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Mortero Palms, California Map

Great hike. The terrain you hike on constantly shifts from train track to bridge or to tunnels. The entire trip from the resort to the trestle and back was about 16 miles if you like to explore around a bit. The hike had no elevation gain and was rather easy but the desert summer heat is really cruel and can wear you down really hard on hot days.

Anyway, this hike will be permanently close in 2-4 weeks so go while it ‘s still available.

This trail is beast.

Advice: lots of water; I went through 4L on trail. Shoes with grippy tread and gloves for boulder hopping. Long pants or your legs will look like you've walked through barbed wire. Do not attempt if your cardio is weak or you get lost easily.

The payoff is completely amaze-balls. I highly recommend it.

Excellent, challenging trail that I linked into the ‘Goat Canyon Trestle Bridge from Dos Cabezas Water Tower’ route (plus a short link-up) to make a 22km circular trail.

We hiked in from the South by Jacumba along the tracks we paid $5.00 to park at the DeAnza Springs lot (warning there are naked people walking around) but the path and parking was worth it. Very cool hike with many tunnels and bridges to walk across. Abandoned train cars along the way. It was about 19 miles round trip pretty much flat. We started around 8:30 and were back by 4:30, we stopped at the bridge for lunch. You need a headlight or flashlight for the tunnels. Bring plenty of water I ran out with my 2 liter pack would recommend 3 liters.

My husband and I hiked this yesterday and it was brutal. We left from what matrero palms. Once you get out of the canyon you’ll veer off to the left. There is a good trail once you find it that takes you all the way. When got halfway down goat canyon, there was a rope on the left to help you get down. We used it more to get back up. This part was brutal. Super steep and slippery. Lots of rocks and boulders. But the trestle was amazing. We walked across it and went into a tunnel. Round-trip we clock 7.3 miles and it took about seven hours. Including a lunch break and several stops to hydrate. You will need lots of water. At least 2 to 3 L each. I’ve done hard and difficult hikes before this is by far the hardest I’ve ever done. My husband is more experienced and he also said this was a really strenuous hike for him.

Amazing views from the bridge but after the boulder climbing the trail begins to fade away, there are many spots where you see footprints going the wrong way, be sure to download a GPS map if you're taking this route to avoid wasting time going the wrong way or getting lost.

What you need:
- Lots of water (2L worked for me)
- A truck or SUV must have 4x4
- Sunscreen
- GPS map
- Tweezers... you will get stabbed by at least 1 cactus no doubt.. don't be in pain your entire hike!

Awesome hike! Very difficult definitely not for the beginners make sure you have plenty of water and food and know where you’re going it’s easy to get lost.

Great trail but this is not for the faint of heart. This took us over 9 hours. It is about half trail and half rock and boulder scrambling. This does not lead all the way to the bridge. It does however lead to a great view of the bridge within Goat Canyon. The trail dead ends within a deep gorge at a 100ft drop off. The trek is fun and the views are great. My favorite part is dense population of Palm Trees at the trail start.
Cell signal pretty good for the first 2/3rds of the trail.

If you are more fit and more experienced than me this is a 5 star for sure. It was brutal for me. Stunning nature and views.

Damn!!! All I have to say... but we were not able to find a direct route to the trestle bridge following the map. We got to the end where you get a leak but could not find a she route up to climb, it was straight up. definitely bring fatty foods and protein cause you will burn tons of energy. bring gloves to protect your hands from the boulder climbing. Wear shoes with excellent grip. bring hat to protect yourself from sun. At least 2-3 liters of water. don't start this hike later than 10am. it's more like 8 miles. it's an all day hike if you plan on getting to trestle bridge. be safe and good luck!

The bridge is awesome, there several tunnels. We saw big horn sheep in the first 5 minutes, amazing

Monday, January 25, 2016