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on Las Llajas Trail

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19 hours ago

Nice 9 mile loop. I started on Las Llajas and ended with the Chumash Trail. Las Llajas is a smooth fire road while Chumash is a technical single track so plenty of variety plus great views.

19 hours ago

Such a rewarding hike! Amazing view!

Great hike. The first half kicked my ass but I caught a second wind and finished strong. One of the harder hikes in the area in terms of incline. I love that you have the option to do a loop or return on the same path

Great trail. I'm in a crosstrek, no lift, grabbers and had no issues. plenty of places to stop to recharge and take in the view. not just a flat grade, plenty of bumps and rocks

This was really great. Went with my wife, two kids (15 & 10), and our dog. We had a great time. Very well maintained and everyone we came across was friendly and wanted to pet our dog. Parking was easy and Idyllwild is a great little town too. We’ll be back.

good uphill climb for 3 miles. gets windy at the top.

Super easy, all paved. Benches along the trail. Walked with 6 & 7 year olds & no issues.

Entertaining trail! I don’t think it’s really hard, my wife enjoyed it as well and she’s newer to hiking. Good first “Hard” trail to complete. Beautiful views though Lots of mountain bikers on very narrow trails, who caught us of guard pretty often. Nothing really exciting at the turn around point, it’s really just an intersection of different hike. Overall, I enjoyed the hike!

That hill coming back up was ooowee!!! But I’ll do it again. Nice walk

Very nice. Easy to follow. Creek is pretty in places. Lake is beautiful. Entrance right on 89. Directions will take you to a different way in but you'd need an off road vehicle. Crowded and LOTS of dogs off leash.

Wow not for beginners, take plenty of water . Atleast 3liter . I drank that and wanted more . It was only 71 out. Anyhow no much to see on trail other then wildflowers, and surrounded hills. Once at summit nice views of surrounding mountains. We missed out June gloom came early. Anyhow great hike its about 11 miles round trip. If you get to summit and think it was easy just wait for trek back. You will see . Wear comfortable clothes . Start early . Bring extra water . Have fun be safe......

It’s definitely pretty and the ocean views amazing. Lots of uphill though. Big disappointment in the description vs reality though. App says this trail boasts waterfalls, that is wrong. I chose it specifically for that reason and was quite disappointed to get there and hear there are no waterfalls as described.

4.5 went on a Sunday afternoon- saw lots of wildlife and people

Wow, we had a very nice hike today in the misty rain.

I really love this place

1 day ago

This was a really beautiful hike that was easy to access. Only knocked off a star because of the number of bicycles. We encountered two deer as we came around a bend. Would have loved to take a pic so close up but two seconds later five bikes screamed through sending the deer careening into the brush.

Really nice hike! Lots of shade and wild flowers.

Nice local trail, only 10 minutes from home, great outing for families. It’s appalling that people won’t pick up after their dogs; don’t see this on the Batiquitos trail, more civilized hikers, it seems.

The trail going the hill from Tennessee beach is closed. We had to backtrack to the coastal trail.

1 day ago

Ok trail but the bikers are some of the worst around. I think the trail instructions have a lot to do with it. The bikers dont even bother reading that it says for hikers, walkers to stay on the left. The bikers dont announce themselves when passing and flat out ignore the yield to pedestrian signs. Definitely not a trail to take the kids on.

It was more of a walk than a hike. Plenty of people around and a nice stroll through the residential neighborhood.

Did this in 3hr 25min, but started at the second parking lot on the way in, I believe it was 12mi round trip.

I run and hike quite often, but the last 2mi to the Overlook got me huffing and puffing.

Beautiful hike on the way up, but like others have said the second half is just a fire road.

mountain biking
1 day ago

Very nice trail! Not crowded. The far west end of the trail, the local homeowner provides fresh fruit snack and he sells fresh jam and fruit bags. Great for kids

The weather was great for a hike. We parked our car behind the museum in the parking lot and walked up the fire road passed by The Village. There was no trail sign so we just kept following the fire road. Eventually we got lost and wound up at the top of Long Canyon Trail. We couldn't figure out the loop so we just came back the same way completing 5.7 miles by the end. Conclusion: take a map with you. The GPS didn't work well.

mountain biking
1 day ago

I’ve been doing a lot of mountain biking and some hiking on this trail a dozen times. You have to take note this trail does not have any trees so don’t expect any shade along the trail. It’s best to do early morning or evening time to avoid heat since it doesn’t have shade.
The map on this trail a shorter one but if you want to do longer one you can do that too at about 2 miles. Once you on the top, it a great 360 degrees view over Murrieta and temecula valley.

Nice trail. Definitely I will return to take side trails. Be careful, there are a lot of rattlesnakes! However, as elsewhere on such trails in California.

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