all together with a vault toilet. Cool place to fill your water bottles from a pipe sticking out of the ground...fresh clean water straight from the trail! get to the top and you have an incredible vista view! Hike a little ways from there (blocked off from vehicle traffic) and you are up at the towers. Would definitely do this again!

on Hurkey Creek Trail

1 month ago

Beautiful day, after two days of rain. The sound of Hurley Creek bubbling over the rocks for the first 1/2 mile invited exploration. Not that I left the trail to walk across on rocks, or a felled tree bridge. Went about two miles up, then turned back. Paid $6 to park at Hurley Creek Campground. I was given a map that didn’t give much info of the trail. I felt it was well worth the money and time. Glad I treated myself.

I absolutely LOVED this hike! We went on this trail on a Sunday afternoon in December and only met one other hiker on the trail! It's very peaceful here and the views surrounding the trail are STUNNING!!!! We hiked about half of the trail before heading back! Highly recommend this trail! Click on the photos to see the photos I took while hiking!


We loved this trail, I wouldn’t classify it as easy, but we did the trail with our dog and loved its remoteness and peace

Hiked 12/2/17. Weather was perfect. Would not want to do this hike in the middle of summer. We hiked up Spitler Trail , to PCT, then south on PCT and down to our shuttle parked at Cedar Springs Trailhead. A little more than 14 miles. It took us about 7 hours to complete.
The PCT is currently closed North of where Spitler Peak and the PCT meet.
I would consider this a hard hike (seemed most of Trail was uphill) for someone not working out regularly.

2 months ago

The Spitler Peak Trail is now open as of Thanksgiving week. I hiked 3.13 miles of the trail on Thanksgiving day. The trail itself is in excellent condition but the loss of all the red shanks and trees means even less shade than before the Mountain Fire. Still great views and lots of interesting plants for botanists.

3 months ago

Nice views of the desert cities once you cross the PCT, and nice vistas to the south on the way back down the switchbacks. Lots of mosquitoes and flies once you're at Cedar Springs. 6.6 miles out and back.

Beautiful hike. If you bring dogs make sure you bring water for them as the creek isn’t until the very end of the hike. We didn’t have a lot of time to explore but at the bottom where the creek is, it’s very thick and we got into some stinging nettles (not the end of the world, but they still hurt). I would also mention that the mileage of this hike is a little longer than it states. I would say easy enough for kids.

Great hike, keep going all the way to the river it's a beautiful little spot. The whole hike took about 2 hrs travel time

6.4 total up and back. nice variety of terrain. Switchbacks made the elevation gain easy. Continue over the top on Cedar Springs trail through burn area, desert views, cedar Grove and spring. Just didn't expect to see big cedars there. Nice prize at the end.

7 months ago

I bagged this peak while section hiking the PCT. There isn't much of a view other than Pine Trees. North of the peak there's a nice rock to watch the sunset from.

7 months ago

I bagged this peak while section hiking the PCT. Nice views!

7 months ago

I bagged this peak while section hiking the PCT. Nice views!

7 months ago

A nice secluded place to camp. Lots of trees and shade at the remote campsites. The spring was still flowing mid July. I'm not sure if it flows year round but it's nice to not have to carry all your water in. The source of the spring isn't very easy to get to. It's in a ditch and there are hundreds of flies, bees, and probably mosquitoes in there with you. It was however the best tasting water and it was cold! I'd recommend filtering it before you drink it.

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